The Year Package

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The Escort Named Mae


I sit cross-legged as Lara pastes the crushed yarrow flower onto my neck over the puncture wounds.

“A whole year Mae,” she exclaims.

I could hear the sadness coating her words as she breaks the silence. My hand strokes hers brushing a thumb over the Elvish markings across her skin.

“Magenta no doubt will sort some sort of check-up to make sure he isn’t hurting me,” I reassure her.

Lara crosses over to sit in front of me. She twirls the single long purple braid around her finger, rubbing her chest, a motion she did when she was stressed.

“And if he is?”

I frown. I know Magenta was very money orientated but with a deal this substantial I’m sure my wellbeing is on her mind...somewhere.

“He won’t,” I say, convincing myself and Lara. “He hasn’t.”

Lara motions to the drying healing flower on my neck, and I rub it embarrassed.

“Well what did you expect Lara, he is a vampire. To leave without being bitten is stranger than if I am. Magenta would think I didn’t do my job.”

Lara sighs, she pulls out a drawer grabbing a pack of cigarettes.

“Lara, you have an event next week. You can’t smoke.”

Lara places the cigarette between her lips rummaging through the drawer for her special lighter.

“The thought of you being on a job for a year stresses me out, Mae. You’re only little.” She finds the lighter sighing as she flicks the top open a purple flame shoots out and she lights the cigarette.

“I’m not little. I’m human,” I counter. Lara takes a long drag of the cigarette.

Lara loved the human world but not the effects it had on the body. Things like smoking and drugs Lara was addicted to it, even sex, and this job was everything she needed for that fix.

When Lara arrived, she was confused— forced to marry a woman she did not love and the man she did love forced to be her best man back at home.

Recreational drugs and sex filled that void when she first arrived to America until Magenta came and filled her head with dreams of becoming the woman she wanted to be and all the fun in the world.

What Magenta hadn’t banked on was Lara’s dependency on drugs and had to put her on a strict regime. She could have all the drugs in the world, providing that she went through a deep cleanse once a month.

It was a brutal purge which Magenta oversaw, and it’s only been in the last two years Lara returned to me with colour in her cheeks and a smile on her face.

Lara puts away the lighter as she blows out the orange smoke. Lara’s life was calorie counting but for drugs and this cigarette would push her over her limit.

“Exactly pet, you’re human there’s isn’t a lot of sustenance to your kind.” She took another drag finishing the cigarette in two draws making my skin crawl. She blows out the smoke clearing it with a swat of her hand.

“Talk to Magenta. I want you to be there during my check-ups.”

“I will do my best, but if I’m working...” Lara shook her head tired, letting the words hang in the air.

I nod my head. I understood her priorities. Hell, they’re my priorities too.

There is a knock on the door, and Gretchin steps in her hair a pale pink this time shifting with her mood. Burnt orange for frustration, pink for flirtatious. A paling colour meant that her mood was due for another change.

“Magenta called. The contract is done.”

I stand up my hands trembling. Suddenly I am nervous. I have never been away for longer than a month at a time, and so abruptly. Usually, a client would get a feel of their match before they commit to a long relationship.

What if I am wrong for Dominic and last night was all it would be? I look at Lara who was more nervous then I, her eyes have darkened around the rim full of concern as she pulls me into a tight squeeze.

“You look after yourself Mae, do you understand?”

I nod against her chest, worried if I speak, she’d hear the worry in my voice. Lara outstretches her arms holding me by the shoulders.

“I’ll see you in December, Lara,” I whisper. I smile slightly pulling on my jumper over my head and grabbing my bag.

“Also let the Yarrow do its job before you let mister bitey go at your neck again.”

I sniff letting out a small laugh. I follow Gretchin out of the room. She motions to Magenta’s office, and as I turn to head in that direction, she grabs my wrist.

“Watch yourself, Mae,” Gretchin warns.

Though she tries to maintain her steely look I could tell she was just as concerned as Lara, I raise a brow at the faery. I could see the blue grow on the tips of her hair.

“Always Gretchin.” I pat her hand that was loosening itself around my wrist and walk into the room.

I open the door to Magenta’s room to Dominic sitting idly in the chair, scrolling through his phone while Magenta has her head resting on her hands.

“Mae, we have finished signing the contract and need your signature.”

I give an open palm to Magenta, who pulls out a small ceremonial knife.

“No,” Dominic says, pushing my hand down.

“A blood signature is required.”

“I said no,” he says firmly, Magenta tuts loudly and motions to me. I remove my jumper, pulling up the halter dress that he had picked out for me.

Magenta came around the desk, whispering a small enchantment. I wince slightly as the ‘A’ mark under my breast begins to sizzle. I would happily take a blood signature any day of the week than a sealing spell.

A small cut could easily be healed and fixed. A contractual sealing enchantment boiled the blood. A quick reminder of what would happen should I attempt to break the rules or underperform.

I am sweating, it was not like being in a sauna or under a warm shower. I can only imagine this is what it feels like to be cooked in a microwave.

“Mr Aldrek if you wouldn’t mind placing your hand on the marking.”

Dominic rests his hand on the sizzling skin, and my head hung back my hands clenched nails digging into my palms.

His cool hand eases the pain that is covering my body and for a second I am able to breathe.

“Thank you, with all that settled I will take the payment.”

Dominic takes his hand away and instantly the pain disappears as though it was never there, to begin with.

“I want it to go directly to Mae,” Dominic states. Magenta and I eye Dominic.

“That is against pro-”

“To Mae or not at all. The year payment will go to Mae, and the monthly additions can go through whatever system you’ve created.”

I eye Magenta who mulls over his proposal before she speaks. “Fine, there will be an additional rush fee of $5,000. Bringing your payment to 881,000 paid via...”

“Bank transfer,” Dominic completed. Magenta writes a few words down before sliding the post-it note to Dominic. I notice the sequence of numbers as my bank account.

Dominic pulls out his phone and begins typing away. A few minutes later, my phone dings, and I pull it out — a notification from the Bank of America stating that my account has exceeded my $300,000 alert. My heart flutters — so much money.

A part of me wanted to be sick, the other part could only imagine how much this will change my life. However, I potentially wouldn’t be able to spend it for another year should Dominic require it, all that money sitting in my bank account collecting digital dust.

Dominic stands up straightening his jumper, he grabs my arm taking the lead out of the door.

“See you in a year, my dear,” Magenta says casually.

I smile meekly at Magenta as I’m pulled out the door. Following Dominic’s stomping footsteps as we pass the empty reception desk and storming through the curtains.

My heels click quickly behind him, his massive strides causing me to run alongside him. I give a quick wave to Klaus, having no time to say goodbye properly.

As we stand on the street, the sun waving goodbye in shades of blue and purple in the corner of the sky. I hold my arms to my chest. The early November breeze is whipping through the holes of my clothes and resting on my skin with a chill.

Dominic has let go of my arm, but his strides remain as quick as ever. I hold my heels in my hand, chasing after him as he rounds the corner to the car. Close on his heels, he stands in front of the vehicle holding his keys, and the lights flash.

“Take off your underwear,” he says lowly where I can just make out his words. I drop my bag by the car door and pull my underwear down off my ankles and place them in the bag.

“Come here.” He points directly in front of him, making sure I am between him and the car.

I make my way to the place which he told me to stand. He lifts me to sit on the edge of the car. Dominic spreads my legs, running his hands up both my thighs, he grips it, his throat rumbling as he pulls me close.

Dominic unbuckles his trousers pulling out his long and throbbing penis my mouth unconsciously salivating.

I had seen it all in my time working from uncircumcised to circumcised, thin and long, short and thick with an array of balls to match, but I could never help the tingling feeling of the way a man pulled it out of his jeans.

He pulls me close, pressing me against his chest as his hands grab my ass lining himself up. I brace myself. I bet you’ve been waiting for this all day.

“Shut up Mae.” He pushes in earning a sigh from myself and a loud deep and animalistic moan from Dominic. He hangs his head back as his hips rocks, his knees hitting the brake lights of the car, holding me close.

But his slow, gentle movements were short-lived, and I find myself being choked as he rams into me sprawled out on the back of the car looking at the ceiling lights.

Is this how my year will be?

A.N. Exit Delilah and enter Mae. Let us hope her year isn’t spent on her back all day. What do you think the ‘A’ stands for? Why did Dominic want the money to go straight to Mae and not through the company? Let me know what you think. Most importantly thanks for reading.

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