The Year Package

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Who Am I?


I sit beside Dominic as we eat, Sybil had done precisely as instructed prompted by Dominic when we were heading back. Two plates of steak and vegetables sit on the table a bottle of red wine in a ice bucket by Dominic.

I lift the wine glass taking a small sip of the alcohol, paired perfectly with the rib eye Sybil had made. The sounds of steps approaching brings my head to the side as I see Sybil carrying a silver tray.

She places it on Dominic’s furthest side and taking his plate. She rounds the table and removes mine even though I still have over half to eat and wasn’t given lunch.

Dominic pulls the tray in front of him, revealing the sheets of paper and the red fountain pen.

“Your contract Mae,” he says as he picks up the sheet tapping the bottom of it on the table to line them all up. Dominic clears his throat.

“During your stay here, you’ll only leave this house when instructed to by either your employer or me. You will have breakfast and lunch either in your room or in the dining room, dinner we will always have together.

“You will only see me in the evening. In that time you will help Sybil with the daily duties around the house. You’ll have a two-hour window before I return home to do with what you please around the house. There is a pool in the garden, a gym on the third floor, and a library across the hall. Sybil will show you around tomorrow.

“You’ll be expected to wear black at all times except during your two-hour window. Sybil has filled your closet with the appropriate clothing and shoes. Your legs must never be covered. The bathroom has been stocked with the correct toiletries, soaps and oils that Magenta gave me.

“Every night at 10:00, you will meet me in my room, which is the door opposite the staircase, completely naked aside from the red heels provided.” Dominic lays the papers on the tray before sliding it across to me. I scan it over making sure everything he said was indeed everything.

When I am satisfied, I sign it. I slide the contract back to Dominic.

“Magenta said you had a character pack for me.”

My eyes light up at the mention of the character pack. This was my favourite bit deciding who I was going to be. I pull the sheets of paper out held together by a yellow paperclip.

I take out my pen scooting closer to Dominic so he can see what I was up to.

On the first sheet was a plain diagram of the female body with six blank boxes distributed on either side of the picture, an arrow pointing to the head, the face, the hands, the groin, the legs and the feet.

“This is for physical attributes how you want me to look on a day to day basis besides the black dress code and the red heels,” I say taking the pen pointing at the highest box an arrow to the top of the diagram’s head.

“How do you want my hair?”

Dominic glances at my current hair. I have clipped the sides of my hair back on this occasion, bringing it off my face, but the brown waves still fell across my chest.

“I’d prefer whatever hair you were born with.”

I let out a sigh of relief. I couldn’t imagine a whole year having to live under this wig; it would surely be the death of me. I write down the word “natural” in the box before pointing to the one arrowed at the diagram’s face.

“Makeup wise and any particular changes to my eyes.”

Again, Dominic surveys my face. He bites the inside of his lip as he considers his choices.

“Only wear makeup if the situation calls for it, and no, your eyes are fine.”

I smile this year was looking a lot easier than I envisioned. I write down his answer.

“How do you want my hands? Any particular nail polish?”

“I like the nails you have now.”

“Pubic hair?”

“What are my options?” There is a slightly humorous tone lacing to his words complimented with curiosity.

“Well, there’s bald, stubble, thick stubble, a small to large size bush. Then you have the styles there’s the landing strip, the triangle, the martini glass, the square, the arrow, hell you can get your initials down there.” I peek the beginning of a smile as Dominic listens to the various versions of a vagina he can have.

“Between bald and thick stubble.”

“My legs. I don’t actually grow hair there, but if you wanted hair, I’m sure we can work something out.” Please say no, please say no. Dominic eyes me, and I grimace. He had heard my thoughts, that was very unprofessional.

“It was.” Shit. “But luckily for you, I don’t want you to have hairy legs.”

I make a note quickly, worried he would change his mind.

“Would you like nail polish on my feet as well?”

“Yes, same as your hands.”

I make the final note discarding the diagram sheet to the side and pull out another.

“This is who you want me to be, from my name down to my dreams and aspirations. What should I call you?”

“Dominic will be enough.”

“What would you like to call me?”

“What is your name?”

“Whatever you want it to be,” I reply.

“We will stick with Mae. That is your name, right?” Dominic asks.

“It is now.” I write down the name on the top of the sheet. “Right, my personality.” I turn the sheet to Dominic, who surveys the rows of tick boxed options: Sweet, funny, dim-witted, rude, materialistic, sadistic, empathetic, caring, kind, smart. This went on for a while, Dominic looks, and the more he looks, the more frustrated he becomes.

He runs a hand through his hair sighing.

“This is ridiculous. I’m not going to fill out this build-a-whore sheet of paper. This is eating into my time. You look over it, Mae. You choose whatever characteristics you want providing it doesn’t annoy me in fact.” Dominic picks up the sheets of paper, ripping them in half. “I don’t want to know. Besides the physical attributes, I couldn’t give a damn what your dreams and aspirations are as long as you do your chores and fuck me properly. Is that understood?”

I hang my head low at his sudden outburst before looking up at him, his chest was rising and falling quickly.

“Yes, Dominic,” I murmur.

Dominic stands up from his chair.

“Be at my door in half an hour like discussed.” He leaves the room. I give it a few seconds before I pick up the ripped pieces of paper. Trying my best to order them and pair the halves together. I place what I can under the yellow paper clip and put it in my bag before heading to my room.

I stand outside Dominic’s room. I had managed to remove the wig and undo my hair before our scheduled time. It wasn’t as dirty as I had expected, and the tight curls have been stretched so that they just about rest on my shoulders. My feet tap on the padded carpet as I wait for the instruction to enter.

The door opens, and Dominic stands as naked as I was, he grabs my hand, pulling me inside. He shuts the door as I stumble in.

“Did you get that shit off your neck?”

The yarrow flower had done its job though not as good as Magenta’s magic. There was still the scar of his bite marks on my neck.

“I did.”

Dominic was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching me his eyes lingering on my jet black hair.

“Come here.”

I do as instructed standing in between his legs his face level with my nipples.

His hands cupped the cheeks of my ass, pulling me close, so a nipple brushes against his nose. I watch as Dominic opens his mouth, taking it in.

My head fell back as he sucks on the teat hungrily his grip on my ass tightens, and his erection brushes against my thigh.

I run my hands through his blonde locks before resting them around his neck, tracing lines across his nape as his mouth switches to the other one.

His strong arms lift me placing me on his lap, situating himself right at my opening. Dominic’s hands trail down my thighs, hooking themselves around the back of my knees and sliding me slowly down his shaft.

My breathing hitched as he stretches and paves his way inside me. A string of curses left his lips as he settles inside, adjusting his hips to reach his full depth.

My head lolls as I rest it on his shoulder. Nothing could beat the first penetration a perfect balance between painful and pleasurable not to wet where it slides in effortlessly but not to dry where I feel like I might die.

One hand returns to my thigh while the other goes for my hair tugging at with a bit of force. I pull myself away, meeting Dominic’s piercing silver gaze, his jaw clenches as our eyes meet. He jerks his hips at the sight, causing me to bite my lip.

I rock my hips against his causing a slight flutter of his eyelids. He doesn’t want me to see him enjoy himself. Dominic growls, in response his thrusting taking it up a notch. His hand on my thigh moves to my lower back, pushing me closer.

Dominic’s fangs brush over my neck, and I can feel my heart pounding underneath the healed wound. It is hard to focus on anything but his warm breath against my skin, waiting for the moment his teeth will clamp down on my neck.

“Stay still,” he murmurs against my skin.

The fangs are sharp enough to cut straight through my skin, there is no pushing feeling just a burn shooting through my body. I hold onto his shoulder my grip tight, which does more harm than good.

The animalistic nature of being a vampire and the fear the anxiousness that radiated off my body drives Dominic further as he sinks his teeth into my neck. The blood slithering down between our bodies imprinting on our skin.

His hold around my waist tightens, leaving me breathless as he erratically thrusts inside me. I can feel the swelling of his penis close to exploding and the light-headedness of myself as he drinks. Dominic keeps me in place as he thrust a few more times his moans vibrating against my skin as he comes.

He removes his mouth from my neck, licking his lips picking up the last of my blood. Dominic lifts me off him placing me on the bed beside him. Without any support, I land with a thud on the bed my eyes just barely open.

Dominic picks me up no doubt the same way he did last night opening the door to his bedroom and padding across the floor to mine. He lays me down, swiping a trail of blood that is dripping from my neck and sucks it off his finger.

“Sybil will come and patch you up.”

I hum a response my body suddenly extremely fatigued and aching. Through the strands of my hair, I watch Dominic leave claw marks etched on his shoulders.

A.N. Poor Mae, she was so excited to create her character. What did you guys think of the character file? Would you use it if you could? Let me know and thanks for reading.

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