Girls in London: Book Two

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As book one concluded, it seemed like everyone's lives were starting to look up. Isla got the boy. India gave birth to her second child. Bethany was taking steps towards conquering her blood phobia, but things are only getting started for the trio. Two years on, Isla still hasn't received her much wanted engagement ring. India and Mathias are on the rocks, and Bethany is feeling lonely and lost without Bianca. Continue their journey in the second novel in my 'Girls in London' series. If you are interested in reading book one, check out my excerpt for links to my debut novel.

Romance / Erotica
Kelsey Higgins
Age Rating:

Chapter One

India slammed the fork she was holding down onto the kitchen counter, closing her eyes lightly and letting out a frustrated sigh.

“Mathias!” she yelled, “for fuck sake, Mathias, bring your son in here right now!”

Mathias entered the kitchen seconds later, holding a screaming Jameson in his arms. He stared sleepily at her, before placing Jameson down at the table. India placed the bowl of spaghetti in front of her now two-year-old son and handed him his fork.

“Now, boo,” she said softly, stroking his curly, black hair “eat your din dins.” Mathias watched Jameson for a few seconds as he started to eat his food, before he turned to India.

“Will that be all?” he asked her, raising a brow. India scoffed “yeah, sure.” Mathias let out a loud groan. “What is wrong with you now?”

“What do you mean “what is wrong with me now?” You’ve been sleeping all day! You’re supposed to spend time with your family.” Mathias rolled his eyes. India scowled at him, placing her hands on her hips and sighed – defeated “whatever. Sleep if you want.”

Mathias shuffled uncomfortably, then looked up into her eyes. “Indie – do you not love me anymore?”

India’s eyes softened. She approached him, wrapping her arms around his neck and looking up into his dark eyes “you know I love you, Mathias. I just haven’t been in a good mood lately.” “Why not?” he questioned, placing his hands on her hips “you’ve been taking a lot out on me lately.”

India pursed her lips – knowing full well she had every right to be taking stuff out on Mathias. He slept ALL DAY, almost every day. The only times he was awake was when he needed to eat, use the bathroom and go to class. It made her angry and upset with him because she needed him. Between Ryan, Jameson and work her hands were full.

“I – look, Mathias” she sighed, standing back away from him and leaning against the table “you need to help me out a lot more.” Mathias stared at her blankly for a moment, then sighed “are you trying to start another argument? Cause I’m not interested.” India groaned with annoyance, shaking her head and moving over to dish up Ryan’s dinner “never mind.” She didn’t want to start an argument at all, but he made everything into one.

“Anyway” she said, changing the subject “Isla is throwing a birthday party for Jackson tonight.” “So?” he blinked “we’ve heard enough about that to know.” India rolled her eyes with her back still turned to him. “So – we have to go, obviously.” “We went to his birthday party last year” Mathias protested “I don’t even really like the guy.”

India turned, brushing passed him and placing Ryan’s dinner on the table beside Jameson. “Ryan!” she called “dinner!”

Seconds later, Ryan emerged from the bedroom he shared with Jameson, carrying a small, toy car. He sat up on the chair “thanks, mommy.”
“No problem, sweetheart” she smiled.
“So, I’m not going” Mathias said, continuing their previous conversation “I’ll take care of the boys.”
India turned to look at him “Mathias can’t you just pretend to like him?”

“No, why should I?” he asked, “they’re not my friends.”
“They have been very kind to you” India said, pointing her index finger at him “the least you can do is act like you appreciate it.” Mathias frowned, and India turned her attention back to her children.
“Is that nice?” she asked them. Jameson nodded, shoving a mouthful into his mouth while Ryan clapped his hands together. “It’s yummy!”

She grinned, turning on her heel and heading towards the bedroom she shared with Mathias. “Now, we need to get ready” she said. “I already told you I’m not going” Mathias said sternly. India frowned “come in here for a moment.” Mathias followed her into the bedroom, closing the door behind him “what?”

“What do you mean ‘what’? You know exactly what. You can’t just not turn up for Jackson’s birthday party. It’s going to make shit awkward for me.” Mathias sighed “just tell them I’m ill. It’s not rocket science.” She remained silent for a moment, debating whether it was worth fighting over. She concluded that it was NOT.

“Alright” she said “alright. You stay here and mind Jameson and Ryan.” “That’s what I said I was doing a few minutes ago – but you chose to ignore it.” “Whatever” she sighed “get out I’m getting changed.” Mathias scoffed “are you seriously starting this now? I can’t even see you naked? See, you don’t love me.” He turned to leave the room but India took a hold of his arm “no!”

Mathias turned and stared at her, so she removed her blue shorts and purple tank top, as well as her comfortable bra “happy now?”

“Yes” he said, “very happy.” He placed his warm hands on her hips, pulling her into him. She pressed her chest against his as they hugged. “You’re so hot” he said to her, “I love you.” She closed her eyes upon hearing those words, soaking it in. They hadn’t exchanged those words sincerely in about six months. “I love you too.”

“Do you think we have time for some fun?” he asked, pulling back and pressing soft kisses to her neck. India shook her head “they’ll come in.” He sighed, pulling back completely and nodding “fine.” “You’re not mad, are you?” she asked him. He shook his head “no it’s just – I didn’t think that at twenty-one I would be standing here with my hot girlfriend, unable to have sex with her because our kids would come in.”

She pursed her lips, clearly displeased with that comment. “Well, shit happens, right?” he chuckled, leaving her alone in the room. India stood in the centre of the bedroom, staring at the door as it closed. She shook her head, mumbling “asshole”, before she rooted in her wardrobe for an outfit for the party. Within minutes, she had put together a black sequin skirt with a white, ribbed tank top and some black heels. She got dressed, curled her hair and then applied some light make-up.

She left the bedroom then, seeing Mathias sitting up on the couch reading a book to Ryan and Jameson, who were watching him with so much love. India stood in the archway, a smile on her lisp and her heart full. Even if Mathias left tomorrow – her life was complete with her two boys. “I’m off” she said then, walking passed them and picking up her handbag.

“Give mama a goodbye kiss” Mathias said to the boys. India leaned forward, kissing them lovingly on the cheek and then giving Mathias a peck on the lips. “I shouldn’t be too long” she said to Mathias, giving the boys a little wave before she left the apartment.

She trotted down the steps, then made her way down the street until she heard a car beeping. She turned her head to see Beth parking up beside her, rolling down the car window “get in, hot stuff.” India giggled, hopping into the car. “You look hot” Beth said to her, giving her a small wink. India posed as Beth started driving “thank you – so do you.” They both giggled. “Thank you” Beth smiled. She had beach waves in her hair and a red, sequin dress on paired with some black heels, also.

As they drove along, Beth started humming along to the song on the radio – it was one that India had never heard before. “So,” India giggled, shifting slightly in her seat “how’s Doctor Johnson?”

Beth looked over at her for a moment, rolling her eyes “he’s just fine.” “When’s your next appointment?” she winked. “India – seriously?” Beth laughed. “I am serious. You’re one of my best friends and I need to know.” Beth replied after a moment “tomorrow.” “So, he’s seeing you weekly now?” India asked, tilting her head to the side “and you say he’s not into you?”

Beth gently slapped India’s arm “he’s not.” “Is too” India mumbled, looking out the window. “It’s because he wants to keep a closer eye on me is all” Beth explained “he says it’s important for my treatment.” “Obviously” India winked. “Stop!” Beth laughed, parking up outside Jackson’s home. He had moved back in with his mother once his lease on the apartment was up.

They both hopped out of the car and headed up towards the door. India lifted her fist and knocked loudly on the door, hearing people chattering inside. Seconds later, Isla opened the door and smiled warmly at them, giving them both a hug and pulling them inside. “How’s everything going so far?” India asked her. “Fine! I’m so happy you guys are here” Isla said to them as they entered the kitchen. She pointed out where they could get their drinks and then returned to Jackson, who was seated with his mother at the kitchen table. Once India poured herself a Bacardi and coke, she joined them at the table. “India!” Jackson chirped “where’s Mathias?”

All eyes were now on her, awaiting a response. “He’s sick” she lied, shrugging her shoulders a little “he couldn’t make it.” Jackson nodded, jutting out his bottom lip slightly “that’s a shame. I was looking forward to chatting with him.” India smiled awkwardly, turning her head away to look out the back door. Isla eyed Jackson suspiciously. He shrugged, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

“How’s the kids?” Sandra, Jackson’s mother asked. “They’re good” India replied. “How old are they now?” she then asked her. “Ryan is three, Jameson is two.” “Aw, how sweet!” Sandra sighed happily. “they grow up so fast, don’t they?”

“Yes” India said sadly “they do.” She just wished that Mathias could see that and spend more time with them. Beth joined them then, sitting beside India “are your parents here, Isla?”

Isla nodded while sipping on her vodka and coke “yes, they’re in the living room talking with Jackson’s auntie.” Beth smiled “aw, family bonding.” Isla and Jackson looked at each other proudly, pecking each other’s lips. India watched them – and she couldn’t help feeling a little jealous of how much they loved each other. Jackson respected Isla so much. She knew that whenever Jackson and Isla had a baby, Jackson would be such a good dad.

“How’s your classes going, Beth?” Sandra asked. “Great” Beth grinned “I’m graduating next year. Seriously can’t wait.” “Wow! What an achievement!” Sandra said gleefully “I wish you the best of luck. You’re a smart girl.” “Thank you” Beth said shyly, looking around the room before her eyes fell on Isla once again “say, Lala. Are you busy this weekend?”

Isla looked up, thinking, before she shook her head “nope. Why? Is there something going on?”

“Well, Brad says that I need to start doing something other than studying. He says it’s bad for me to not have hobbies. So, I was wondering if you wanted to join me at a book club? It’ll be interesting, I promise.” Isla started to giggle, and Jackson smiled. “What?” Beth asked. “Brad” Isla repeated. “Fine, Doctor Johnson.”

Isla giggled harder “sure, I’ll go with you. For Brad.” Jackson and India chuckled, and Beth pouted. “Who’s Brad?” Sandra questioned, clearly confused. “Her therapist” India said through chuckles “he very obviously has a crush on her, but she won’t admit it for some reason.” “Because he’s my therapist. That’s weird!” Beth exclaimed. “It’s not” Isla said to her “it’s fine to like him like that – especially since he’s so lovely to you.”

“I agree” India nodded, stirring her drink “I went with her one day and sat in the waiting room. He was all over her when we arrived and when we were leaving. He also goes over the allocated time and leaves the next person leaving.” “He’s way too old for me” Beth said to them, taking a swig of her drink. “Is he married?” Sandra asked. “No” Beth said, then paused “he doesn’t wear a ring anyway.”

“How old is he?” India asked her. “I don’t know” Beth sighed “the sessions are about me – not him.” “Take a guess” Isla said. “Hm…I always thought he is in his forties.” “Oh, yes. Too old” Sandra said, scrunching up her face a little “you’re still in your twenties.” “I don’t think age matters as such” India said “I mean, I’m twenty-four and Mathias is twenty-one and we –“she paused “we get on fine.”

“What’s with the pause?” Jackson asked. She pursed her lips “Nothing.” “Are you sure?” Isla asked, “it doesn’t seem like nothing.” India’s bottom lip quivered slightly. “Oh, darling!” Sandra gasped. Beth stood, taking India by the shoulders “want to talk outside with me and Isla?”

India nodded “please.” Beth motioned with her head for Isla to follow them, then lead India outside the house. India leaned against the wall, taking in deep breaths. She felt so embarrassed by her actions. She just couldn’t help it. She hated taking the spotlight off Jackson. “Tell us what’s wrong” Isla said. India remained silent for a moment. When she finally spoke, her voice came out croaky “he doesn’t love me anymore – I know it.”

“Oh babe, what makes you say that?” Beth asked. India sighed sadly “He’s just – always sleeping. He refuses to spend time with the boys and me. He made a comment earlier today about how he never imagined he would be twenty-one and not able to have sex with his girlfriend because their kids would come in. He’s going to leave me!”

The girls remained silent for a moment. “No, don’t be silly” Isla said to her, taking a hold of India’s hand “you just need to make time for sex. Obviously when you have kids you can’t just do it freely all the time. You need to remind him of that.” “You two need to start allocating time every week for sex. A date night or something followed by an evening of passion” Beth said, “it’ll make things so much better.”

India nodded “I can’t stand the thought of him leaving me alone.” “He won’t” Isla said “he loves you, it’s just that you two have hit a bump in the road. Every couple does. It’s a test. Ace it.” “How?” she asked, wiping under her eyes with her fingers. “Have sex with him” Isla shrugged “show him some love.” India looked up at the dark sky, nodding “okay. I will when I go home.”

“Good woman!” Beth chirped, taking her hand “now, come inside. We’ll have a great time tonight. Smile.” India smiled a little at them. “Great, let’s head back inside” Isla smiled, leading the way back to the table. “Is she okay?” India heard Jackson ask Isla. “She is now” Isla said, scooting up next to him. India knew what she had to do, and she was determined to do anything to keep Mathias.

As the party concluded, Beth drove India home. She sighed nervously as they edged close to her apartment. Beth rested a hand on India’s, which was on her lap “use condoms. Please.” She was trying to lighten the mood. India laughed “got it.” They parked up outside, and after a few minutes pep talk from Beth – India was determined. She hopped out of the car. “Thanks, Beth. See you soon.” “See you and – good luck! Text us on WhatsApp afterwards. Let us know if it works.” “Got it” India smiled, closing the car door and waving Beth off.

She fished in her handbag for her keys, feeling slightly tipsy. The door swung open just as she found them, revealing Mathias. He stood in his boxer shorts, looking very sleepy. “Were you asleep?” she asked, stepping passed him. “No” he said, “I was waiting for you to come home.” She bit her bottom lip, turning to look at him “that’s very sweet, Mathias.” He shrugged, looking away from her “yeah.”

“I want you” she said softly. Suddenly, his eyes were on her again. She removed her shirt, revealing her bare breasts “all of you. Right now, Mathias Gonzalez.” As she said that, she shimmied out of her skirt “right here” she pointed to the couch “on that couch.” Mathias took small steps towards her, his eyes transfixed on hers.

“You’re a naughty girl, India Summers” he said, resting his hands on her hips. “You love it” she said, leaning into his ear “you love me.” “I do” he said huskily “and I do.” She pushed him down onto the couch, kneeling in front of him “and you love getting your big cock sucked – don’t you?”

Mathias squirmed a little, nodding “I do.” She giggled, pulling his member out of his boxers and licking her lips. Mathias took a hold of her head, pushing it down towards his member. India gave the tip a small lick, earning a grunt from her boyfriend “more.” She continued to lick his dick, this time more frequently and faster. He moaned softly, watching as she took the whole lot in her mouth and started to bob her head up and down slowly. He leaned his head back, watching her as small moans escaped his throat.

India ran her hands up his toned thighs, letting out soft moans to arouse him further. He played with her hair, holding it in his hands and forcing her head up and down faster. “I love it” he said softly “wow.” India pulled back, looking up at him “tell me how much you want me.” “I want you so fucking bad” he said to her “just you – always you.”

India stood up, sitting over him and taking his member in her hands “well, I want you too.” He gently cupped her face in his hands as she pushed his cock inside of her. She shivered, closing her eyes lightly and sitting down on it properly “fuck, that’s so good.” Mathias grinned with satisfaction, watching as she got comfortable and started to bounce up and down.

He pulled her face down to his, kissing her passionately as they made love on the couch. The slapping of skin and their soft moans were the only sounds that filled the air in the living room – apart from the comedy movie playing on TV. Though they didn’t care much for that, they were focused on the pleasure the other was giving them.

Mathias moved his hands down to her breasts, pinching them hard. India threw her head back, then feeling his lips on her collarbones, gently kissing the flesh. She bounced harder, feeling his hands move to the small of her back, helping her bounce harder. “Jesus India I’m going to cum- “he moaned out. “Me too!” she exclaimed, feeling her climax approaching “cum with me!”

Mathias pressed his lips to hers roughly, and a few bounces later they orgasmed hard together, both sweating messes. India pressed her forehead to his, nuzzling his nose before she hopped off him and sat beside him. Mathias pulled her into him, snuggling her close “I love you.” “I love you too” she smiled contently.

“It’s been a while since that happened” he chuckled “we need to do it more often.” “I agree” she said, sighing happily. For the first time in a long time – she finally felt close to him again.

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