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SAFE | Book #2

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Diavoli Demoniaci. Otherwise known as the Devils. The name that once meant everything for Dylan Ramone. The Devils were his peace; his solace in the time that everything went spiraling out of control in his life. They are considered to be the most deadly, dangerous and malignant organization in the world and they have gangs around every corner of the Earth. They're always there, and always watching. Once they have you where they want you... the only way out is death. Dylan defied that rule when he pulled the trigger and fired a glowing lead bullet into North-side leader, Ashley Paquet's, chest. In a moment of utter madness and confusion, due to the hard blows delivered into his gut, Dylan didn't think twice when he pulled the trigger and ran for his life, leaving the destructive life of the Devils behind him. He didn't look back and felt relief wash over him when the Devils didn't come looking for him... It was over. He was finally free. Or so he thought. Three years have passed since the Devils had buried their leader, but the deed has not been left unforgotten. The Devils have an offer on the table for Dylan... one that has the intention to be fulfilled. Dylan Ramone will soon face new obstacles in his-somewhat stable life that he's built with Stacy Grey. Some of these newfound obstacles will bring new faces to the light, while others will wear the mask of familiarity.

Romance / Drama
IS Campbell
4.8 13 reviews
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Playlist for SAFE (Book 2):

"Falling Skies" — YUNGBLUD ft. Charlotte Lawrence

"Control" — Halsey

"Silhouette" — Aquilo

"Queen of the Night" — Hey Violet

"Saints" — Echos

"Let Me Down" — Stormzy ft. Jorja Smith

"Ready or Not" — Mischa Chillak ft. Esthero

"Wrecking Ball" — Miley Cyrus

"50 Shades" — Digital Summer

"The Dark of You" — Breaking Benjamin

"Tomorrow We Fight" — Tommee Profitt ft Svrcina

"Ride" — SoMo

"Finally // Beautiful Stranger" — Halsey

"Take on The World" — You Me At Six

"Trouble" — Halsey

"Forever... is a long time" — Halsey

"Guest room" — Echos

"Wildest Dreams” — Taylor Swift

"Telepathic" — STARSET

"Heart of the Darkness" — Tommee Profitt ft. Sam Tinnesz

"Man or a Monster” — Sam Tinnesz ft. Zayde Wølf

"Demons" — Jacob Lee

"Time" — NF

"Battlefield" — Svrcina

"Someone You Loved" — Lewis Capaldi

"Walk through the Fire" — Zayde Wølf ft. Ruelle

"Far from Home" — Sam Tinnesz

"The World We Made" — Ruelle

"Skin and Bones" — Ruelle

"The Other Side" — Ruelle

"Even If It Hurts" — Sam Tinnesz

"Vendetta" — UNSECRET ft. Krigarè

"Game of Survival" — Ruelle

"Fifty Shades" — Boy Epic

"Time is Enough" — Trapdoor Social

"Carry you" — Ruelle ft. Fleurie

"I Just Know" — Jacob Lee

"Don’t Let Me Go” — Raign

"Don’t fear the Reaper (Re:Imagined)" — Denmark + Winter

"Clean" — Hey Violet

"Dynasty" — Miia

"Deep End" — Ruelle

“Just a Dream" — Kurt Scheider ft Christina Grimmie

"Apocalypse" — Cigarettes After Sex

"Monster" — Skillet

"Scars" — Boy Epic

"Lose You to Love Me" — Selena Gomez

"Stained" — Selena Gomez

“Hurt Anymore" — Samantha Jade ft Cyrus

"Honesty" — Halsey

"Wipe Your Tears” — Halsey

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