Mr. CEO wants me!!!

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Manik malhotra and nandini kapoor, too different personalities. No way can love make them fall for each other by nature. But all it took was a moment. All it took was a look and smile and the ball was in her court. Manik on knees, Mr. CEO is ready to fall on knees but will the PA accept this or will make him pay for all he did. Let's peep into the story. "love, why try moving when you know you can't" "who said I can't" and she stomped his foot so hard with her beautiful heels. Ah! She so love these heels. Manik held his leg and jumped while looking at her with pitiful eyes. Pity the CEO. Damn the PA. Don't damn her, he loves her. God already damned her.

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A beautiful smile of hers, made him fall for her but why the same smile is directed at someone else now. Is it that easy for her to smile at others. She can’t if she wants to live.

“why did you go out with him at lunch time?”

“is that any of your business, Mr. Malhotra?”

“Very well, Miss. Kapoor. If I see you with any of the guy from office, then I promise you to make their life hell. It’s easy for me. And you know that.”

“That’s stupid, Manik.”

“It won’t be, if it keeps you to me only.”

“love isn’t a deal, Manik”

“Maybe, not for you. But for me you are my love and I will crack this love deal lovingly.” until you force me to change that last word.

“I don’t love you.”

“Whatever you say, darling.” Manik smiled and left nandini seething in anger. She thought once, he think of her as sister and now she is relishing the punishment of her mistake. Marrying without wishes. Just because Mr. CEO wants me.

“By the way, i loved how you called my name and I absolutely like how you never seem to shy away from me coming so close to you.” Manik smirked and Nandini became even more annoyed.

“I don’t like you at all and about you coming close to me, it just means that I don’t care about you at all and you mean nothing to me since the proximity doesn’t affect me. Stop being so over the head for once, Mr. malhotra.” Nandini spoke and pulled away from manik as she lied through her teeths. Proximity does not affect her? What a joke. Her heart has been racing the whole time and nothing in her seems at place. All she wants to do is run back to him to kiss the hell out of him but somethings are rather complicated to do than think.



Having a meet with your friend feels great when you want to tell him everything that’s been happening and how light at I gonna feel later on.

Thinking the same, I entered my best friend’s office and asked the secretary about Cabir’s whereabouts. The secretary wished me with her stary eyes and said “Mr. Malhotra, Mr. Dhawan is available. You will find him in his cabin. 6th floor, last room.”

I nodded and left for his office and on the way, something made my blood boil, Cabir’s secretary, the slutty, bold and totally shameless secretary who thinks she looks hot but reality is really different. She looks like a dumb woman to me.

She wished me and offered me another ‘please spend sometime with me’ look. If only she would have been a bit simple and nice. I would have spent some of my time with her. She is smart in her work and that’s the only reason she is in the office, even after being disliked by all of us.

I entered the office, only to see Cabir flirting with a girl who looked nice and warm, full of homely warmth. Smiling, the girl noticed and damn! I fell for her smile. CEO of Malhotra fell for one damn smile. Shameful. But it’s worth it.

The girl wished and left while, my best friend looked at me in question and then something mischievous lit in his eyes and he laughed.

“Manik malhotra is in love, that too at the first sight. Impressive.” Cabir laughed again and Manik just smiled.

It’s gonna be fun.

Manik thought of starting planning his first move and book the girl, so she won’t run away. He called his PA and told him to get all the information of the girl. This girl should be with me to fall for me.

Manik looked at Cabir and finally asked her name and who she is in his office.

“Nandini Kapoor and she is Dhruv’s assistant.” Cabir answered point to point like finalizing a deal and the deal is his friend’s love life.

But what about Nandini, her choice?

They both planned every move and thought love life is like a deal. May be yes and may be no.

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