An Accidental Marriage

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Dhruv Raj is 27 year's old, handsome and successful business man. He is known by his arrogance. He loves his parents and respects them so much. But he was not like that always he loved a girl named Aisha. He loved her so much but she betrayed him. After that betrayal,he never trusted anyone. Because of the past he wasn't allowed anyone in his life. He himself created walls around him. Nithya is 21 year's old,very happy girl. She always smile and very innocent. She always do what her dad tell her to do. She loves her family so much. She has a kind heart,she loves to talk. One day accidentally they got married,and Dhruv doesn't accept her as his wife. But they forced by there parents to give there marriage a chance. What happens when they live together, whether they fall in love with eachother. So let's find out and read there story.

Naga Laxmi
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Chapter 1 Info of Nithya

Nithya's pov......

"wake up .,......u have to go to college"my mom is shouting at me.

Why is she shouting at me in the morning. Nithya was thinking while sitting on her bed and rubbing her eyes.

God it's only 7am in the morning,why my mom always shout at me?

Because u r stupid.

Shut up.

Oo come on get up you have to attend college for that you have change two buses,if you will not get up now u will be late stupid.

Ok ok am up now,and am not stupid ok.

Really....... In ur dreams,trust me baby u r more than stupid.

Keep quiet.

Oo let me introduce myself my name is Nithya. I'm studying my last year to complete my graduation.

Hey what about me are you not introducing me haa.

Just stop talking, let me complete ok.

Ok ok continue I'm not going to interrupt you now.


This is my innervoice,who will talk more than me. Actually my friends n family members tell me that,I talk too much. But trust me guys my innervoice talk more than me.

Hey are you disrespecting me haa.

See I told you it will talk more.

Come on.

Ok let me complete my introduction please.


I'm living with my family. My dad Sharath Kumar,mom Radhika and one stupid brother Arun Kumar.

Hey he is not stupid.

Are you supporting him,what's wrong with you.

I'm not supporting him,but I will not agree if you say that he is stupid.


I mean he is more stupid than that, actually he is stupidest person.

Yeah I think so.

Just like you.

How dare you.


Ok come on we have to go to college.

Before that u have to face your mom.

Yeah you are right,my mom is going to kill me

Yes you are right,I believe she can do that because she is more danger yar.

I know.

Actually I don't want to see ur mom face,ur dad is more than ok for me compare to your mom.

Actually you guys thinking that why my mom will kill me right. Because I don't have time to eat breakfast, and in my home breakfast is must have to eat at any cost. It's a rule my mom fixed and trust me guys no one dare to break The rule . Even my dad doesn't dared to do it. So I'm going to dare to skip my breakfast today,and I hope I will not be murdered by my mom today.

I hope so. All the best, finger's cross.

Hoping for the best,I'm out of my room. Slowly walking I see my dad and he saw me. I shown watch to my dad actually telling him that I'm late so asking him to help me to skip my breakfast. My dad understand me and signal me to wait there my mom can't see me here. So I hide behind the wall,and waited for my dad signal.

I hope ur dad help you.

Me too.

My dad signal me and I ran from there like who is chased by a mad dog. I'm out of home now breathing heavily and I can listen my mom yelling at my dad for helping me to escape.

Congrats your escaped from your mom's hand

Thanks yar.

I hope your dad will survive,I pray for him

Me too.

Finally I'm in college and I can see my friends waving there hands to me to recognise them.

Hey I like ur friends yarr.

Yeah me too.

I have 3 best friends,in college. Rohan,Pinky,bhavani. Rohan is handsome, actually our college's every girl's crush,and Priya and bhavani like me simple n cute.

So you are calling your self cute,cut it ok.

What do you mean by that,I'm not cute.

Yes, actually you are not cute your just stupid.

How dare you.


I walked to them, waving my hand.

"Good morning guys"I said seeing them very excitidly.

"Good morning nit"they say in unison

God save my ears haa,why are they yelling at you do they think that you have some ear problem are something

Stup up

Ok,but you have to tell them that you haven't have any ear problem ok. I just can't stand there yelling at you

Stup up..........


we entered our class room and taken our seats. Our lecturer came and started what they have to do. At the end of the day it's over. Thank god

Really.,....thank god it's over now. I can't listen them any more.

We are in canteen talking random things,and at the time Rohan tell that this weekend was there parents anniversary. So we have to attend the party at any cost.

Wow party I want to go there and enjoy one day in my life.

What do you mean by one day haa!

Come on,u know how much your boring.

Stop it.

Actually in our 4 friends,Rohan is from high class and we three are from middle class.

At first we don't want to go to party. Because our class difference,but he is so stubborn. He doesn't listen to our at last we agreed to go.


God stop it now

I'm so excited for party.

"Hey you are coming for the party right" Rohan asked me while walking back to our homes.

"I'm not know about my mom right so"i didn't even complete my sentence,he interrupted me saying.


No he yelled at you,why all the people around you just yell .

Because they love me.

Stop it they don't even think about your ears.

"Ok stop yelling at me I will convince my mom and I will come ok,now cool down man" I said because I don't have an option.

Do I

No, u don't hahahaha

I said goodbye to my friends,and gone for my home to face my mom

Yes we have to face ur mom.oh my god......

After spending nearly 1 hour in bus,I'm in front of my home,my sweet home.

Really sweet home if ur mom willnot yell at you.

Yeah I hope so.

All the best.


Just take deep breaths ok in and out.

Right take deep breaths in and out. After practicing taking breaths in and out about 15 minutes. I'm ready to face my mom.

Yes baby u r right,u can do it.

I take very small steps to enter in my home.once I'm in living room I can see my mom is sitting in sofa calmly. She saw me and smiled.


What happened to ur mom,y is she smiling like that.

Actually I expect that she will take out your flesh from your boby,are yell n shout at u like there is no other day for you.

Yeah I to expect it from my mom. Really something is wrong with her I think.

I think your mom suddenly got amnesia and she forgot that u skipped your breakfast.

What! Is that even possible.

Everything is possible because your family is most craziest family.

Stop it.


"Hai mom,what happened why are you so happy.whats the reason mom" I asked while sitting beside her.

"Nithya do you remember my childhood best friend Shilpa" she asked me,and I can see that she is smiling ear to ear.

Yes I remember her my mom told me many times about her friend,but what happend to her. Why she is asking me about it.

Yes you are right,why is she asking you about it. Seriously I'm having a bad feeling that ur mom is going to throw a bomb at you.


Just listen to me once . Just take your bag, go to your room and lock it.please.

Ohoo stop overreacting ok.

What I'm overreacting,

Ok just don't tell me that I didn't warn u.

Oh god please stop it now

"Yes mom I remember her she is your best friend and her husband is dad's best friend right" I said to my mom

"But why are you asking me about her now mom. Is everything good" I asked.

"Yes everything is good not only good it's awesome"my mom said smiling wide.

Ok now I'm feeling something is not right.

"Actually you know what they are shifting here. They will be staying here forever." My mom said.

ok now I know why she is happy, because her best friend is coming back so it's normal. And I feel bad that I doubted about my mom. Did you listen to her it's all because of you I doubted my mom.

You think thats the only reason,I don't think so.just wait and watch.

"Wow mom that's really a good news. Now you can spend your time with your best friend. I'm very happy for u mom" I said to my mom while smiling.

"Actually they are coming after 3 days,they will shift in there old house"she said to me

"Okay that's great"

We talk for some time and I remember that I have to take permission to attend party. So I think that it's the best time to ask her because she is so happy. I have to take risk,with that thought I took a deep breath.

Yes you have to take permission. Because you are a school kid right

Ahaaaa you came again,

No I didn't came i always be in you. Forgotten that I'm your inner voice.

Yeah that was the sad part.

Come on.

"Mom you know this weekend Rohan parents wedding anniversary"I said

"Oo that's great they are actually very nice people,send my wishes to them by Rohan " my mom said

"Ok mom, actually they are celebrating there wedding anniversary by throwing a party. Rohan invited his friends to that party. His mom told that he have to invite his friends and attend to party with them only. So can I go to the party mom please" I asked

I hope she will give u permission because I want to go to party.

Yeah me too.

I think you have to cover your ears now ,she is going to yell at you.

I don't think so. Because she was in a good mood now remember that she doesn't even yell at me for skipping breakfast I think today is my day.

In your dreams,see your mom's face for God sake. she is boiling inside.

"No Nithya you are not allowed to go to party that to night time,have u gone mad are something haa"mymom yell at me.

See I told u and warn u also.

"But mom....."i was interrupted by mom

"No buts no ifs nithya,if I told u no means no. How many times I have to tell you that"mom shouting at me.

My head is hang low and I'm on the verge to cry

"What happened mom why are you shouting at sister" my brother came inside the house and asked my mom.

Trust me guys he will not support me, instead he will make sure add some fuel to my mom thinking and see what he done now.

My mom said all the story to my brother. As expected he is not supporting me.

Why he will always do this.

Because my dad loves me more than him. He always scold him and support me,so he will make sure that this time I should be scolded by mom.

I hate your brother.

Besides he also loves me. But some times he acts like I'm his little sister and he thinks that he has to save me from all problems.

"Yes sis you have to listen to mom this time. It's not safe for girls at night,and that to at party no way."that's it I'm started crying

Did I tell you that I have very second I cry and another second I will laugh like there is not another day for me and now I'm crying.

And that is not called as unique that means you have a problem.

Stop it.

"Why are you crying Nithya" I heard my dad's voice that's it . I will win this game,and am sure that my dad will send me to the party.

Yes we are going to party atlast thank god.

Yes we are going now.

I said full story to my father. He gave me permission to go to party,and told me to go to my room. Now I'm surethat he will scold my brother and mom.

I see my brother's face and he is pleading me to save him. But I just smirked at him and went to my room.

Today is a long day I think.

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