Hell and Back

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Short stories to capture the levels of the LGBT+ community experiences. We need to be proud and show our true colours. Never hide who you are, because there is always someone out there who loves you for who you are, and nobody can silence us.

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Film studies

My friend best Mina had persuaded myself and my friend Josh to do a photo shoot for her at the nearby park that we’ve visited almost everyday since we were kids. It holds a special place in our hearts at this point, it being the only safe place we have in our stressful lives. It’s that one place that you can go to no matter what mood you’re in. If we're ever in a bad place and disappear, we know where to look.

Mina’s taking a film studies class and she needs a front cover image for her film as well as other photos for scene ideas, the project is to create a plan for a cliché film. She is fantastic at media work, it’s one of her best creative skills. She also takes photography as an extra curricular at college, which resulted in her becoming interested in film production. She dreams about becoming the next Walt Disney of the LGBT+ community due to there still being so much homophobia in the world.

Hence why we are now stood in the cold rain waiting for her to finish setting up her camera and tripod, which is taking longer than chefs take when making food at fancy five star restaurants.

“Remind me again why we are doing this.” I smile up at Josh as he waits for my reply, his hatred for bad weather clearly showing on his moody face. Whenever it’s cold or raining, he becomes massively glum like a switch goes off in his head that is almost impossible to control without some form of sugary food. “Because, Josh, my teacher is a massively homophobic. So I’m making a statement, with the most adorable film ever; that all teenagers will love and yes, you’ve guessed it, it will be about two boys falling in love.” We both laugh at her dramatic scene as she flings her arms around in a grand gesture about her extravagant plan. I sometimes wonder if she should be in front of the camera instead of being behind it, she’s definitely got the looks to be an actress. Her beautiful green eyes always convey more emotion than I have ever seen on someones face. Once finished with her explanation, she tucks a loose strand of her pink hair behind her pixie like ears that are decorated with metal. “That’s why.” He raises his eyebrows at my tone and serious facial expressions.

I start rubbing my hands together in an attempt to warm them up since my fingers were numb from the icy conditions, damn British weather. I look over to see that Josh is annoying Mina by touching all of her expensive equipment and getting finger prints on her lenses. He obviously knows he’s irritating her but of course, he doesn’t care - that’s what best friends are for, although they are a lot like siblings. “I swear to God, Josh! Stop touching my things!”

“But I want to look...”


“Fine.” I groan at their inability to sort such issues on their own, they never have been able to which is sometimes amusing but can get a little irritating when it happens at least five times a day. From the first day that we became friends they would bicker about simple things and I’d have to break up their childish arguments, even though I’m the child in the group by being the youngest.

“Josh, get your fine arse over here.” His face falls as he starts to sulk at the lecturing he is going to get if he isn’t careful. I take a hold of his wrist and pull him over to me since he was going too slow for my liking. “You think my arse is fine?”

“Nope, just trying to get your attention. The best way to do that is make your head bigger than it already is.”

“Dick.” He pushes me out from under our shelter, which is made from the roof of a picnic area in the park. Even though it already isn’t working perfectly due to the man sized holes in it. I scream as rain water starts to seep through my clothes and dampen my hair, I run back under whilst trying not to get soaked or fall over on the soggy mulch. “Not cool!” They both start to laugh at me like the fantastic friends that they are. I growl at them, knowing I am not in the slightest bit threatening. “You’re like a little angry damp puppy.”


“Come here Pup.” He pulls me into his arms, instantly warming me up with his abnormal body heat. “Why are you so warm?”

“I’m an athlete?”

“That’s not a reason.” I snuggle further into him, I’m content. He’s like a personal radiator.

“You’re not complaining though.”

“Shh.” I feel his chest rumble against my cheek. Yes, I’m short. I’m five foot three and could be crushed by Josh’s six foot one height. I start to feel all bubbly inside as I grow calmer whilst being held by him, in his sculpted arms. His hand moves to my hair and starts to stroke it which just calms me further, I could fall asleep right now.

“Ok, guys. Ready?” Josh lets go and moves away causing me to pout. I was comfortable and warm. “Mina...”


“I was comfy.”


“You should be.” I feel arms wrap around my waist, resulting in me leaning back into the softness of his chest and stomach. I smile and close my eyes. I hear the snap of Mina’s camera causing my eyes to shoot back open after my moment of peace. “That is just too cute. You look like an actual couple.” My cheeks burn as a blush clearly appears on them. “Aww how cute.” I yet again growl but this time I turn around to face Josh’s body and hide there. His chest rumbles for a second time as he laughs at me. “You get flustered too easily.”

“Shut up Doofus.”

“If I may interrupt, I need some photos.” I nod and hesitantly move away. “What do you want us to do?”

“Something cute.”

“Easy for you to do Mika, you’re always cute.” I elbow him in the ribs causing him to groan slightly. “You’re such a bully.”


We spend the next two hours pulling stupid poses to try and help Mina. She was just taking a picture of our last position before we had some lunch because I’d been complaining for half an hour, we’d packed a couple of sandwiches before we set off, knowing that she is a perfectionist and wants the best photos possible so wouldn’t have time to get anything from the shops whilst taking a break.

“Ok, hold it.”

I’m sat on Josh’s back with my legs wrapped tightly around his waist, I’m scared I’m going to fall; knowing him, he’d drop me on purpose just for a laugh. It’s not an irrational fear, I think it is very plausible. To fall from this height, I could die. “Mika, you’re choking me.”

“Suck it up. I’m not dying.”

“I said hold it! No talking!”

He huffs but shuts up, thankfully. Her camera flashes, blinding me for a few moments. “Now put me down you lanky weirdo.”





“Let me get one more but of you kissing his cheek.”


“Why not Mika? Scared I’ll give you weirdo cooties?”


“Mika! Please!”

“Fine...” He jumps slightly making me squeal in fear at the possibility of dying. “I think I just saw my life flash before my eyes.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I was preventing you from falling.”

“Oh sure. Tell me that when I’m on the floor, broken.”

“Will do.”

“Shut up and do the damn pose you morons!”

“Fine!” We yell in unison. I lean over his large shoulder and put my lips on his cheek. I swear he has the skin of a baby, so soft. I feel his face scrunch up slightly, he’s pulling a face. I close my eyes, this is weird. I love when he’s close by, he’s a massive teddy bear. The flash yet again goes off, for the final time, thankfully.


I sit back and watch as Mina runs off into the shelter to get her dinner out. “Follow her, Horsey.”



“Fine.” He starts running at full speed towards the other end off the park, somehow he manages to get past Mina, resulting in us beating her there. “No fair! You run a lot.”

“So? I have backpack on.”


“Oh please! He weighs nothing. He’s lighter than a pillow.”

“I’m offended.” She looks at me like I’m mad. “What?! It’s a compliment. He groans when he picks me up.”

“True. Get off the Horsey then.”

“Nope.” I rest my head back onto his shoulder as Mina sits down and watches us. “Mika...I’m hungry.”

“Me too.”

“Fine...” He slowly lowers us both to the floor. Once he’s sat down with his legs crossed I shuffle around so I’m sat on his knee. “Ha. Happy there?”


We spend the next thirty minutes eating peacefully, occasionally chatting about the photo’s and how they are going to be put together; she apparently plans to make a collage of them with captions about what would be happening in the scene, when Josh pulls out a chocolate bar. I turn around in his lap so my head is a fair bit under his chin. I look up at him, giving him my best puppy dog eyes. “What?” I continue the same face as before, refusing to give up. “Want some?” I pout a little and nod slowly. “Urgh... You’re just too cute.” He breaks the Dairy milk bar in half, handing it over. “Yay! Thank you Joshy!”

“When are you two going to start dating?” I choke on my first precious piece at her question. “Erm...That’s not getting answered.” I finish my half of the bar and notice the two of them mouthing stuff to each other.

“I shouldn’t have eaten that chocolate...”

“Why?” I smile evilly at Mina as I bounce up and down slightly. “Do not tell me you have a sugar rush.”

I jump up and run outside. It had started to rain ten minutes prior, so I was getting soaked. “Get back here!” She sounds like a mad mother when her child lets go of her hand in public. It isn’t like I’m in any danger, the park is deserted due to the weather. I run further away from them, all the way over to the playground. I check behind me to see them both following with all of our stuff. “Don’t think about it! I know what you’re plotting, you Demon!”

I giggle at Mina as she glares at me, she’s defiantly a true friends, she always knows what I’m thinking.

I jump over to the monkey bars, pulling myself up. I kick my legs over the metal bars, making sure to hook my knees over them. I let go with my hands and hang upside down. “Look! I’m a Monkey!”

Josh drops our stuff and walks over to me with a happy smile on his face. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to get a kiss on the cheek, since I gave you one earlier.”

“You’re going to fall.”

“Shut up and kiss me Arsehole, I’m getting lightheaded.”

He smirks and leans in to kiss my cheek like I wanted. I turn my head to give him better access, instead he turns my face to look at him.

He kisses me on the lips.

My eyes go wide as he doesn’t pull away.

They eventually flutter closed as his soft, pink lips move against mine in a sweet, calming manner. Gentle and tentative but passionate. His hand firmly grips the back of my neck and mine holds onto his rough cheek. My fingers weaving into the strands of hair that fall into his face as his stroke the shaved patch on the back of my head. I quickly lose the last of my breath but refuse to pull away.

Then there is a abrupt flash and a click from next to us. I fearfully pull away, my leg slipping on the metal, causing me to fall quickly. I brace myself for the impact on my head but land in two large arms. I open my eyes and look up at a smirking Josh. “Oh shut up!”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“That face said it all.” He sits me down in his knee, facing Mina. “Why?”

“That is being used.”

“Mina, give us a minute.”

“Sure, Josh.” She collects her items then skips into the car park, probably jumping into the back of Josh’s truck. “Didn’t I tell you that you’d fall.”

“I only fell because she took a photo!”


“Why did you have to kiss me?”

“Because I love you.”


“I’ve always loved you Mika. You’re beautiful, funny, smart, adorable, the list goes on. I’ve never been able to take my eyes off of you when you’re in the room. When you’re not in the room, I’m thinking about you. I will always love you Mika.”


“Will you be my boyfriend Mika? Please?”

“Yes, Horsey!” I throw myself at him in an attempt to get a hug even though I’m already sat on his knees, he again catches me and chuckles at me. Yay!

One month later:

Mina is stood at the front of the Hall, presenting her film idea to her class, Josh and I were invited since we’re the cast of her film. “Ladies and gentlemen, I decided to make a cliche film about a gay couple who fall in love. I decided to do this because there are many homophobic people in this college. I plan to make another film after this one about another part of LGBT. The stars of this film include Joshua Martin and Mika Stuart from the drama and art department. They helped me make a trailer for this project, I would like to show it to you.”

The white screen lights up with the photo of me on Josh’s back, not the one with the kiss but we are laughing and smiling at a joke he previously made. I reach for his hand as the video starts to play. Earlier in the month she made us act out a few scenes for her to make the trailer from. They appear in the short clip, simple videos of us being stupid like him running down the school corridor with me on his back. One of the videos was when we where eating in city centre, it’s just a small clip of him staring at me, love struck like a puppy.

It is beautiful.

He’s beautiful.

Half way through I look over to her professor who has a clenched jaw at the video in front of him. He is nodding along to the music and speech within it. He looks down and back up, seemingly regretful.

When it ends she looks over to him. “That is the end of the trailer, professor.” He walks up next to her, to give her the grade and what he thinks of her hard work. “Mina, I am impressed. It is very well put together and organised. The editing for the clip is exceptional as well as the photography. If you can turn this into a short film you’ll probably get a B but if you can make a full film, an A*. I can’t wait to see the finished result.” Everyone claps in agreement.

She was one of three to make there idea into a film since it costs a lot for the school, but we didn’t expect anything else from here.

Her aim only develops further from there whilst Josh and I had to give up more of our weekends but it was worth it in the end as she is soon creating sequels that are beginning to take the world by storm, moving from YouTube to Netflix - she's a true genius.

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