Dear Luca

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The frown formed onto my rosy lips only deepened the further my hands dug through the bag swung across my shoulder. Panic bubbled through my chest once I realized the very important envelope that I carelessly threw in my bag this morning was now missing. I nearly whimpered as my mind raced at the various possibilities of where the note could be right now. It was then when my head abruptly snapped up once I heard a low, menacing whistle coming from behind me. There he stood with crossed arms leaning back against a set of blue lockers, one foot stayed put on the floor while the other rested comfortably against the metal. Dark amber eyes, filled to the brim with amusement, racked up and down my figure teasingly before my cheeks instantly flushed a cherry red. He cocked his head down to a familiar piece of paper that was currently getting twirled between a set of masculine ringed fingers. I didn’t take long for my ink black eyes to widen in shock. “I believe you’re looking for this, princesa.” Luca huskily whispered with a knowing smirk. ... My number one rule was to never have the schools bad boy find out that I’m the one sending him anonymous letters. After a year of keeping my secret who would have thought that my biggest fear would soon become a reality. But somehow I knew me getting caught was definitely going to be the least of my worries now that I’ve met him.

Romance / Erotica
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Ivy Scott seemed like a shy, timid girl to the rest of the world around her. She was just a small body that blended into the crowded sea of people, leaving her completely unknown to the public eye. Almost no one knew of the teenager who silently roamed the halls at Hillcrest High. But even as trivial as she was, the tiny girl still managed to hold onto one massive secret.

She was the one writing anonymous letters to the well known bad boy in town; Luca Romano.

He was dark and dangerous. A mere whisper of his name brought most people running for the hills. That may be because of his rebellious reputation but it also may be the fact that one wrong glance in his direction could send you to the hospital in a matter of seconds. The undeniably attractive boy was definitely not someone to take lightly, let alone mess around with.

So what the hell is Ivy going to do once Luca finds out about her dirty, little secret?

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