If love was a curse!

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Ever wondered where would loving someone take you? Have you met your Mr. Right yet? A beautiful love story, is what I wished for since my early teenage . I had my dreams, about the so called perfect guy. Yes, I found him finally. College was the place. I was told that, I am lucky to find him but my thoughts were otherwise. Everything was just like a fairy tale for both of us. And when everything was going smoothly, he comes into the scene and it was too late before I realized that the script was entirely changed. When he walks the corridors in all his masculine glory, it was obvious for any girl to fall for him. Love was always in my priorities. I thought of love as a cure to my agony, as a therapy for my loneliness. I was proved wrong. 1 year after falling in love, I wonder, " if love caused so much pain, would hatred be the cure?" Many questions but answers found to none. Probably I loved him enough to hurt him. Maybe I was the lucky one and not him. All I know is the fact that, I played the villain in my own story.

Romance / Fantasy
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(Note- a few Hindi words would be used here and there. Meanings for the same would be given after the story.)

"At least think about Myra and Ayaan. They are kids. They don't deserve to be treated like this". I heard mum saying this to Dad. Ayaan and me were standing at the main door after I picked him up from tuition and returned home.

Ayaan is my younger sibling. He is in high school right now. As for me, I'm Myra. I have got my admission in the State University for a triple major in arts. No, I'm not too old. I'm just a 19 year old teenager.

Ayaan and me just froze in front of the door. Dad suddenly shouted "I will do necessary arrangements for the kids", and with this he walked towards the main door to go out. He saw us, " it's nothing sweeties. Go inside and straight to your rooms. Everything will be fine. Trust me". With this, dad walked out. We went in only to see mum crying on the couch. We couldn't speak a word. We didn't know what to say. We just walked in the direction of our rooms.

Both of us could feel the tension. The situation was uncomfortable. It had been the same for a few weeks now.

Ayaan looked at me in despair. "I do understand everything, I'm not a kid", he said and went into his room. I shut the door behind me as I walked dreamily into my room.

As I settled on the bed, a few vague distant memories of mom and dad arguing tresspassed my mind. I have just sneaked past their room many times, when I feel the situation tensed up. The same arguments have been going on for a while now. Dad keeps on saying that he doesn't want mum and him to stay together anymore. Mother keeps requesting him that she has no where else to go.

Yes, my parents had a so called "love marriage". Funny right? Now their marriage is running short of love. Is that even possible?

Random thoughts about my parents conversation ran through my mind.

Sometime recently, I heard that they were talking about splitting. Mum was devastated. She couldn't face Ayaan and me for the next two to three days.

I was snapped out of my thoughts, when I heard a knock at the door. Ayaan was on the other side.

"Let me in, di!"

"Give me a minute."

"I want to speak, I don't feel good."

I could feel worry in his voice. This was the first time. I quickly opened the door and he motioned towards the study table swiftly.

"Weird", I thought looking at his behavior. (Mind voice though).

"Why do u sound worried Ayaan?"

"Maa and Baba aren't good with each other right? I saw maa crying last evening."

"Ayaan, did you ask her anything?"

"I tried to talk to her, but she didn't reply. She said it's nothing and walked out."

I decided not to tell him anything as yet.

"It's nothing chote, maa and Baba are having their differences. Everything will be fine soon."

"Don't treat me like a kid, I'm in 9th grade and I know understand everything now."

"Trust me chote, everything will be fine."


"Haa, baccha!"

"We won't be disowned right?"

"Not at all, Ayaan. Don't ever think like that. All of us will be happy soon".

Just when I said this, mum called us both for dinner.

"Let's go chote. We shouldn't be going late."

"Doesn't make a difference for me. You know right!"


We walked out of my room, mum saw us in shock.

Settling at the dining table, mum started the conversation.

"How was the day, children?"

Chote and me looked at each other. We could still feel pain in mother's tone. I tried to smile.

"It was fine", we uttered.

Trying to lighten the mood, I asked

"Maa what's for dinner?"

"I made biryani! So Myra, you went to university today?"

"Yes maa, I went and finished all the paperwork. Just a few signatures of you and dad. College would start from the 10th of June."

"Alright have your dinner now." She said.

Ayaan served himself, took the plate went into his room. He shut us out.


Now for some meanings

Maa- mother

Baba- father

Di- elder sister

Chote- younger brother (Myra called Ayaan chote.)

Baccha- kid (referring to Ayaan.)

Haa- yes

Chalo- let's go

So guys, it's my first time at writing a book.

I will keep updating as soon as possible.

Please do vote and comment.

Thank you!

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