Don’t Question, Just Obey ( Sequel to Nightmare)

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“ Why the fuck do you try to escape from me when you know it’s completely useless, you were mine the moment we kissed, Kitten.” He whispered in my ear.... ————————— Lucas Kray, the elder son of the Krays, and the elder twin and brother of Louis and Joy Kray. He was a heartless and ruthless man, the people compared him to the Devil, but little did they know, he was a Devil. Lucas was sharp and filled with confidence, he made wise decision, leaving people stunned. He was extremely rich and handsome. He was a Devil, possessing such power and authority that the Kray family had never witnessed. He wasn’t an ice that you could touch and not get hurt, but he was the flaming fire that could get you burnt within seconds. Lucas had a problem, his mate. He hadn’t met her yet and was desperately wanting her, his lust was growing day by day and he only wanted his mate to complete his strong desires. On the other side of the world lived Victoria, an innocent soul who was abused and treated wrongly. She was the perfect definition of an Angel, she was a vampire, intelligence ran in her veins and she never knew what seduction meant, she was powerful than the rest but the only problem was that she didn’t knew it...yet. What happens when Victoria escapes the hell and fate lets her meet the one and only, Lucas Kray, the next King of Hell...(MATURE)

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Chapter One


I coughed blood, my body in pain. When I moved my muscles, they made me wince in pain. I closed my eyes and sighed,

Another night on the cold floor...

A sad smile crept over my red lips as I remembered my late mother,

That smile is illegal.” She used to tell me this whenever I would smile in a jokingly way, my mother loved me and I her. We were inseparable until....

Tears escaped from my bright yellow eyes as I remembered how they killed her and how my father took their side just because he was scaredy-cat, how they abused me, how they called me names.

I endured whatever they did to me because I’m not weak. The door opened, I was too lost in my thoughts to acknowledge the person’s presence.

“ Too busy to acknowledge me??” He said, the person that I once used to call as my father, he smirked at me and I stared at him emotionless.

“ Tomorrow,” He started, I felt goosebumps all over my body.

“ You will finally turn 18, the guys can’t wait to have you.” He said as he caressed my face, I continued to stare at him, emotionless.

He left the room all of a sudden, closing the door shut and locking it afterwards. I stared at the empty ceiling while tears poured out of my eyes.

Tomorrow they will forcefully take my dignity away, mother please help me, I don’t want them to take my dignity. Please mother.....

With that wish, I fell asleep. Not realising that the new day has started. They say when a wish is made at the start of the day, especially on birthdays, it becomes true.


I smoked on my cigarette while standing on the balcony, staring at the night sky. I heard a knock on my door. I didn’t replied. Soon enough, my siblings came inside along with my Parents. I turned around to face them,

“ Lucas honey, smoking is bad for your health.” My beautiful mother scolded me, although it does not affect me but still I threw the cigarette down on the floor and crushed it with my shoes. I stared at my family and said,

“ What is this about??” I stared at my father, my idol. He smiled at me and said,

“ Well, we all thought that you have been over working yourself, so we wanted to go on a family vacation.” Dad said, I slightly smiled at him and said,

“ Dad, I like working, plus I have meetings with my allies, I can’t.” I saw my Baby sister pouting at me, I chuckled and pulled her into a hug,

“ Please Lucas, it will be for a short time!!!” She said in her childish tone, I still cannot believe that she has a mate and is all grown up. I stared at my family, I know they were worried for me because I was the only one in my family that has yet to meet his mate, and my growing lust didn’t made it any better. I was desperately in need for my mate.

“ Come on Luca, it will be for awhile.” I heard my younger twin, Lious say. I and Louis were twins but not identical, we had very different personalities, to be more precise, I had a very different personality.

If anyone was asked to describe me, dangerous, fearless, handsome and intelligent were the words, not to mention super rich. I’m not proud of it, though the world thinks differently. I was never taught to be arrogant and I never liked to be arrogant. I was just heartless and ruthless.

“ Alright.” I said, I saw Joy and Lious smile widely at me. The next thing I knew was that I was captured in a tight family hug. I chuckled and hugged them back.

After everyone left, biding me goodbyes, I stood outside my balcony. I was 6 when I found my real self, my colder side. My Devil and I were very alike, we both knew each other so damn well.

I am 22, and already titled as the richest and youngest bachelor in the world. Similar to Dad. I was born with a brain of God and looks of Greek God thanks to my Father. Everytime Dad and Mom would speak about their love story, I would wonder about my mate. Dad said that Mom was his P.A, Mom said that Dad was possessive of her.

For the world, I am a Devil but for my family and friends, I am an Angel. I love them more than anything.

“We needed this vacation.”

I heard my Devil, Sabotage say, he didn’t got his name, he earned it. Don’t ask me how, when he takes over, he does nothing but destroys. We are both known for our short temperament, not that I mind it.

“ Yeah, how come??” I asked, staring at the mountains and forests ahead.

“ I know that you want our mate, but so do I. We both need her, but maybe there’s good reason for her to not appear in our lives yet??”

He said, I chuckled,

“ What could be more important than finding her mate??” I asked,

“ Hmm, What if she is being held captive???”

I raised my brow at him,

“ Then I don’t want her, I don’t want a weak mate.”

“ Don’t say that Lucas, You know we need her, with our mate, our power and the kingdoms goodwill increases.”

“ Our power is incomparable, and as for our Kingdom’s goodwill, it is at the top and everyone is happy.”

“ I know, but can you assure the guaranty??”

“ Sabotage, I know you want me to calm down but how can I when everyone has their mates and I don’t have mine!!!” I yelled through the mind link.

“ Calm your ass down Lucas!! I know you want her, and you will have her, she is ours.”

I inhaled deeply, I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip.

Where are you love??

Hey Guys, so this was the first chapter of my new book. Hope you all enjoyed it, if you did, like, comment and share, don’t forget to give your reviews. Thank you for reading this chapter, hope you all support me througout the story.


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