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“ I think you forgot Kitten, I always get what I want, whoever I want.” He said and his stare changed into an intense one, I gulped. He got up and walked towards me. ___________________ Everyone knows what happens when fire meets ice, but do you know what happens when fire meets fire?? Damien DeLuca Santiago, his name alone holds authority, power and great intimidation. His name, when spoken of, makes the time stop. People say that he’s a Satan, son of the Devil, but some people who know him well say that he makes the Devil look Shameful, he’s not the son of the Devil but the King himself. He controls the entire underworld, and in a blink of eye, he can make you disappeared without any trace. They say you should never look the Devil in the eye, then Damien DeLuca Santiago was a worst case. At the age of 5, she took down a group of boys all alone. Scarlet’s father was a fighter, her mother died while giving birth to her but her father didn’t loathed her. He trained his daughter and made her as strong as ox. Scar grew up to become a rebel, a fighter and everything else that no woman could image her to become, she was more than just a girl. When Scar’s father passes away, she packs her bag and leaves her town and heads off to live with her long lost Aunt. But what happens when she catches the eye of the Mafia King....(M.A.T.U.R.E)

Romance / Action
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Chapter One


I got up from the floor drenched in sweat,

“ Good job Princess.” I heard my Dad saying, I turned around and smiled at him.

“ When do we wrestle??” I asked him with enthusiasm,

“ We wrestled yesterday, give it a break.” My dad said while chuckling, I smiled at him and nodded.

I woke up from that sweet memory of Dad and I. My Dad was my everything, he was my world and I his, but everything changed when he died two week ago due to cancer. I left the town after awhile and came to live with my long lost Aunt, Kiren and his son, my long lost cousin, Norman Gland.

I didn’t trusted these people even one bit, I mean they never came or visited us even once!! They appeared at my Dad’s funeral and that too only Kiren, she gave me her number and said that once I was ready, I should come and live with them.

I didn’t had a choice and just came, but as soon as I get on my own feets, I am leaving them just like they did. I worked as a part timer at the gun club. I loved guns more than anything. It’s been only three days since I moved in with them and trust me, I would lie if I say their way of living wasn’t luxurious but still I refused to use their money.

They lived in this crowded never sleeping city.

“ You hold the gun like this and shoot.” I demonstrated how to use the gun to a group of young boys, of course old enough to step in here. They nodded and thanked me, I left them alone so that they could enjoy themselves.

I collected the payment from the customer, he left after thanking me, I stared at my wrist watch and saw that my shift was over.

“ Hey Cleo, my shift is over, come here.” I yelled at Cleo, another female part timer who enjoyed staring at the hot guys, that shit was boring.

Cleo came in and hugged me,

“ Stay safe and call me when you reach home, K??” She said and I nodded, I went to the back to grab my stuff and left the place. Cleo was a funny and kind girl, she liked me and I liked her too, except for the fact that she talked about boys....a lot.

Nobody knew that I could fight or that I was a total badass, a rebel, not even my aunt or her son and honestly, I didn’t even bother to tell anyone. I liked it that way.

I got inside the cab and told the driver the address. The cab stopped at the mansion gates and I walked out after paying the guy. I got inside, surpassing the guards. I entered the living room and saw my aunt and Norman.

My aunt smiled at me as she saw me while Norman just stared at me.

“ How was your day?? Tiring??” Aunt said and I could have just ignored her right there but I chose not to and replied,

“ Yeah, I will go and fresh up.” I said as I walked towards the stairs, I heard my Aunt saying a sweet Okay. She treated me like her daughter but I just wasn’t the type to soften up so quickly and just to anyone, it took me time to open up to people and these people, they were my family and yet chose not to have a connection with us.

When I asked her about that, she replied that,” There were some misunderstandings between your father and my late husband, but I always wanted to visit you two badly.” She was my father’s younger sister.

I got inside the shower and cleaned myself up. After taking a relaxing shower, I stared at my reflection in the mirror, I had light green eyes and long eyelashes, straight light brown hair, waist length, with natural golden streaks, I had fair white skin and a slim and perfect figure that I never chose to show, I had dark red lips and was tall and beautiful. I walked out and wore a new pair of clothes, I wore my sweatpants and sweatshirt and popped down in the bed. I was tired.

I was a fighter like my Dad, I would never surrender to anyone or so I thought. I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Next Day

After I did my morning exercise in my room, I got up and went towards the bathroom, I freshened up and changed into a pair of black ripped jeans and a white hoodie, I brushed my hair into a high pony tail and grabbed my black bag, I walked out of my room while throwing the bag over my shoulder. I had tattoos on my skin, mainly because I liked them. My one arm and shoulder was fully inked, I had a tattoo on my back as well. My tattoos weren’t just any tattoos, I earned them through my fights, ever since I was Kid, I dreamt of fighting in the rings against the other males and punching them to death.

At the age of 10, I fought my first fight, when everyone thought that a 10 year old weak girl won’t stand a chance against the 16 year old well built boy, one man cheered for me, and that man was my Dad, my hero and probably the only man who would always have my heart. I sealed the crowds mouth shut when I won against that hunk, who was hospitalised for three months by the way.

I was going to leave the mansion but stopped as a maid came in front of me,

“ Ms, Madam has asked for you in the backyard.” She said and I frowned,

“ Why?” I asked and she just smiled at me,

“ I don’t know Miss, I was only told to tell you this.” She said and left, I groaned as I turned around and started to walk towards the backyard, if it’s not anything important, I’m ready to murder someone.

I entered the backyard and saw aunty and Norman, but there was someone else with them. He was well built and intimidating, he had tattoos that I could tell, he was tall although he was sitting, he was the perfect definition of handsome, he was Adonis. He had fair white flawless skin with beautiful jet black hair and perfect maroon lips, he had rare majestic amber eyes that complimented his absolutely outstanding beauty. He must be a real competition for the guys.

“ Aunty, you called??” I asked her making the three of them look up to me, Aunty smiled and nodded as she got up,

“ Yes I did, I wanted you to have breakfast with us before you leave.” She offered sweetly but I couldn’t risk getting late.

“ No thank you Aunty, I’m okay, I should leave before I get late.” I said as she came towards me, she pulled me by the wrist and made me sit besides her, we sat across from the two males, one known to me and one completely unknown to me.

“ Eat something before you leave.” She said once again and I internally threw punches, I grabbed an apple and took a bite from it.

“ Scarlet, this is Damien, Norman’s friend and Boss.” Aunty said introducing us, I stared him in the eye and he did the same while taking a sip of his wine. He smirked at me all of a sudden making me break the eye contact,

“ Alright, we will leave now, Scarlet you need a ride??” Norman asked, we rarely spoke to each other so I was surprised but hid it well.

“ No, thanks though.” I replied, he nodded and looked up to his Boss before the two of them got up, the guy screamed authority, power, intimidation and more. He was definitely someone I shouldn’t mess with, but I wanted to see the consequences of messing up with him. What a pity that I would never see him again.

Hey ya all, hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter of my new book, if you did then please like, comment, share and give your reviews. Thank you for your love and support, hope you all are safe and doing fine, Love you all,


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