Sinking Love

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A young maid works for the young mistress of the Crawford Manor, as per a request of the former mistress of the household- Marissa’s mother. This young maid supports, protects and aids this young bold, and frivolous lady in waiting. However her actions take them farther than the young maid can handle. Leading them straight to the life of the sea- to the mysteries of the piracy world. Meeting a broken pirate captain- that holds a secret he fights to protect, but he isn’t the only one. This young maid finds answers to questions she didn’t ever think of- answers to the questions she has asked. The sea answers all- in war, love, rivalry, redemption, and hot angry revenge. Can this broken ruthless pirate- and stubborn maid lift the dark clouds that plague this pirates crew- and sea?

Romance / Action
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I’ve been told that the language is vulgar, this book is rated for adults or mature people. There will be language, there will be blood, their will be death. There will also be kindness, purity, virtue and life as well. Like a yin and yang.

In this book, morals will be tested, and if you can not stomach it I advise you don’t reach this particular book. I’ve got plenty of other books in the making. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The ripple effect as many call it.

This is no run of the mill Disney pirate novel. This will be as accurate as I can make it. Meaning not as much fluff as an everyday romance novel. I sure hope you enjoy though. And I of course have my own morals, and the book will be adjusted and based off those morals of course. That’s just how writing works. My characters as well will surprise you- never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a character based on the first few chapters. It’s not until you read deeper do you truly understand each one. They aren’t perfect. They are human, they have flaws. As many say,

“Patience is a virtue”

With Love,



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