Angel Wings Academy

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Drop everything. Move to Greece. Leave your home. Oh, and go to boarding school. Yah that isn't so bad right.... Right.... Aliza Michaels has to drop everything and move homes because of her dad. But the home is in a new country. And she has to go to a new school, with a names that already through her off- "Welcome to Angel Wing Academy" they say. "Best moments of you life" They say.

Romance / Humor
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0.1 September 5th (EDITED)

Wednesday, September 5th

Dear Diary,

Change is a funny thing when you think about it. It has the power to turn every single thing in our life around. Make every single person you once loved forget about you. Has the power to make you sad or happy depending on what the change was. But either way, I hated it. I hate change. Fuck it. Change had me moving to a whole new county, in a whole different continent. And although it isn’t that far away from my real home, it was still a big difference.

My old home was exactly two hour behind my new home. So much could happen in those hours. In an hour, I could die. In an hour, I could get married. In two hours my dad could finally get married. In two hours I could get a boyfriend and in that same hour my age could change. So much could change in two hours and i didn’t like it. So much change could happen in an hour and i didn’t like it. Not alone two. I didn’t want it. But, who said i have a choice in any of this shit. I was practically forced to come here. I was forced to change homes all because my dad’s job changed.

He could have left me behind , after all I am eighteen. But once again, for him that would be too much change. To leave his only child and only daughter behind. A person could only accept so much change and he couldn’t accept that much. Or maybe he just didn’t want to. Either way, I was facing much more drastic consequences. Dad had said by us moving to Greece from London, I would have more opportunities and that’s the only reason I am doing such a thing. Dad had introduced me to the school Angel wing Academy. The name…terrible. I know. But that wasn’t the point. It was a boarding school, one of the most famous in the world. Only people who are smart, like really smart, get to go there. I won’t deny I am smart, but still wtf. Why would he force me to come here, literally.

I took the required test for the school and not even two days later they got back to me saying I was accepted. There were some details that needed to be filled out that I had no idea about. They asked about my birth mother, a woman who I had never met. After all she did leave me right after I popped out of her vagina. But my dad said she really didn’t want to let me go and eighteen years later I don’t even know why. Anyway, a week later I found myself in Greece, settling into a home which I wouldn’t even spend most of my time in. The school I repeat is a boarding school. Tragic. The school has different sections. You have the Primary section which is from 6-15, which is apparently a whole different building, far away. Then there was the joint building for senior and secondary. And may I say the school was big. Bigger that big even. The secondary part was from 16-18 and the senior 18-22.

When I first read about the school, I had no problem with it, I thought It would be just like a university in England. But then i realised they were running on some Hogwarts shit. I have to wear a uniform, which ‘isn’t that bad’ my dad says. But, why should i trust a man who wears all sorts of colours together. Then I find out that the school rarely takes outsiders. Usually, people who have been in the school since they were young were really smart so they just stay there, which means that I will possibly be the only new girl.

Well diary, i haven’t spoken to you for a while and I guess I will be speaking to you more often, maybe even every night. I have a feeling a lot will change, that i will have to write down. But i got to go, because my dad is shouting at me now that I am near the school.

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