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#2 Bad Boy series -Part 2 of Rose & Thorn. After two months, Rosie wakes up from her coma but without memory of what and who put her in the coma. After she got hurt, Julian becomes more possessive and protective. Things cross between, fights begin and love redeems.

Romance / Mystery
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Julian’s POV

A single breath breaking the rhythm of my own made me lift my head up. The angel in the bed just before me laid still and silent. Just like the past month.

My angel.

My hands came together, my elbows balanced on my knees and my temperature rising. I felt my heartbeat fasten as my eyes moved to Rosie’s hand at her side.

Twitch. Her finger moved. The slightest movement but the most I’ve seen in the past four weeks.

My breath hitched as I got to my feet, only one step took me to her side.

“Rosie?” I whispered as I leaned my body forward and over her. Her face was more narrow. She’d lost a lot of weight while being in the coma. Her strawberry blonde hair was longer and not once did her mother allow it to become messy. It was brushed, smooth and soft. Over her shoulders.

That didn’t matter though. Not her body or hair.

I just wanted to see her ocean blue eyes again. To hear her beautiful voice. Feel her awaken presence, her soft touch and warm lips.

“Baba?” I whispered, caressing my thumb across her cheek gently, her skin cold and unfamiliar.

She let out a shaky breath then and my eyes widened a little.

She was waking up.

“Can you hear me?” I asked and waited for her to respond. Her brows frowned as she left out a deep breath with a groan.

I smile softly and then felt her moving. I looked down and saw her hands raising but to a place where the sheets were soaking red.


“Rosie,” I panicked and moved my hands from her cheeks to the sheets and pulled them off to see her bleeding dramatically.



“Rosie!” I called when my eyes snapped open and I saw her lying on the bed still, frozen in her coma.

It was just a dream. Another one.

“Rosie,” tears flowed over as I moved my hand over my face, “baba, you have to wake up soon. Please.”

“Julian,” I heard Angus behind me but I didn’t move, “we talked about this.”

“I’m not leaving,” I said huskily as I stood and looked down at Rosie.

I haven’t left her side since she first got out of surgery. They got the bullet out and detectives and police had questioned everyone but I haven’t set foot out of the hospital for the month.

But yesterday Rosie’s brother and father came and told me I had to be gone by the morning. That I had to go home, clean myself up and have a break.

Just seven months ago, I lost my best friend. I haven’t lost Rosie yet and I won’t leave her until I know that she’s okay.

But she’s not. She’s in a coma because she got shot!

And a part of me can’t help but feel guilty. No one knows who shot her. I don’t know and it’s fucking killing me again.

“Your father wants to see you, Julian,” Rosie’s mother, Jane, said and I closed my eyes tight as my hands tightened in the thin, white sheets over Rosie. “And you need to go home, shower, shave and freshen up. It’ll help, trust me.”

“What if she wakes up and I’m not here?”

“What if she wakes up with you looking and smelling like trash?” Angus replied and I grunted as I glared at him, “and she won’t be waking up anytime soon,” he said quietly and I looked towards Jane.

“What the fuck does that mean?” I demanded and watched her walk around to Rosie’s other side.

“The doctors thought she’d be awake by now. When they did the tests two days ago, they got the results,” she said, “there are signs in her brain activity and now they’re saying it’ll be at least another three weeks, maybe four.” She finished as she sat down on the bed and took Rosie’s hand, “the bleeding’s stopped though, which is good. Her wound’s healing well. And-,” she stopped and I looked back at her.


“Nothing,” she replied but it was obvious she was hiding something.


“You should go now,” Angus butted in as he stepped towards me, “want me to walk you out?”

All I did was place a kiss to Rosie’s head and then walk out without another word said.


Water fell over me and all I did was stand in the shower. I had my eyes staring at the blank tiles in front of me but my mind was wandering.

I remembered her laugh and let it play in my head as a memory came to mind. We were on the beach and-

What happened?

Right. I’d told her that I hadn’t been swimming ever since Max died. She’d just smiled as she stood and held her hands to me.

Of course, I took them. I was a little shaky at the time but when I put my trust in her, we ended up laughing and in the water.

“Can you teach me to surf?” She’d asked while we were both in the deep, keeping ourselves afloat.

“No,” I replied only because I thought it’d bring back memories of Max and the others when we used to surf. She asked me why and I couldn’t answer.

But then she did that thing where she realised it was affecting me. So she stopped before she just laughed.

“Imagine me surfing!” She’d made me laugh too before I pulled her into my arms. She’d giggled through the first kiss but then calmed down for the second…

I smiled to myself now but then stopped when tears stared. I put my arms to the wall before I put my head against them and just let the hot water fall down my back.

She was supposed to be here with me! Living with me in the loft. We were supposed to wake up together every morning, fall asleep together every night. Eat Chinese on our own couch. Watch movies on our own television.

Who the fuck would want to shoot her?

To try and kill her?

What did she ever do to anyone?

I sniffed while I turned off the water. I got out only to stumble over the edge of the shower and land in a heap on the floor, sobs escaping uncontrollably.

It hurt. Everything hurt.

I wasn’t there in time to save her. I may have saved her life but not from this coma.

I should really be grateful but I can’t help but feel so helpless, hopeless and sad. Because someone went after my girl and I have no idea why.

It’s not fair. Not on Rosie. Or me. Her family and her friends.

All I wanted to do that night was tell her the truth. Tell her the secrets I’d kept from her. That I have an older sister out of jail now. My father cheated on mother and she killed herself because of it.

That because my family’s not perfect, I’m nothing like them. That I love her and only her. It’ll be like that forever, I already know it.

But I didn’t get to tell her. Instead, I heard the gunshot and saw her bleed out over her bed. Only if I was quicker, I could have seen the son of a bitch who did it before they got out through the window.

I’d kill them myself. If only I knew who.


This is the Prologue done!

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