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Logan smirked just as a girl came over with a tray of drinks. She set them down, saying what they were and we all got the right drinks.

Julian got me a chai, which I was very happy with while he got himself a coke like Jasper and Leo. Logan got Fanta as Ruben got a banana milkshake.

When she was gone, I took a sip of mine but it was hot so I put it back down.

“Hot?” Ruben asked and I nodded a little. “Not as much as you of course,” he added and I paused before I just laughed.

“Cringe,” I replied and he chuckled before we both stopped when Julian got up and walked away. I sighed a little and tapped Ruben’s shoulder.

“No way,” he shook his head.

“Move please.”

“No, he can go cry on his own,” he replied and my hands curled into fists quickly. I moved forward and tipped his drink on his lap which had him hissing and jumping up.

“Why’d you do that?!” He said as I got up. “Rosie, he doesn’t need you running after him every time he isn’t happy,” he called as I made my way to the back and to the bathroom’s where Julian walked off to.

“Jules?” I knocked on the men’s bathroom door which unlocked shortly after and opened to him. “Bubby want a cuddle?” I pouted and he rolled his eyes while I hugged him anyway.

“I’m just not in the mood for this lunch idea now,” he mumbled, pulling me into the bathroom and locking the door behind us. “How could he?”

“Don’t look at me for that answer,” I put my hands up and he moved his hand over his face. “He’s just being an idiot. Logan said he’s doing it to get your reaction. He wants attention. My attention I’m guessing. But don’t worry, the competition is literally nothing. He’s got nothing on you,” I said, holding my hands to his waist.

“He makes you laugh,” he whispered and I looked up into his eyes, still dark but a little lighter now.

“So do you.”

“No. Not like he does,” he shook his head, which had me shaking my head. “I’m not a funny guy, Rosie. Not like him. I don’t make you laugh like he does. And he knows that. He said it outside. He said he could make-.”

“Make me laugh?”

“Make you happier,” he corrected and I rolled my eyes, let him go.

“And you both know nothing then,” I grumbled, folding my arms across my chest. “Because that’s garbage and you should know that.”

“I know but then you were just laughing with him. It ticked me off.”

“So I can’t laugh with my friends now?”

“No,” he frowned and pushed my arms down to hold my hands. “Just the way it happened. What he said.”

“And I laughed at him. You don’t need to worry about anything. You don’t need to be scuffing all the boys who take me to notice, okay? Let’s just go out and have our lunch because I really am hungry since I skipped breakfast,” I whined a little, cracking a small smile out of him. “And I love wedges.”

“Oh, I know,” he said, kissing my cheek before my lips. I kissed him back quickly while smiling before it deepened and I felt his hands press under my thighs, grip.

“We,” I squealed a little when he picked me up and my back hit the wall. “We should go back,” I said, meeting my fingers behind his neck and playing in his hair softly.

“We should,” he brushed his lips against my nose so gently that it tickled and I pulled away, giggles erupting for a moment. He chuckled softly and pressed his lips to my jaw for two kisses. “Or we could stay here and I can tell you how much you mean to me.”

“You don’t have to. I already know,” I replied, pulling myself closer against him to kiss his lips.


“Mhmm,” I hummed, nodding as I smiled at him. “You didn’t stay with me every day because you liked it,” I whispered and he gave a nod and pressed his head down on my chest. “Come on, our food’s probably getting cold,” I said, shifting my legs so he could let go.

When we got back to the boys, they were halfway through their meals but Jasper was now sitting next to Ruben.

“You’re food’s probably cold,” Ruben said as Julian got in next to Leo and I sat next to him. I tasted one of my wedges but then smirked when it wasn’t cold.

“Just perfect actually,” I replied and noticed his eyeroll but ignored it as I turned to Julian and took his hand under the table as well as one of his chips.

“You have a whole bowl to yourself,” he stated.

“Of wedges. Chips and wedges are different.”

“Both potato,” he replied, tapping a chip with tomato sauce on my nose. I froze for a moment before I wiped it with my finger and put it on his cheek just as he turned to Leo. “Rosie,” he hissed with a chuckle.

“You did it first,” I shrugged, wiping the rest off my nose with my napkin as he cleaned his cheek and was talking with Leo. I smirked a little and continued with my wedges, looked to the twins for a moment but they were deep in conversation too. Jasper was quiet though.

“So, Julian told me what’s been happening,” I started and he nodded hesitantly. “Just know you have us.”

“I know,” he smiled at me. “Won’t ever forget it. But thanks.”

“Where did you meet Veronica anyway?” I asked next as I dipped my wedge into the sweet chilli and sour cream before I bit it.

“Facebook,” he shrugged, “we started talking randomly. Then I realised she lived in the city. We met up and she seemed cool. I asked her out and she said yes.”

“She doesn’t know?” I said and he paused before he shook his head.

“It’s alright though. I do like her, I don’t want to hurt her in any way but when it’s time, I know what I want to tell her and how to tell her,” he nodded along with his words. “She’s pretty cool though.”

“I hate her,” Julian put in.

“Me too,” Leo added, raising a hand and I laughed a little at the eyeroll Jasper gave them both. “She’s just weird. And too kind, you know?”

“I’m kind too?”

“No, you were just mean to me,” Ruben replied, pouting a little but I ignored him.

“But you’re fun too. And not weird,” Leo said, looking at me from around Julian. “And I like you now.”

“Glad we got over that hiccup,” I smirked while the boys chuckled.

“Me too,” Julian nodded, moving his hand from mine to place it on my thigh as I started eating again. I leaned into Julian for a moment before I realised my drink was in my last spot. I reached over for it but realised halfway back that it was empty.

I gaped at it and then look at Ruben but it was Logan who shrugged.

“You weren’t drinking it,” he smirked and bit a chip as I put the mug down.

“You’ll pay,” I narrowed my eyes to him and he stuck his tongue out. I couldn’t help but laugh a little and let Julian reach over for his drink just as he kissed my cheek on the way.

“Can I have a sip after you?” I asked while he sipped it. He swallowed and narrowed his eyes at the fizziness but held his drink to me, which I took and sipped too. I winced too though when it was cold and fizzy before I put it back down on the table and continued with my wedges.

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