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After lunch, I went back with the boys to their unit while the twins went to their own home. It was late afternoon but I was close to knocking out on Julian, wrapped in blankets with the television on with NCIS.

Julian had me on him while he massaged my head soothingly which had me almost asleep. But then loud knocks to the door came and I jumped out of my skin, to which the boys chuckled at. I groaned and turned my head away, buried it into Julian’s chest and blanket will he rubbed my head and played with my hair.

I heard the door open before a girl’s voice.

“Oh gosh,” Leo sighed first.

“I thought you were dead,” I heard the voice come closer before the door closed. “You weren’t getting back to me at all whatsoever. Why? What did I do? Do you not like me anymore?”

“What? No,” Jasper replied quickly before she was yapping again and I groaned as Julian chuckled and moved his hands over my ears for a moment.

“Shhh,” Leo hissed at them both and they went silent before I head hills tap to the wooden boards. “Make yourself at home, darling, why don’t you?” He said sarcastically.

“Oh my gosh. There’s a girl on you.”

“A very sleepy and grumpy girl at the moment,” I heard Jasper whisper to her, making me laugh inside. “That’s Rosie. Julian’s girlfriend.”

“Aww. You two are adorable,” she replied. “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend though. Theo, do you?”

“Theo?” Leo questioned, chuckling again. “Leo. And no.”

“Whoopsie. Sorry,” she replied and I lifted my head and looked to Julian but he had his eyes closed too, one hand over his head. “Oh dear. Did I wake her?” I heard who I guessed was Veronica say. Julian glanced to me then and brushed his hand over my cheek and head so I laid it back down on his chest.

“Yes,” Leo answered.

“No,” I corrected, sleepily. “I was already awake. Just resting.”

“Sorry still though. I’m Veronica, Jasper’s girlfriend.”

“I think she figured that on her own,” Leo replied and I turned my head and gave him a look, to which he shrugged and sipped his beer at.

“It’s nice to meet you anyway,” I said to Veronica as I shifted and sat up. I smiled softly at her because she was really pretty. Long brown hair with a few waves at the front. She was a little thick but not as much to make her look fat or anything like that. She wore black trackies with a white tank and grey jumper. Her eyes were big and hazel while her lips were thick and glossy in light pink lip-gloss.

“Oh my god,” her jaw opened as she stared at me. I felt my cheeks flare up a little. “Y-You’re Rosie Teredo. With Ruben and Logan.”

“Great, we have a fan,” Leo muttered, turning up the television before Jasper snatched the remote and turned it off.

“Yes. I’m a fan. I followed the boys’ blogs and so I know what happened to you and I just want to say-.”

“Enough,” Julian snapped before she said anything else. He sat up from behind me as she seemed to look a little disappointed and sad.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I smiled gently and brushed my hair back as I glanced to Julian. “It’s okay,” I whispered but he just shook his head.

“Not around me,” he whispered back and I looked down for a moment.

I’ve been so caught up in myself. I’ve accepted it and I just assumed he did too. But now I know he hasn’t and I have to accept that too. He went through it worse than I did and I hate that but it’s just what happened. No one had control of it.

I nodded as my reply to him and he circled his arms around me as I turned back to the others. Leo was looking at his phone while Jasper and Veronica were whispering to each other.

The sounds of my phone going off came next and I frowned, looking towards where it was coming from. I got up when it was in my jacket still, on the table. I rushed to it, getting it just in time.

“Mum,” I answered, making my way into the kitchen.

“Hey. Where are you? I thought it was just lunch?” Mum asked.

“Oh, um, I was going to call you but I’ll be staying with Julian again. I just forgot. Sorry.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, bub. I’m just about to make tuna pasta bake. We’d like you home again tonight.”

“For any reason or can I stay here since I’m already here?” I asked and then heard her sigh on the other end.

“No tuna pasta bake?”

“Can you make it tomorrow night?” I asked and she laughed softly.

“Okay then, sweetie. How was your day?”

“Um, it was good. I’m just tired now so I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? Love you.”

“Oh okay. And yes, tomorrow. Love you too, bub. Don’t stay up too late.”

“I won’t. Bye.”

“Bye,” she said and I hung up, looked out of the window to see the different colours in the sky from the sunset. I smiled softly at it before I made my way back to the lounge.

“You hungry, love?” Leo asked as he had a brochure for a few takeaway places. “Pizza, Chinese or just normal takeaway?”

“I don’t mind. It’s up to you guys,” I shrugged, moving to sit with Julian again and wrap the blanket around me.

“You really that cold?” Julian whispered and I smirked but shook my head.

“It’s just fluffy,” I replied and he chuckled a little before his arms moved around me and he pulled me back with him.

“Pizza is it,” Leo announced. “Now. What kind of pizza and don’t take forever to choose, please. I’m hungry.”

“Um, can I have garlic prawn?” I asked, smirking to him and he nodded, noting it down.

“Meatlovers,” Jasper said before looking to Veronica.

“I can’t stay,” she said instead and I noticed a happy grin come to Leo’s lips.

“Godfather is it,” Leo stood then, dialling the number on his phone and heading for the kitchen just as I turned from my back to my side on Julian and slipped in between him and the couch.

“Rosie,” he growled a little when he fell off the couch, making me laugh a little with the other two. I looked down at him, moved my hand to take his while he laid on his back on the floor.

“Sorry,” I pouted and he groaned a little, letting go of my hand. “Come back on the couch.”

“You just kicked me off,” he said, sitting up as Leo came back in.

“I didn’t mean to,” I exclaimed, smirking a little as he had his light eyes and a goofy look.

“Sure, sure,” he murmured, leaning forward to peck my lips before he got to his feet. “Want a drink or anything?”

“No thanks, I’m good,” I replied, laying back against the couch as he laid down in front of me, facing me while he moved his arm under my head.

I looked down when I felt his legs tangle in mine before I sat up a little to cover the blanket over the both of us. I moved it over our shoulders before heads next just for fun.

“It’s actually not that cold,” he whispered and I smirked a little as I leaned forward and kissed him. “Oh, I see,” he murmured against my mouth, kissing me back. I laughed softly then, closing my eyes as he moved his other hand down to cup my bum and shifted to kiss my neck.

“The blanket doesn’t cover enough,” Leo stated.

“I should be going,” Veronica put in next and I moved the blanket down to see her standing now. “It was nice to meet you, Rosie.”

“You too,” I smiled as Julian sat up to take the blanket off him.

“Bye boys,” she waved as Jasper followed her to the door and closed it behind her after a kiss.

“She’s nice. I like her,” I said and Leo and Julian sighed a little.

“She is nice. I’m glad you like her,” Jasper grinned and Julian chuckled a little, shaking his head as he glanced back to me. I smiled as he came back down and kissed me again, moving to hover over me as the kisses deepened.

“Can you not?” Leo asked but it was a lot more distant than it was supposed to be. I blinked, slowing my kisses just as I felt something course through my body, warm and strange. I saw a piece of paper. In my mind. A red rose petal sitting on top with something green under it.

I frowned, not understanding. I closed my eyes, kissing Julian more as it seemed to push me deeper into the dream. No, the memory.

I remember picking up the piece of paper, folded together but when I picked it up, it unfolded and…

And there was a key.

Julian gave me a key.

“W-Wait,” I said, shifting back to sit up. He looked at me in surprise for a moment before he sat up too.

“Thank you,” Leo put in just as Julian moved his hands to my cheeks.

“What do you remember?” He whispered, leaning closer slightly.

“You. You gave me a key,” I said in excitement that flourished through me. He smiled that and shifted to sit against the couch and pull me into his lap. “I remember it. You put it in this piece of paper. There was a rose petal on top. But I gave that to Ruben. And I unfolded the paper to find the key. And you said it was for a loft. Our loft,” I breathed next and looked up at him. “We have a loft?”

“Yeah, we do,” he whispered, smiled. “But your parents wanted you to stay home for a few weeks more. They didn’t want me to mention it or show you just yet.”

“But you have to now,” I replied. “You have to take me tomorrow.”

“I have to?”

“Please?” I asked, cupping my arms around his neck while I heard the other two chuckle.

“You have to now. She’s the boss,” Leo smirked, making me smile as Julian puffed his cheeks.

“Okay. Tomorrow,” he sighed.

“Yay,” I smiled, hugging him and kissing his cheek.

“It’s not that exciting,” he chuckled.

“She’s just happy to have a place to escape to with you. Here she has us. Her place is her family. Your dad’s has Grace and Sebastian,” Jasper shrugged and I turned and fell back down onto the couch, my legs in Julian’s lap.

“Pizza!” Jasper called when knocks came to the door but Leo was the one to jump up with the cash and get to the door.

“What movie do we want to watch?” Jasper asked, reaching forward for the remote.

“What was that good one with the jails and all that,” Leo asked as he walked back around the couch with the pizza.

“Escape Plan.”

“Yeah. That one,” he replied to Jasper as he settled the boxes on the coffee table.

“Rose?” Jasper asked.

“She’ll fall asleep anyway, won’t ya, love?” Leo smirked, taking the remote from Jasper and putting on Netflix.

“Maybe not. I’m kinda pumped now,” I said, sitting up for some pizza as he found the movie and started it and Julian joined me with opening the boxes and eating.


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