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In the morning, I awoke from a bolting bang and smashing that jumped me out of my dreams. The sounds of Leo swearing came next and that was when I realised Julian and I were still on the couch in the lounge. My legs were over his waist, my bum in between him and the back of the couch as he laid across it on his side, facing in.

He didn’t wake up though.

He must be deep in sleep, I thought as I moved my eyes from him to the kitchen where glass shimmered in the lights in hundreds of pieces on the ground.

I rubbed my eyes when I yawn came as got off the couch slowly.

“Morning,” I said sleepily when I sat on the other side of the bench. Leo jumped, twisting around to look at me instantly with a dustpan and broom in his hands.

“Sorry. I opened the cupboard and it was jammed packed. The glasses fell,” he explained, bending down to gather the pieces with the broom.

“It’s fine,” I said, frowning at the clock on the wall. It was only six o’clock. The outside world lighting up with a bright sun and blue sky. “So, how was the movie anyway?”

“It was good until Julian knocked out after you. Snoring prick,” he muttered, shaking his head as I smirked a little.

“He’s not that bad.”

“You, little lady, are just lucky you can sleep through that,” he pointed to me, making me laugh softly as he emptied the pan in the bin and went back to the floor.

I smiled softly on my own and glanced back to Julian to realise he was awake because he was rubbing his face. I grinned as I made my way over to him quickly.

I got on him again, scaring him slightly and making myself laugh a little as I kissed him, feeling his arms twirl around me and hold me tight.

This is one of my favourite feelings. Just woken up to be happy, to be kissing him and having him kiss me back, hold me close.

I smiled against his mouth when his hands settled down on my bum cheeks and tightened slightly as I looked at him, pecked his lips once more.

“Hi,” I whispered, circling my arms around his head to fiddle with his messy bed hair a little.

He frowned before he opened his eyes wide and smiled back at me. “Hi to you too. Sleep well, did you?” He asked, smirking a little.

I paused before I nodded a little and then he groaned when I tried pulling apart a knot in his hair.

“I’ve almost got it,” I protested when he took my hands and pulled them away.

“It hurt.”

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled, putting my head against his chest. “I slept okay. I actually can’t remember the dreams today but I know they were there,” I frowned a little and looked back at him. “Apparently you slept well though. Snoring and all,” I smirked and he snorted a little with an eyeroll.

“I don’t even snore.”

“Do too,” Leo exclaimed, coming to us with two mugs. “Bloody pig, you are.”

“Whatever,” Julian replied while I thanked Leo for making our drinks. I got off Julian so he could sit up and just sat on the floor as I reached for what I’m guessing would be my chai tea.

“Where the hell has Leo gone?” We looked up to Jasper as he stood in front of Leo as he held him a drink too. “Who are you trying to impress?”

“No one. I was just making one so I thought,” he stopped when he realised we were looking at him too. “Give me a fucking break. Can’t I be nice for once in my life?!” He shouted, making us all laugh as Jasper wobbled sleepily to us and sat on the other couch.

“Thank you, Leo.”

“You’re welcome, Rosie,” he replied, coming to us with his own drink. I smiled a little, taking mine again and sipping it.

“So, what’s the plan for today?” Jasper asked, crossing his legs and sitting back into the couch as I remembered about the loft.

“Jules’ taking me to the loft,” I replied, glancing to Julian to see if it was still alright.

“Yeah. Right,” he murmured, nodding slightly as I smiled. I sipped from my drink again while I turned back around and leaned back against the couch and his legs. “We also have a date with officer Danes.”

“Why? What for?” I asked, frowning as I looked back at him.

“He needs your statement. I thought your mum went through this with you?” He asked but I shook my head, still frowning in confusion. He sighed a little and moved down next to me on the floor, his arms wrapping around me. “It’ll only be a few questions-.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. You’ll have to state your name and birth, all that. He’ll take you into a room to talk to you privately. Maybe just the one question. What do you remember? Or can you remember anything? It’s as simple as that, no worries.”

“Y-You can come into the room, right?” I whispered and he looked at me softly and kissed my head.

“It’ll be five minutes tops. You’ll be okay without me,” he replied and I paused before I nodded a little, turned around to lean back against him.


Two hours later, Julian and I were ready to take down the day. Washed, dressed and fed.

I couldn’t stop smiling when Julian parked his bike next to the curb, in front of a bricked building. It was tall and wide, old but only across the road from the beach, a beautiful view of the wide and open ocean.

“This is it?” I asked when I was off and pulling the helmet off.

“Not much, I know.”

“Don’t,” I replied, shaking my head a little as I took his arm when he put my helmet on the seat with his. “It’s a lot actually,” I smiled and leaned up, kissed him gently before we started towards the front doors.

They were two narrow glass doors with a gold outline. They pulled out-way and Julian held one open so I could walk in first. He followed of course and I was given the sight of a wall of mailboxes, metal lockers they looked like. There was an elevator off to the side with a staircase next to it, going up with wooden steps to match the wooden floorboards.

“It’s an apartment building but because the previous residents took all the walls from theirs and made it into a loft, we get that,” Julian said, pressing the up button at the elevator.

“How much is it?”

“Nothing I can’t handle,” he replied and I groaned a little, moving his hand up to my lips.

“How much?” I asked again against his knuckles.

“Rent’s two hundred and sixty a fortnight,” he answered, pulling me through the open doors of the elevator. “Not so bad.”

“That’s actually a lot. To me,” I replied, my eyes still wide. “And that's a lot, Jules. On you. I can’t pay for it, you know that. And it’s not fair.”

“Who said you were gonna pay for it anyway?” He replied and I sighed a little, squeezing his hand as I watched the number of levels go up. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

The doors opened at fourteen and we walked out together. I looked at each of the rooms as we passed them all.

“You shouldn’t have to-.”

“Rosie. Can we do this later?” He asked and I nodded a little, only to smile when we stopped at the end room. He jingled the keys a little before he unlocked the door. He pushed the door open and I was given the sight off a massive room. Empty but spacious and clean.

I couldn’t help myself as I jumped a little and turned to hug him tight. He chuckled in my neck before he took my legs and moved them around his waist as he carried me in. I looked back a little when he kicked the door closed before I smiled at the brick walls, the wooden floors and open space.

Windows were wide and rectangle that looked out at the water on the far wall while there was a long but thin wall on a white plastered wall at the side which was just above a bed, a few boxes lying around in that space. I guessed it was the bedroom because two steps ascended to the area, making a boundary for it in a way, making it a square in the corner.

Next to it, just next to the door was the kitchen. An island bench, dark grey with other benches lining along the walls. An oven, fridge and microwave were already in place. As well as a kettle and a few other boxes on the floor.

“I love it,” I said, glancing back to him before the other side which was the big and empty space we were in. I smiled again, noticing a roller door which made me guess that was the bathroom.

“I’m glad,” he replied, smirking back at me as I grinned and kissed him hard, tightening my arms around his neck. He moaned against it, making me giggle a little as we kissed a little softer.

“What do you want to do?” He asked, putting me down as I glanced around again. I felt the butterflies in my stomach flip softly as my eyes looked back to the bed and I bit my lip softly.

He cackled a little, making me look back at him but he’d turned away with my hand in his.


“Come on,” he replied, pulling me up the steps and towards the bed. He turned to me again, his hand pressing to my hip as his lips met mine. I closed my eyes, moving into him as I kissed him back, my stomach flipping excitedly.

I sucked in a small breath when he pulled me closer, his hands running up my shirt along my back. I waited for him to take it off but I figured he was hesitating so I pulled back from the kiss to pull his up first. Only I had trouble when he didn’t get it and kept his arms down.

“Arms up,” I told him just as he realised and helped me with it. I smirked a little and pulled off mine too as he sat down on the bed, leaned back on his elbows as he kicked his shoes off.

“Hurry up,” he complained and smirked, moving his feet against my legs as I took off my shoes and socks.

“You hurry up,” I replied, kicking his feet away before I crawled over him. I kissed his forehead before I looked back at him. He smiled a little back before he leaned up enough to catch my lips, his arms moving around me as he pulled me down with him.

I kept my hands to the bed near his head as I kissed him back, harder within the moment as I felt his hands roam over me.

“Can we-?” He tried but I cut him off with another kiss. He groaned a little and I laughed a little.

“Have sex? Yeah,” I smirked, kissing him again before I rolled off him and he got up while he hands undid his jeans.

“Are you sure?” He asked, looking back at me as he stopped. “Because we don’t have to. After-.”

“It’s gonna happen sooner or later. And I want to now,” I replied, undoing my jeans too as he hesitantly continued. “I mean. If you don’t want to-.”

“You’re seriously asking that?” He asked and I laughed a little, kicking my clothes off as he did. I smirked a little and sat up, moving my legs around his loosely as I unclipped my bra too. “You’re the most beautiful girl in the world. You know that, right?” He whispered and kissed my head as I smiled widely.

“And you’re the most handsome boy in the world,” I replied, hugging my arms around his stomach as I kissed his chest.

“I don’t know about that one,” he said, making me roll my eyes and look up at him.

“I do,” I kissed him softly, leaning back as he moved over me, crawling onto the bed as I laid down, his mouth never leaving mine.


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