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“My two!” I exclaimed, taking the cue stick from Julian as Jasper missed hitting the white ball to any of the others on the pool table.

“You fucking suck,” Leo dropped his head as I laughed with Julian, lining the cue to the white ball.

“Okay, you wanna hit it lightly,” Julian whispered to me, leaning against my bum and back but then kissing my cheek as he moved his hand over my hand.

“Jules,” I said, rolling my eyes because he did this every time. He tried taking over my go and I’ve let him get away with it but now I actually wanted to try by myself. “I know you’re a control freak but let me just have one go. It’s an easy one,” I said and he hummed a little before he let go of my hand and moved to lean on the table next to me.

“Hit it lightly,” he told me as I pulled back and then forward again, hitting the white ball lightly. “Fuck, not that light,” he laughed, taking the stick from me when it didn’t move much and hit nothing.

“Sorry,” I whispered, smirking at him as he gently pulled me into him, hugging an arm around me as I turned my head to watch Leo have his go, two shots and then a third when he got one of his balls in.

“Whoa,” I breathed, holding Julian up when his weight suddenly came onto me.

“Shit. Sorry,” he slurred a little, standing up himself again as he kissed my head and moved around the table when it was his go.

I’ve never really had to deal with him drunk so it was a new experience and it wasn’t actually too bad. It was kind of funny how he just suddenly stopped balancing on two feet and fell a certain way until he realised just in time to catch his footing again. He was leaning against me and the table a lot and I’d had one of the girls from behind the bar tell me he was cut off from drinking anymore, which was fine because I wasn’t going to let him drink anymore either.

It was past midnight and it was only us plus a few other older guys in the pub, the staff patient and doing their own thing, serving who wasn’t cut off already.

“We’ll go home soon?” I asked him when he came back to me, moving his arms around my neck.

“What? No,” he replied loudly, looking at me in shock that I’d ever asked. “We’re having fun. You’re having fun, right?”

“Of course. But I’m getting tired,” I said, taking the cue as Jasper had his go, laughing when he didn’t hit anything again.

“You’re off the team,” Leo waved him off and snatched the cue from his hands as he continued to laugh, coming to us.

“Did you see that?” He laughed, moving his arm around Julian’s neck but falling enough that he was leaning against us both. “Come on, princess, your turn.”

“You can take it. I’m going to go to the bathroom,” I told Julian and watched him nod before he let me go. I walked away from them and passed the other group of guys, down a small corridor to the end and then through the door into the female toilets.

I took a deep breath and moved into a cubical to do my business before I was out and washing my hands, staring at myself in the mirror.

Julian needed this, I thought, taking a breath. He’s finally open and enjoying himself, I can’t just ruin that for him.

I moved to the side for paper towel, dried my hands before I made my way out. I raised a hand to rub my sore eyes and dropped it as I walked back into the pub, hearing Julian cheer himself on as I looked over to them. I smiled gently before it fell and I looked to one of the strangers at the other table as he got up, looking younger than the rest but still older than me or Julian.

“What’s your name, baby?” He asked, stopping in front of me as I went to move past him. I stopped and looked at him, scared and not knowing what to do. I swallowed, feeling my heart jump up to my throat as I stayed silent. I tried to pass him but only sucked in a breath when he stepped to the side, stopping me.

“I asked you a question.”

“Rosie. Now get out of my way, please,” I answered in a rush and looked to his friends as he looked to him, clicking his fingers with a laugh.

“Told you it was her. We see your videos,” he said, stepping closer as I stepped back, not liking the look he had in his eyes as they fell down me quickly and then back up slowly. “You were shot, right?” He asked quickly as my back pressed up against a table. “Can I see?” His eyes darkened and I moved to shove him back but didn’t when he was suddenly pulled back, Julian moving in front of him and shoving him back again.

“Gentlemen,” one of the girls snapped when a glass bottle fell off the table the man hit and smashed all over the floor.

“You want her. You gotta get through me.”

“Let’s take it outside then, motherfucker,” the guy gritted and pushed Julian back. I touched my hand to his arm when he caught his footing and spat back at the guy.

“Rosie,” Julian shoved me to the side just as the guy dove for him, taking him over a table and to the ground on the other side, the table falling on its side along with them.

“Jules!” I shouted, moving to him but couldn’t when Jasper caught me and Leo reached them as a friend of the other guy’s did. “Jasper,” I snapped, shaking him off as Leo pulled Julian back and I stared at him when he had blood coming from his lip and eyebrow.

“Alright. Bar closed. Everyone out!” A man yelled, coming out from behind the bar as the other men got up and got their things, throwing tips onto the table they were at while I looked over Julian when he reached me.

“You okay?” He asked me, moving his arm around me as I nodded lightly.

“He got you bad-.”

“Fuck off,” he growled, shaking his head lightly before he groaned when we hit the cold outside. “Shit, I hate winter.”

“Stop swearing please,” I told him and he grumbled something but I didn’t catch it.

“Let’s just head back to my place, guys!” He yelled, looking back at Leo and Jasper as they followed us out. “Dad’s got a hell of a lot of booze. Wine for the lady,” he called, smirking at me as I sighed, shook my head because I was ready to go home and go to sleep.

“We have school tomorrow, Jules.”

“Fuck that,” he replied, giving me a disgusted look as Leo moved onto the road, waving it hand as he whistled out at the same time. “So, what do you guys say?”

“Nah, mate. Get Rosie home,” Leo replied as the taxi stopped and we made our way over.

“What?” Jasper exclaimed as I helped Julian into the car. “We could be up until the sun rises!”

“We’ll see you tomorrow,” Leo told me as I looked back at them. I nodded and moved in to hug him lightly.

“Thanks for not drinking too much.”

“I knew these dipshits were gonna. I didn’t want you to get it too bad,” he replied, smirking as he quickly grabbed Jasper to pull him back when he knocked on the driver’s window.

“Goodnight,” I told them and got in, closed the door and gave my address to the driver as Julian sat slumped in the centre, looking through his wallet as he pulled out many fifty dollar notes, some twenties and ten with them too.

I sighed softly and helped him put it all back in, close his wallet again as he watched me, his eyes on my face.

“That guy had some fucking balls,” he muttered and touched his hand to my head, tugged my hair gently as I put his wallet into my pocket because he was most likely to lose it if he had it.

“Let me look at you,” I said, turning to him to look over his face.

“Let me look at you,” he replied, staring back at me as I licked my thumb and gently wiped off the dry blood. “Fuck, you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you,” I smiled at him and laughed a little as he pulled me in and licked my cheek, nose and mouth, his tongue moving all over. “Julian,” I said, pulling away quickly and wiping my face with my sleeve as he pulled me back against him.

“You were licking me,” he whispered and I rolled my eyes.

“I was cleaning the blood. Because you got into a fight, remember?”

“He fucking came at me. Piece of shit,” he replied grumpily, frowning at me sleepily as he leaned his head back. “He had his hand under your shirt.”

“Not for long, thank goodness.”

“You should have pushed him back.”

“I did,” I replied and turned to lean back against the seat. “You were there though. Always saving me, aren’t you?”

“Always. I’m your knight in shining armour,” he answered, making me laugh a little and smile back at him. He grinned back, leaning in and kissing my mouth hard, making me groan because the driver could very much see. I kissed him back for a few seconds before I pulled away slowly and looked back to the front, taking a shaky breath when he buried his head into my neck, kissing it while he pressed his hand in between my legs.

I touched my hand over his quickly, pulling it away when he was getting rough.

“Fuck, we won though,” he said, touching his hand to my cheek as he turned my head to him while he leaned his side into the chair, his body facing me. “We so won.”

“Eightball?” I questioned and he nodded, smirking.

“The fuck you mean? Win at something else, did you?”

“Well, I won you over, didn’t I?” I smirked back, watching his grin come back as he leaned in again, kissing my mouth. I touched my hand to his chest and dropped it to hold his shirt before I pulled away again.

“It wasn’t that hard. I already liked you the first time I met you. We danced all night. Drunk all night. The fire was so big, it was so fucking good, wasn’t it?” He smirked as I chuckled a little but shrugged.

“I don’t remember it, remember?”

“Fuck, that’s right,” he rolled his eyes at himself before he glanced out of the windows when the car stopped. “Shit, not here, sir. Her mum’s going to kick me out.”

“No, she won’t,” I told him as he sighed, patting down his pocket.

“Fuck. My wallet’s gone,” he said as I got my wallet.

“I’ve got it,” I told him, getting two twenty-dollar notes from mine and passing it to the driver.

“Thank you. Have a good night,” he replied as Julian got out slowly. I followed, watching him still pat his pockets and glance back to the backseat before the door closed.

“I’ve got it,” I told him again, taking his hand.

“I don’t have it. Fuck, I’m hopeless.”

“Julian, it’s right here,” I replied, getting it out of my pocket to show him.

“Hey, there is it,” he smirked, moving his arm over my shoulders as he took it and opened it in front of my face because that was were his hands were. “Here, Baba,” he said, putting cash down under my shirt.

“Julian,” I snapped, hitting his hand away before he reached my bra.

“Take it,” he told me, pressing it to my chest as we walked up the front steps slowly. “Rosie, fucking take it. It’s yours now,” he said and I sighed, taking it and widening my eyes when it was over three hundred.

“I’m not taking it,” I told him, shoving it all back into his wallet as I snatched it out of his hands and put it into my pocket again.

“Okay. Take it all then,” he muttered as I got my keys and went to open the door but didn’t have to when it opened and Mum stood there, looking very unimpressed.

“Fuck. She’s mad-.”

“Shh,” I told him as I walked him inside after Mum just walked away after his comment. I sighed softly, closing the door behind us before he let go of me and tried the stairs but just laughed when he tripped over the first step and sat down on them.

“Just go to bed,” Mum sighed, passing him and walking up them as he smirked at me.

“Bed sounds great, Jane,” he called and waited for a reply but didn’t get one, making him just laugh again as I took his arm. He got up mostly by himself but moved his arm back over my shoulders, looking down as we took each step slowly.

I breathed out when we finally got to my room, closed the door behind us as Julian let go, swinging his arms back and forth a few times. I sighed softly and looked at him when he looked over my cupboards, grabbing one of my cameras as he undid his jeans with one hand.

“Hey, remember this?” He asked me, glancing at me as I walked to him when he pulled at his jeans and boxers to take a photo.

“Bed,” I told him, taking the camera from him and putting it down again. He groaned a little and took it again, passing me as he kicked off his jeans. “Julian,” I sighed, following him to take the camera away but scowled when he fell back onto my bed, his hand pulling down his boxers while I felt my cheeks heat up quickly.

I closed my eyes, shaking my head as he chuckled at me, his foot running up and down the back of my leg.

“I’m tired.”

“I’m horny,” he whined back, getting up in front of me and putting the camera strap around my neck before he looked down. I followed his gaze after a moment as he started jerking off, making me take a shaky breath as my gut suddenly started to boil.

I looked away and groaned a little when he took my hand to push it against him, looking into my eyes as he kept his expression stern.

“We have school-.”

“And that’s an excuse to not have sex?”

“Shh,” I snapped, taking my hand back to wipe it on my pants as I walked away and put my camera down on my cupboard. “We should go to sleep,” I told him, kicking off my shoes and pulling off my socks.

“We should have sex first,” he replied, making me laugh at how desperate he was for it right now. I made a noise when he suddenly picked me up, making me laugh again when we fell onto my bed and he placed kisses everywhere over my face.

“Let’s fuck already,” he said, his hands taking the hem of my jeans and yanking them down to my knees in the one go with my undies. I groaned and kicked them off as he pulled his shirt over his head and threw it to the ground.

“Julian,” I whispered when he took my shirt off in a rush before he pulled my bra strap down off my shoulders. I sighed softly and reached behind to unclip it as he wedged himself between my legs. “Wait,” I told him, turning quickly and reaching for the bedside table. I opened it, grabbed a condom as he groaned.

“Fuck, really?”

“Yes, really,” I replied and he grabbed it from me, lifted it up to rip it open with his teeth. I watched him spit a bit of the packet out before he threw the rest away and rolled the condom on over his length.

“Fuck, just look at you,” he whispered, coming down as he kissed my mouth hard. I kissed him back, moving my hands to his head but then feeling as he took them, his fingers interlinking with mine as he held them to the bed. I squeezed his hands softly when I felt his cock slip into me, tight and slow at first. I pulled back from the kiss, taking a breath as I looked up at him and he stared back, his hands squeezing mine next as I gasped when he penetrated harder.

“Like that, don’t you,” he smirked at me as I shifted my legs open more and a small moan broke the faster he moved, my bed rocking and creaking too much but I wasn’t up for telling him to stop right now.

I laughed lightly when he dropped his head onto my shoulder, his hands holding mine tighter as he grunted and I felt my body wave over in different feelings.

“Fuck, that’s what I mean,” he called out, making me laugh as I moved my hand over his mouth lightly when he did that on purpose. I whimpered slightly when he hardened, roughened and fastened all at the same time.

“Shit, Julian,” I breathed, laughing lightly again when I felt the best I had for so long. Just this, with him, my body exploding all because of his doing, all for him, it didn’t get much better than that.

“Every fucking night,” he whispered huskily in my ear as I closed my eyes, feeling myself suddenly give up as exhaustion gave up. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He smirked, looking back at me as he slowed as I opened my eyes, swallowing hard and taking a breath, feeling just how soaked I was now, the bedsheets too.

“You have no idea,” I replied, touching the back of his neck to pull him down and kiss him again. He kissed me back as I felt him pull out down below, his hand touching to my core suddenly before he had his fingers inside me. I moaned against his mouth, gripping his hair lightly as he flickered them inside me, my butterflies worsening in my gut.

“We can drink and dance all night too,” he whispered, making me smile at him before I glanced down when I felt him add more fingers, making it tight. “You’re so fucking wet,” he chuckled as I closed my eyes again, taking a shaky breath as he kissed my chest, lowering to take my breast.

I ran my fingers through his hair before I looked back to my alarm clock, my eyes widening when it was already two o’clock.

“Okay, Jules. We gotta get to sleep now,” I told him, taking his hand to push it away as he whined a little. “School, remember?”

“Fuck,” he grumbled, falling next to me as he pulled off the condom and gave it to me. I scrunched up my face a little, getting up to throw it into the bin before I grabbed a clean change of undies and made my way back to the bed, smelling like cum, perfume and him.


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