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Rose’s POV

The smell of chocolate and pollen came to my nostrils in small, slow and soft waves that kept me savouring for it. I felt light and hungry. My head was spinning and I could hear a constant ringing in my ears.

What happened?

I brushed my fingers against the thin blankets over me. They were really thin but soft and nice.

My lips parted softly for the air I needed to take in and push out again.

“Rosie?” I heard but it was distant and quiet. I felt rough hands touch my cheeks, big and warm. Familiar touch and smell.


The thought of him made me want to see him, ask him why I was in a room full of flowers, why the bed I was in felt like a hospital bed.

I tried speaking but I couldn’t. My throat hurt from being dry and unused for too long.

I took a small but deep breath as I tried hard to open my eyes. I couldn’t though.

They felt so heavy and it felt like my muscles weren’t listening to my head.

“Can you hear me?” I heard Julian whisper and all I could do was move my hands. I felt a soft material come to my fingers. His shirt. I tightened my hand in it before I felt one hand leave my cheek but then move over my hand.

“Explain to her where she is and what happened,” I heard a male voice say but it was more distant and quiet than Julian’s. Also unfamiliar.

“You’re in the Royal North Shore hospital,” Julian started, “you’ve been in a coma for just a little longer than two months. Nine weeks to be exact.”

Nine weeks? Asleep?


I heard him sniff as I felt him sit down next to me. I released my hand a little. I wanted to hold his but I couldn’t go that far.

“It’s going to take some time to do things,” he said as he moved my hand into his. Then my eyes felt lighter and felt the urge to open them.

So, I did.

I opened them a little bit, my vision blurry at the start but I could see the shape of our hands holding each other.

“Rosie,” I heard him whimper out before he had his head on my shoulder and he was crying softly.

I blinked a few times before I saw a man in front of my bed. He had a white coat on with a clipboard in his hand. Blonde hair and glasses over his eyes.

“J-J-,” I stopped when my voice cut off.

Julian lifted his head up and I looked into his dark eyes as his thumbs gently moved over my cheeks.

“It’s so good to see your eyes open,” he whispered and I smiled softly but then frowned.

“W-W-,” I stopped and closed my eyes as I took a breath.

“You got shot,” he answered for me and I looked back at him in shock, “we-we don’t know who by though. We were all kind of waiting for you to tell us but you can’t remember, can you?” He asked and I had to think for a moment.

“What is the last thing you remember?” The doctor asked from at the end of the bed and I tried thinking about it.

I remembered a party. I was with Julian, Leo and Jasper with a few others. Drinking and playing games. Then-

I don’t know.

“P-P-Par-arty,” I whispered and closed my eyes when Julian caressed my cheeks again, “y-you said something about s-seeing more than hearing. I d-don’t know.”

“That was about two nights before,” Julian said to the doctor but didn’t take his eyes off me when I looked back at him.

“Jules?” I whispered, turning my head for someone else, “w-where’s my mum?”

“She’s coming. Your parents have just been notified,” the doctor replied and I nodded softly but then turned my head when Julian put his to my shoulder again.


“Yes, baba?” He whispered, looking back at me as I felt my stomach rumble and hurt.

“I-I’m hungry,” I replied and he smiled softly as he nodded.

“Want me to get you something?” He asked but I shook my head.

“You stay,” I replied and he looked to the doctor.

“I’ll be right back then,” he replied before he walked out and Julian came and laid down next to me.

“You sore anywhere?” He asked but I shook my head and turned to lay against him. “I’m happy you’re awake.”

“W-Who shot me? Where? Why?” I asked, lifting my head to meet his eyes with mine. He looked back sympathetically as his hand rose and moved back some of my hair.

“We’re still figuring out the who and why,” he replied, “you were in your room. Someone went through the window. I was downstairs talking to your dad when we heard the shot,” he sniffed as tears fell down his cheeks. I raised my hand to wipe them softly. “I got there first and you were bleeding out on your bed. No one else in the room. First thought was that I couldn’t lose you too.”

“I’m right here,” I smiled softly when he cried into my chest, “you didn’t lose me.”

“I-I put pressure on the wound. Your mum was screaming and panicking. Your dad called the ambulance and Angus was out,” he said and I looked down when his hand moved against the place just under my ribcage on my stomach, towards the side though. “The doctors said you should have woken up after a few weeks to a month. Then they realised there were other problems. The bruising worsened for a while but it stopped bleeding. Then your brain activity was going all over the place, they said you probably wouldn’t remember anything.”

“B-But I’m awake now,” I replied and he nodded and looked back at me. I noticed his hair then, making me laugh and bring a hand to it. “You need a haircut.”

“I had much more important things to worry about than my hair,” he replied and it was almost to his shoulders.

“It looks stupid,” I said and he laughed and moved an arm around to hug me, “you’ll get it cut soon, right?”

“Yeah, for you,” he replied as his lips touched to my cheeks, making me smile. I turned my head and closed my eyes when he kissed my lips next.

I’m perfect again with him at my side.

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