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“Rosaline!” Mum screamed as she ran into my hospital room. I was halfway through my bowl of chicken and veg soup, warm and really good.

I smiled at her brightly as she rushed in, followed by Angus and someone else.

“You’re awake, bub!” She exclaimed as she moved to me, careful of my food on the table over my lap but still hugged me tightly.

“I’m okay, mum,” I told her and she nodded against my shoulder before I heard her sniff, “Julian explained what happened.”

“Okay. How do you feel?” Angus asked before he pulled mum away and hugged me.

“Fine. Just hungry,” I replied as he sat down next to me, moved his arm behind me.

I smiled up at mum and then at the man to her side. Awfully familiar but smiling, next to mum.

“Dad?” I questioned and their smiles faded a little.

“Yeah, mijn shat,” he smiled softly as he came to my other side and I frowned in confusion, “you don’t remember, do you?”

“Nothing since two nights before,” Julian answered for them and I put my hand to dad’s chest to stop him from hugging me.

“You called me, I remember that. Y-You called me after the video was published.”

“Forget that,” he said and I looked up at him for a while, “your mother and I are back together. I’m here for you again.”

“No,” I shook my head when I felt my heart rate rise and thud against my chest.

How could mum let him come back? After everything he did?

He left us. He left her. He abandoned his own family.

Then he called to say he would see me again. Now he’s here and wormed his way back into her life again.

He’s just going to hurt her again.

“Rosie, a lot has changed. Your father is back with us,” mum said and I looked towards Angus as he rubbed my arm softly, “we live together now.”

“B-But he left us,” I said, trying to hold my emotions in.

“It’s all been explained,” dad replied and I felt his hand come to my head. I shoved it away though and didn’t look at him.

“Hey,” Angus whispered and I looked to Julian for comfort.

“Can we talk, Adrian?” Julian asked as he stood and I watched as dad looked to me before he walked back and out with Julian.

“Honey, he’s your father,” mum said but I only started crying as I turned to Angus. He hugged me softly, his hand moving against my head.

“He’s tried so hard to fix his mistakes,” she said and I felt her hand take mine, “he’s sorry. And he’s back. Everything’s alright.”

“How could say that? He left us, mum. Left you. Why?”

“He got into some trouble,” Angus answered and I looked back towards him, “men were after him and he had to leave to keep us safe.”


“Enough!” Mum snapped as she stepped back, “I love him and he’s with us. It’s your decision if you want to welcome him back or not,” she finished as she sat down in one of the chairs.

I took a small breath as I sat up and continued with my soup, wondering what Julian would be asking and talking about with my father.

“What do you think?” I asked Angus softly.

“He’s good,” he shrugged, “I get you though. It’s been a little hard. At first, we were both just too excited and not thinking about what happened. Now, I think he’s a little sketchy,” he whispered enough so mum couldn’t hear. I nodded softly and then looked up when Julian came in.

I sighed softly. His shoulders were tense, his hands in fists and his eyes dark.

“What a great man,” he said sarcastically, making mum stand with a glare, “he’s gone by the way.”

“What did you say?” Angus asked.

“I asked him why he thought he got that reaction from his own daughter,” he replied, sitting down on the chair next to me as mum made her way out, “he said because you were only remembering the bad times, not the good. I remember how upset you got when he first called. He didn’t have anything to say about that.”

“Wait. First called?” Angus asked and I nodded a little.

“Just after we sent out the video. He called and he said he missed me. I asked him why he was calling but he only said he’d see me soon. Then it ended and I can’t remember much else apart from the party that night.” I frowned a little when my head hurt from thinking about it, “it was off.”

“Then he just showed up,” Angus said softly to himself. I looked towards him and he was in his own mind, thinking. “I’m going to go find them. You need to eat all the food,” he tapped my leg twice as I nodded and started with my soup again.

He walked out and I smiled softly when Julian came and took his place.

“You feeling okay?” He asked and I nodded but then froze for a moment.

“Are the boys coming?” I asked and he shrugged a little and got out his phone.

“You want to see them today?” He asked and I nodded. I put my bowl down again as I smiled and took his phone gently. I found Logan’s number and rang him, put him on loudspeaker as Julian moved his arm around me.

“Y.O.L.O!” I heard Ruben answer instead.

“Hi, Ru,” I replied and I heard him scream on the other side for Logan.

“Ro-Ro!” he laughed, “you’re speaking! You’re awake! Logan! She’s awake!” He exclaimed before Logan was yelling things as well as Ruben. I laughed with Julian when we couldn’t understand them.

“Guys, you’re gonna give me a headache,” I told them and they stopped, “you wanna come in some time?”

“Ah, we’re in school, but yes!” Logan replied and I smiled softly, “actually, we walked into the cafeteria.”

“Lo-Lo,” I said but he went for it.

“Rosie Red’s awake!” He yelled out and I heard crowds go off before Julian hung up.

“Okay, that went well,” he sighed and I laughed a little, “come on, eat some more,” he said, sitting up and getting the apple from the tray as well as the knife.

“How are you?” I asked while he cut off some of the apple and held it to me. I took it and bit a small piece off.

“Never better now that you’re awake,” he said and I smiled, kissed his cheek before I finished off the slice.

“And Grace and Bas?”

“Bas is no more. It is now Seb,” he said and I smiled at that, “he likes it better.”

“That’s cute. I guess when I was younger, I changed from Rosa to Rose. Now Rosie,” I smirked and took the next slice of apple he cut for me, “they’re okay though?”

“Yeah. I mean, they have their moments. Grace’s arm’s all healed now. Seb’s all good too.”

“I thought her arm healed already?”

“Yeah but then the first week out of the cast, Seb was pushing her on a swing but too hard. She fell off and broke it again. It happens,” he said as I couldn’t contain a laugh, “this is what all siblings go through. First, they’re best friends, then enemies, and then back to forever buddies.”

“No, they’re much worse, Julian,” I replied and he chuckled softly, “they break each other. What if they kill each other?” I asked and he just smirked and put another slice to my lips. I bit it and then took it with my own fingers.

I’m just glad Angus and I weren’t ever that bad.


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