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“Hi, everyone!” I smiled at Ruben’s screen as I started, “so, I’m awake. Yay. It’s been an hour since I woke up from my nine-week coma. Ruben and Logan just arrived ten minutes ago,” I looked to the views and it was heading to the hundreds already.

Wow. Literally everyone wanted to know.

“And they just told me about their song! Thank You, Angels. I just watched it and I love them so much,” I couldn’t help the big smile I had, “I really appreciated what you all have done. It means so much and I think I’m going to cry again.” I sniffed and then looked to Ruben as he moved down next to me and hugged me, moved his arm around me.

“Thank you,” I said to them all, “and I know I look like crap but I really wanted to thank you all.”

“Are you okay?” Someone texted through and I nodded.

“I’m okay, thanks. Just really hungry, confused. The last thing I remember was leaving a party.”

“So, again,” Ruben started, “if anyone knows anything about Ro-Ro’s shooter, please speak up.”

“Yeah, that would really help,” I put in after before I looked up when my doctor came in, “ah, doc’s here. Hope everyone’s having a good day. Love you all and thanks again. Bye,” I smiled before I ended it up and got off the floor.

“You need to eat as much food as you can,” Dr Belvin said and I nodded as I sat down on my bed again, “I’m not sure if your parents went through exactly everything or not but I’m just going to go over it so you know, okay?” He said and I nodded as I finished off my apple, “are you comfortable with your friends in here?”

“Um, it’s okay, we already know the important stuff.” Logan said, standing, “we’ve got school to get back too anyway.” He said and I nodded as he came and kissed my head before Ruben did.

“Bye,” I said and they both waved back as they walked out. I looked back to Dr Belvin as he looked down at his board.

“We had to remove your left kidney, did they tell you about that?” He asked but I shook my head.

“No, just that I was healed and what had happened.”

“You’re living with one kidney now. There shouldn’t be any problems with that, maybe later in life but it's hard to tell at the moment.”

“W-Was it damaged?” I asked slowly and he nodded.

How could they have missed that?

‘Oh, also, you lost your kidney.’

It’s not that hard to tell me.

“Now, you’re all healed up. You’re awake, which is wonderful,” he smiled and I nodded with a small smile as I took a sip from my water bottle, “you’re going to have to be eating a lot for energy and strength.”

“I love my food,” I smirked and he chuckled softly and looked back to his board.

“There was one a negative,” he sighed and I looked back at him. I watched him walk to the side of the bed, closer to me and I felt my heartbeat quicken quickly.

“Were you aware that you were pregnant beforehand?” He asked and I stared at him in shock.

“Excuse me?” I asked and he gave me a sympathetic look that told me he wasn’t joking. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out and I just looked away and stared at nothing in particular.

Did Julian know?

“I only told your parents. Asked if they knew. Neither did and I’m not too sure if they shared it with anyone else,” he continued.

“H-How old was it?” I asked, looking back to him.

“Roughly around four weeks. Signs of morning sickness would have been close. I’m sorry but the amount of blood you lost-.”

“I get it,” I whispered, cutting him off before he finished the sentence. He gave me a sympathetic look again as I brushed my hand against my neck. I looked up towards the doors when Julian walked back in while I felt my eyes water.

“I’ll check up on you again tonight when you get your dinner,” my doctor said and I nodded as I wiped my eyes quickly. He walked out when Julian came and sat next to me again.

“You’re okay, Rosie,” he whispered as he hugged me against him tightly. I tried not to cry again. I sniffed into his shirt as I felt his hand move through my hair gently until it hit a knot.

“Ow,” I mumbled and looked up at him but his messiness made me smile. The growing hairs. The long hair. Thankfully the smell wasn’t too bad but obviously covered with deodorant.

“What?” He asked, his eyes sparkling with amusement, “is there something on my face?” I laughed softly when he brushed his hand through the sideburns.

I smiled when my laugh stopped. I moved my hand against his chest and then straightened out his shirt where there were folded lines.

“I wish you looked after yourself better,” I whispered, taking one of his big hands. I moved my hand around his wrist and it was a lot skinnier than I remembered. He was skinnier. And exhausted. He’d been crying again before he came back in, I could tell.

And it hurt me knowing that he’s been through this. He’s been sad. He’s not slept or eaten. No even showered.

“You worried too much.”

“I worried too much?” He repeated, his tone sharping up to anger at the end, “you died, Rosie. You died four fucking times and I had to hear the beeping. They forced me back when I couldn’t move. Then I had to watch them bloody struggle to keep you alive. So yes, fuck. I’ve worried but too much? There will never be enough worry to be too much,” he finished and I could feel my body cool and pale.

“Four times?” I croaked as my eyes watered again for what seemed like the hundredth time. My chest started aching as my throat did too. I leaned my head into his chest when he hugged me tight again and all I could think about was how could I be so stupid?

How could I be so stupid to say that?

Of course, he worried for me every single day that I was out.




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