For You

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I walked inside the sleek office, noticing the large, black desk in the middle with the most handsome man I’d ever seen in my entire life, and quite possibly all the lives I’ve lived before this one. He had dark wavy hair that was longer on top and buzzed on the sides and beautiful hazel eyes. He wore a cream colored turtleneck under a navy blazer jacket and matching navy pants. When I finally reached his desk, he stood, standing a good foot taller than me. If I was a computer, you would easily be seeing ERROR on my face.

“Hello, Miss Santiago, I’m very happy you were able to make it,” he extended his large hand to me and I was brought back from the heavens I was currently in and snapped into business mode. Get the job now, drool about him later.

“Hi, Mr. Novak. Thanks for seeing me,” I grabbed his hand and gave him a firm handshake. He motioned for me to sit, and I did.

“So, this position is more of an all around position. I would need you to fill in for my secretary on some days, on other days you’d be more of a PA and be with me throughout the day, maybe help coordinate some events here and there. I see that you’ve mostly worked in retail, but I assume that was while you were finishing college, yes?” He flipped through what I assumed was my resume on his desk.

“Yes,” I tried to say more, I really did. Something, anything, to show I was good for the job, but his eyes were like pools of honey and I was stuck.

“Okay, well, does that sound like something you’d be able to do?”

I mentally slapped myself, “yes, Mr. Novak, I’m sure I am up for the task and I’d be more than happy to join your company. Any way I can be of service to you, I’m on it,” I saw him smirk for a quick second before it disappeared.

“Okay, Miss Santiago, you can see Ryan on your way out and he will give you all the details on when you start and anything else you may have questions about. It was nice meeting you and I look forward to seeing just how up for the task you really are.”

After I had spoken to Ryan and he gave me an access card for the elevator and went into the details of the job, I was able to go home, calling my sister on the way there. She was at work, but promised to stop by after with the girls.

“Oh my goodness, guys, he is so dreamy!” We were on our third bottle of wine and had just ordered chinese takeout and the hot topic of the afternoon was the one and only Axel Novak.

“I’ll say.” Skylar had pulled up some pictures on my macbook and now we were all drooling.

“Does it say if he is dating anyone?” Ciara took the laptop from her to do her own investigating. The doorbell rang and I got up and grabbed my wallet. I paid for the food and gave the young boy a good tip and we left talk about Mr. Novak for now, digging in. I turned the TV to the most recent episode of The Bachelor on Hulu and we enjoyed our food. We finished off the wine and the girls went home and I jumped in my bed with a little buzz. I stripped off my clothes and reached in my bedside table’s drawer from my purple vibrator. Wine always made me horny, and I knew exactly who I’d be fantasizing about tonight.

I took off my clothes and began to play with my nipples, tugging and pinching all the while seeing his face in my mind. The smirk he gave me, and the way his eyes never left my lips as I spoke. I turned on my vibrator and rubbed it between my now wet lower lips, lubricating it with my arousal. I slipped it in and began pumping in and out, my other hand leaving my breast to rub my swollen clit. I turned the vibration on the highest setting and got to work on my g-spot, feeling myself close. I closed my eyes and saw beautiful hazel eyes. I came loudly, giving my breast one last tug. I slowly came down from my high and got up to clean myself up. Not bothering to get dressed, I got into bed and slept like a baby. Tomorrow I would be face to face with my literal fantasies.

Author’s note: Hey, guys! Thanks so much for reading the preview on For You. If you’d like to continue the story, you can find it on the free app, Galatea. This story is filled with so much passion, I can’t even begin to tell you, but you’ll feel the need to burst too. See you there!

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