Rejected Mate (Book two of Alpha Mate series)

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Who wouldn't want to be the mate of an Alpha's daughter? No one, right? Wrong. Sinclair Fisher was the new playboy in school. The soon to be Alpha of the Solar Moon pack didn't want a mate. He only wanted to live his care free life as along as he could. All Layla Cross wanted was a mate. She had heard many stories about Sin. When she discovers he is her mate, she thought she could change him, but when he rejects her, her life turns upside down.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Layla POV:

Today is my 18th birthday, and also the day I hopefully find my mate. I've heard stories of love at first sight, but also rejection. Rejecting a mate is extremely rare so I'm confident that i will find a mate that loves me.

"Do I have to go to school today, daddy? It's my birthday." I asked.

Alex Cross, my father and Alpha of the Blood Moon pack, is the most powerful Alpha in the US. He was ruthless to his enemies but careing to his pack, much like my mother.

My mother, Sadie O'Connell, is the Luna of our pack. She is also ruthless to our enemies. She is the best mom in the world, though. Soon she and my dad will retire and the title of Alpha goes to my brother, Lucas.

How do I describe Lucas? Well, he likes girls. I mean he really likes girls. My mother hates the fact that he has a different girl in bed every night. She doesn't allow him to bring them home anymore after she caught them in the living room.

"Yes, honey. Just because it's your birthday, it doesn't mean I'm letting you ditch." Dad said. I sighed. "Fine." I replied and headed out the door with Lucas.

"Come on, sis. We'll still enjoy our birthday. It will just be after school." Lucas said as we walked. I smiled softly at him and nudged his side. "Do you think we'll find our mates?" I asked. "If we do, that's great, but if not, fuck it." He said and laughed. "It's all I've been able to think about." I told him.

When we got to school, my cousin, Sandy ran up to me and hugged my brother and I. "Happy birthday, guys!" She said, happily.

Sandy is a few months younger than Lucas and I. She's one of the sweetest girl I've ever met, just like my aunt Ellie.

I laced my arm through hers as the three of us walked through the hall. "Thanks, cuz." Lucas replied. "Yours is coming up soon, too Sandy. You excited?" I asked. "Very." She said and giggled.

Soon after getting to my locker, I smelled the most amazing scent. It smelled like Cinnamon. As I walked aimlessly, trying to find it, I came across Sinclair Fisher. As soon as I stopped, he looked at me. "Mate." We whispered.

He didn't have the look I thought he would. He scowled and walked up to me.

"First of all, I don't want a mate and if you tell anyone that I am your mate, I will deny it." He said and I started to tear up. "I, Sinclair Fisher future Alpha of the Solar Moon pack, reject you, Layla Cross, as my mate and future Luna." He spat in my face before walking away.

I couldn't believe it. He rejected me. I saw the stares of everyone around me and ran. I ran as fast as I could.

"Layla!" I heard Lucas as I collapsed on the ground and sobbed. Then I felt my brother wrap his arms around me. "What happened, Layla?" He asked. "My.. My mate rejected me." I told him. I looked up and saw the rage in his eyes. "Who?" He asked gritting his teeth. "Lucas, please. Don't start any trouble." I told him. "Who is he, Layla?" He asked again. I looked down before answering. "Sinclair Fisher." I said.

Lucas got up and stormed down the hall to find him. "No, Lucas!" I screamed as I ran after him.

When Sin was in sight, Lucas threw a punch to his jaw. "Lucas, stop! You're scaring me!" I yelled as they threw punch after punch at each other.

When those words left my mouth, they both stopped and looked at me. I didn't realize I had been crying until Lucas walked to me and wiped them away. "Let's go home." He said before leading me out if the building.

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