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Merissa meets Joel, and he’s her friend growing up. She has undeniable feelings for him that she's kept hidden from everyone around her. He is everything she needs and everything she wants. He’s complicated, mysterious and hot. The only problem is, Merissa and Joel are only friends. Time goes on with Merissa and Joel facing challenges together, but sometimes apart. Real life situations that can make or break them. One question runs through her mind. Should she tell him how she really feels or keep her feelings hidden? Their love story is anything but the average fairy tale, and it’s far from it. Life is complex, but love is blissful. Here is their story of True Bliss. © 2020 Breanne Bergie. All Rights Reserved.

Romance / Drama
Breanne Bergie
4.9 15 reviews
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Chapter ONE ~ The Beginning

TRUE Series:

True Bliss - Book 1

Truly Undercover - Book 2

True devotion - Book 3

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Back when I’m a small child, I did not have a care in the world. Playing is what I knew best. Especially when my mom goes to the coffee shop for hours on end and wants me to tag along. Little do I know, just doing that would lead me on a path that would change my life forever…

I find myself outside playing what I know best and that’s Wall Ball. Taking the ball and throwing it as hard as I can, against the wall of Timmy H. It’s the only coffee shop my mom loves. I spend hours there with her while she talks to friends. At this point in my life, it’s boring. Being outside in that fresh air is much more fun for me than anything else. Running towards the wall as fast as I can. While my younger brother, Marco, tries to catch the ball and throw it to the wall. Trying to get me before I can touch it.

“I will get ya!” Marco bellows.

“No way!” I yelled.

I push those little legs as fast as they can go and my hands bounce off the wall in a fast motion. Leaving me feeling breathless for a moment. I love the feeling and smile. I lean down to put my hands on my knees and I look up at Marco.

“See, I told ya!” I say, shouting from the top of my lungs.

“Guess I wasn’t fast enough, but I’ll get you next time!” Marco said as he gave me a little brotherly wink. We’re both usually competitive against one another, but lovingly. It’s always fun.

“When do you think mom will finish, Mer?” Marco asked as his face scrunched up.

“Not too much longer, I hope.” I replied as I fanned myself with my hand. “It’s getting hot out here and I really don’t feel like going in there. I don’t want to sit down and listen to them talk.”

Marco nods towards me in understanding and cries out, “Here, catch!”

He plays a fast one. I miss the ball and it goes bouncing away into the parking lot. Underneath, a parked car.

“Oh, great. I will get it…” I groaned as I ran over to the car and bent down on my hands and knees. Trying to see the ball way underneath. There’s no way I can reach it and I don’t want Marco going underneath the car. It doesn’t feel right and much too dangerous for a boy his age.

Just then, I see a boy who doesn’t look much older than me. Walking right our way. He’s tall for his age and I figure he can reach it. I get up off of the ground and look at the boy. Waving my hand in the air.

“Hey! Our ball went under the car.” I said, impatiently. “Do you think you could get it?”

The boy looks at me with curious eyes. Getting down on his hands and knees to have a look. He stands back up and looks at me. His deep eyes glisten in the sunlight.

Ya, for sure!” He replied as he immediately got to work. He retrieves it so quickly that I’m quite surprised, but then I notice it. My heart starts to flutter as it beats fast in my chest.

I’ve had crushes on boys before, but there was something different about this boy. Something I cannot explain. Maybe it had something to do with his eyes. They are so dark and filled with mystery. Something about him makes me curious.

“Thanks! That was very nice of you.” I said, beaming. “My brother and I really appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome. I saw it roll under and thought I could reach it.” The boy smiles and extends his hand. “My names, Joel.”

“I’m Merissa.” I said as I took his extended hand in mine and my heart beat sped up. Beginning to pound in my ears.

“This is my brother, Marco.” I said as I gestured towards my brother and released Joel’s hand.

“Do you mind if I play with you guys?” Joel asked. “I saw you playing, and it looks like fun.”

Joel seems a little nervous as he claps his hands together. Awaiting our answer. It’s almost like he thinks we may not let him play.

“What do you think, Marco?” I asked as I looked over towards Marco.

“I’m fine with it!” Marco replied as he smiled. “Besides, he saved our ball, Mer.”

“He’s right, you did. So, you can! We might be here for a while longer anyway, and the more players…” My voice trails off as I smile at him. Hoping it can make him feel more welcome. “The better.”

It works, and he smiles back. Then there’s that feeling again. That continuous and strong flutter in my chest. I push it aside, while Marco takes the ball and throws it to the wall.

So, Joel. Why are you here?” Marco asked.

Joel looks at me with those mysterious and dark eyes. He smirks as he catches the ball. “I’m here with my mom. She’s inside talking with some of her friends.”

“That’s so weird because we are too!” I exclaimed as I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

How is this possible? Both of our moms here at the very same place and their children meeting all because of a ball. This day is turning out to be quite interesting. Instead of two kids just playing a game of Wall Ball.

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