True Bliss - Book 1

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Chapter TWO ~ Fate or Coincidence

There it is again, that feeling of blood pumping in my chest. It picks up pace once more. I cannot believe the coincidence that Joel is here for the same reason as me. Maybe it’s fate and it has brought us here for some unknown reason to us. Having read about it in books or seen it in movies. Then again, it could just be a weird coincidence. I shake my head as I push the thought from my mind.

“Really?” Marco asked, looking rather suspicious. His eyebrows knitted together as he thought. “That’s so strange. I wonder... Well, no. There’s just no way…”

“If our moms know each other?” I asked quickly as I’m still shocked by the situation.

“Ya! There’s just no way, guys.” Marco said as he snickered and laughed. “That would be strange.”

Joel gives the most mysterious smile that makes my body tingle. “Well, there’s only one way to find out. Let’s go see!”

Springing our legs into action and running all together. We leave the ball right where it was. Leaving it for the next time we can all get together and play. Marco gets to the window first to look inside.

“See?” Marco said. “There’s our mom there with the light-colored hair and glasses.”

“And there’s my mom right beside her!” Joel exclaimed as his voice filled with excitement. “Short dark hair!”

He sounds so happy; it melts my heart. I’m becoming excited as I feel tingling adrenaline fuel up inside me. I watch my mom and Yvonne talk together and laugh. I cannot believe it, but it seems like they are friends. Never noticing it before now. Realizing I have seen them talking together many times before.

“Well, it definitely looks like they know each other. What are the odds!” Joel said as he looked just as surprised as everyone else.

“It’s kinda crazy. Imagine if my mom knew your dad too!” Marco exclaimed as he laughed till he snorted.

“Did you just snort, man?” Joel asked.

“Don’t worry. It totally runs in the family.” I reply, laughing.

I touch his arm lightly. The moment of contact sends tingles up my arm and it surprises me completely. This is definitely an unknown feeling for me, but excites me in a way. I pull my hand away. Breaking the rush of contact and feeling my cheeks turn a shade of pink.

Suddenly my mom stands up and is heading towards the door. Everyone acts casual. We all start to chat like nothing was just discovered. I can feel my mom’s eyes on me as she walks up to us. The sun shining in her dark hair as the light glistened softly off of every strand. I love the sight so much.

“Are you guys ready to head out?” She asked as she looked from Marco and back at me.

Sure, mama ya! More than ready.” Marco replied in excitement.

I laugh at his excitement. Marco has always been this way, calling her mama. Even though he’s nine and three years younger than me, I have to remind myself, it’s just his thing. He’s definitely a mama’s boy.

Merrisa are you ready as well?” She asked as she turned to look at me.

“Yes, mom.” I replied as I looked over at Joel and nodded my head. “We’re all ready to go.”

“Hey, will you guys be back?” Joel asked abruptly as he looked a little nervous awaiting my answer. I wondered what he’s thinking about behind those mysterious features.

“Yes, we will be back.” I replied as I smiled sweetly at him. “I’m surprised we have never seen each other here before.”

“Well, maybe we have and just thought nothing of it.” Joel said as he winked mysteriously at me. It makes my knees feel weak, but I hold myself together. Laughing because I don’t want him to see the effects, he has on me.

“Maybe you’re right.” I said with a shy smile. Feeling my cheeks turn crimson once more.

“I don’t think we met. I’m Carolyn. Merissa’s mom.” Carolyn said as she smiled and extended her hand.

“Pleased to meet you.” Joel said as he accepted her firm shake. Smiling as he looked towards her. “I’m Joel. Yvonne’s son.”

“Oh, really? That’s a pleasant surprise!” Carolyn said as she laughed loudly.

She always does this and it’s just that special feature I love about her. It’s what makes her unique. Makes her stand out from all the rest. I can always hear her laughter from across a crowded room. Knowing, without a doubt, where she is. Knowing full well that it’s my mom and no one else. The thought warms my heart as I look at her.

“Your mom and I became friends a while back.” Carolyn said. “She’s such a strong-willed person.”

“Well, she’s been through a lot.” Joel said with a sad voice. “We all have…”

Even though he’s so mysterious, I can see a quick bit of sadness as he says this. My heart goes out to him and I immediately feel like giving him a warm hug. Pulling him close and holding him tight. Trying to help take away that pain he feels and never letting it return.

“Well, she’s tough and I imagine you are as well young man. How old are you?” Carolyn asked.

“I’m 15 ma’am.” Joel replied.

“Oh, gosh! No need to call me ma’am.” Carolyn said. “You’re more than welcome to call me, Carolyn.”

“Okay, Carolyn.” Joel said laughing. “I can definitely do that.”

He gives me another mysterious wink. His laugh sounded so good I could just hear it for days. I feel heat run to my cheeks as I realize how much I would love that. Being around him for days and not wanting to leave.

“We-ll mom... Um... I think it’s time we get going?” I asked, softly as my eyes pleaded with her.

“Yes, I believe you’re right. It was great to meet you.” Carolyn says with a sweet smile. “We will see you around, young man.”

“Yes, for sure.” Joel said.

“Bye, Joel!” Marco says as he waves towards him. “See ya, man!”

I smile at Joel and wave. I gaze out the window as we drive away, in my mom’s shiny, blue car. Thinking one last thought about this boy that has affected me so much. I cannot help but wonder when I will see this mysterious boy again...

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