True Bliss - Book 1

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Chapter THREE ~ Years Fly By

As time passes, Joel and I continue to hang out. Becoming fast friends and hanging out together amongst others. Our moms are still getting together at the coffee shop and we’re still finding activities to do while we wait. I see Joel throughout the weeks. Then weeks turn into months and months turn into years. We practically grow up together as we get to know each other. Hanging out with family and friends. Before I knew it, I found out he doesn’t live far from me. Practically an eight-minute walk away from my family home. He lives with his mom, Yvonne. Who I get to know as she’s so friendly towards me. We somehow became fast friends just like her son and I did.

Having now grown into a teenager in high school. Who loves art class and dance. I also have come to love going to Timmy H with my mom. I love the social interaction with adults and learning unfamiliar things. Sitting amongst the tables socializing with the young and wise. Listening to their stories of life and learning from it as I go.

Joel is now working at Timmy H and worked his way up to manager. Feeling so proud of him for working hard to get where he is now. Not to mention, he looks amazing in his uniform. His mysterious and dark complexion definitely stands out. His muscles perfectly toned just enough to check out through his neatly kept uniform. His features fitting right in with his creamy and brown-colored uniform. It makes me melt inside. I cannot help but feel feverish when I see him.

“Hi, Joel.” I said as I fidget with my hair.

“Hey, Mer! What can I get ya?” Joel asked as he flashed me a gorgeous smile. “I already know your mom wants a small double, double.”

Feeling heat rising to my cheeks as I look up at him through my lashes. Feeling flustered like I always do when he’s around, but loving every moment of it. It’s very hard to hide. I would turn away, but his eyes have me trapped. Trapped under his intense gaze. They remind me of creamy milk chocolate. Everyone knows how much I love chocolate.

“Am I making you blush?” Joel asked as he smirked shyly.

“Can I get a brownie?” I replied instead of answering his question. I matched his smile as I felt it automatically spread across my flushed face. Brownies are one of my favorites at Timmy H. I swear by their brownies.

“Of course! How are you and your mom doing?” Joel asked as he prepared my order.

We fall into small talk and catch up. Just like we always do. Joel goes to pass my order, and our fingertips brush. Along with it, I feel that tingle go straight through, like the sweetest bliss. I cannot help but want more. Joel breaks the contact first and I smile at him shyly. Turning quickly away to cover the effect he had on me and bring the order over to my mom.

“Thank you, Merissa. How is Joel doing?” Carolyn asked. “He’s such a hard worker. He always has a job and works so hard at it.”

“He’s doing all right.” I responded. “Sounds like he may go back to school soon.”

“That’s good for him! A wonderful job and school.” Carolyn said, beaming. “That will be a lot to take on, but I know he can do it.”

Just then, an older man walks in. I discovered, somewhere through the years, that it’s Joel’s father. His name is Duke, and he looks a lot like his son. Just more balding with a receding hairline. Joel’s mother and father went through a divorce many years back. I don’t know much about that relationship at this point, but I do know that Yvonne tries her best to avoid him. Duke seems to still have that longing for his ex-wife, but Yvonne wants none of it. Even though they tend to hang around the same coffee shop.

Joel and I always joke that one day I will look just like my mom and he will look just like his dad. The thought brings a smile to my lips that now taste like warm brownie. I hear his dad give a big laugh. Sounding like it comes straight from his belly.

“Yep, that sounds about right!” Duke exclaimed.

“Hi, Duke. How are you?” Carolyn asked.

“I’m doing well, Carolyn.” Duke replied with a smile. “How about you?”

“We’re doing good. Merissa is doing well in school, and my home daycare is going well.” Carolyn says as she goes on. “We’re getting Merissa ready for college. We’re looking forward to that. She wants to do something with children.”

“Is that right? Good for you!” Duke exclaimed as he smiled towards me.

“Thank you. I am hoping to travel around the world or to Africa one day. I want to help those less fortunate children.” I say as I smile as I feel proud of myself. “If not, then I will settle for a childcare setting.”

As I talk and half listen to the surrounding conversations, my eyes drift over to Joel. Who’s working busily behind the counter. I’m almost seventeen and it’s not like I’m a virgin. I had a boyfriend that didn’t quite work out and the rest is just history. I didn’t feel anything for him like I do with Joel. The way he makes me feel is something I’ve never felt for anyone else.

As I watch him, I cannot help but think about his hands and how good they would feel on my body. How his kisses would be. I understand what it’s like to touch and like someone. I cannot help but want that from Joel. He’s all I have ever wanted, since we first met as kids. I cannot shake him. He’s always on my mind.

“Merissa... Merissa... Did you hear what I said?” Carolyn asked as her face looked puzzled.

“Oh, gosh. I’m sorry, mom. No, I didn’t.” I said as I lied and hoped the cover up succeeded. “I got lost in thoughts about school.”

“I was wondering when you would like to get going?” Carolyn asked. “You have school tomorrow. We should probably head out.”

“Yes, you’re right. We most definitely should.” I responded as I felt relieved.

As my mom and I leave, I cannot help but steal glances at Joel. He just always draws me in and it’s hard to look away. His toned body, his dark features and his dark hair, that sometimes gets a curl to it. Those chocolaty brown eyes and not to mention that ass. His personality is so caring for others and funny. I cannot help but care a lot for this man. I’m unsure if he even feels the same about me, but I don’t care. A girl can dream. Right?

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