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Chapter FOUR ~Friends

Nighttime has come on rather quickly. Finding myself at my window in my bedroom. Everyone has gone to sleep. Even Marco, after blaring his music on high for hours. Finding myself unable to sleep. My thoughts keep drifting to the future and what’s in store for me. I cannot help but wonder what I will do and if I will find that special someone to love me for who I am.

Looking out at the stars, it’s an absolute, glorious sight. They are shining so brightly in the sky, along with the moon. It’s creating a glow of light in the park behind my home. Suddenly, a thought comes over me and I begin to make a wish.

“I hope to find my special someone who is out there somewhere.” I whispered. “I want to experience a love that is so deep and pure that it takes my breath away. This is my absolute wish.”

As I said these words, I realized it was so powerful that I can feel wet tears streaming down my face. This is a powerful moment for me. One that I will never forget and with that, I go to bed. Falling into a fast and peaceful sleep.

School went by quickly the next day and after I found myself sitting at the curb of Timmy H. I’m there with my friends Sasha and Gabriel.

“That guy is hot!” Sasha exclaimed as she fanned herself with her hand.

“Yep, he’s totally your type all right!” I exclaimed.

Ya? What about me, Sasha?” Gabriel asked as he playfully winked her way.

“No offence, but you’re not my type.” Sasha replied, shaking her head.

“Non taken.” Gabriel said. “Totally get it.”

“Besides, there’s this girl I’m into and I hope she’ll come around.” Gabriel says with a shy smile. “Hopefully she will think I’m for her.”

“Oh, ya! And who might this be?” I asked as I crossed my arms. “This is the first time I’ve heard about it. You tell me everything!”

“Well, I don’t tell you everything. Besides, it may not work out, anyway.” Gabriel said as he shrugged his shoulders. “We will see.”

“Let’s head over to the Variety Store next door.” Sasha said. “There’s something I want to get.”

The Variety Store, next door to Timmy H, has been there for as long as I can remember. Being a favorite place for many to stop quickly at for what they need. It’s convenient when we hang out and want something other than coffee, juice, donuts, sandwiches or bagels.

“It’s okay. I will hang out here and wait for you guys to come back.” I said.

“You sure?” Sasha asked.

“Yes.” I responded.

“All right, I will bring you something back.” She said as she grabbed Gabriel’s arm. “Come on, Gab. Let’s go!”

He grins at me as she pulls him away. I hear them chatter as they head inside the store. Looking off into the distance of the busy intersection not far away. People crossing the street in a hurry or pulling into the parking lot. One of those people is Joel. My focus turns to him. Drawing me in like a moth towards a flame. The flame quickly burnt out when I realized his friend Stephan was following behind.

Joel comes closer and gathers me in a hug. The embrace is warm and sends tingles throughout my body. His powerful arms circle me and always makes me feel safe. As I pull away and break the embrace, Stephan gives a slight chuckle.

“What’s so funny, man?” Joel asked.

“Oh, nothing.” He said as he continued to chuckle.

Feeling unsure if Stephan even likes me, or just puts up with me. It’s almost like he’s jealous of anyone hanging out with Joel, other than him. I give him a look, but then turn my focus back to Joel.

“So, are you going to be at my school soon?” I asked cheerfully.

“Yep, I’m all signed up and ready to go.” Joel answered as he grinned. “I will probably see you there soon.”

“You should definitely stop by my dance class.” I said. “We usually practice out in the school’s entranceway.”

Feeling the heat rising in my body and the excitement growing. My dance class is something I love. It’s an escape from the school work I have to complete. It’s almost like a much-needed break. I would love to get Joel’s attention with my dance moves. Wondering if he would even notice and what he would think.

“Oh, dance class?” Stephan says with a half grin and a slight teasing wink at Joel.

“Yes, Stephan.” I said, shaking my head. “Dance class.”

Even though Stephan has a wife, I know other girls get his attention. He’s never seemed like the loyal type. He’s hardly home and always seems to be around. He got married far too young and feels stuck. Doesn’t know how to leave, so instead he does this. It’s most definitely not right and he should leave his wife if he’s unhappy, but this is his choice for now. He has to live with it.

“Hey, we’re back and I brought gifts!” Sasha announced as she passed me a chocolate bar. It’s my favorite. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. She knows me too well.

“Thanks, Sasha. You got me!” I exclaimed as I blew an air kiss her way.

“You know it, girl!” Sasha grinned.

“Hey Joel, how’s it going, man?” Gabriel asked as he waved towards Joel.

“Oh, you know, working, going back to school and just hanging out.” Joel replied as his eyes locked with mine. It almost seems like he’s struggling to say something, but remains silent.

“So, Sasha, you got a boy toy yet?” Stephan asked.

“Nope. I haven’t found the right one just yet.” Sasha replied. “Why, you ask?”

Sasha and Stephan are constantly flirting with each other. I almost wish they would get together, but then I don’t. He seems to be in a marriage he doesn’t even want, but using Sasha to get away from it. It’s always nice to feel wanted, but in this case. I want better for my friend, even though she doesn’t see it yet.

“Oh, just asking.” Stephan replied as he grinned and tapped her arm playfully. “Besides, you need a man who can handle you. Not some boy.”

“I do.” She replied and smiled as she did.

I frown at the sight of their flirting. Not liking what I see and wanting to interrupt. Finally, Joel clears his throat and places his hand on Stephan’s shoulder.

“Man, we better get going. We got that thing to do.” Joel said as he looked towards me. He definitely noticed I was a tad upset by the situation and I’m glad he stopped it.

“Oh, right, that THING.” Stephan replied, pointing his finger in the air.

Joel then turns to me and dabs my arm. I always love how gentle he is with me. My heart flutters in response to his touch. Beating wildly in my chest.

“I will see you at school then? You know, dance class?” Joel asked, giving me the most delicious grin and I just want to grab him. Pulling him in by his face and in for a kiss.

“Um, mm... Yes! I will see you then. You better be ready.” I teased playfully at him.

Swearing, I see a heated lust in his eyes for a quick instant as our eyes locked. Then again, it could all just be in my head. Joel and I have never been more than friends. I cannot help but wonder if there will ever be that chance.

“Oh, I will be. Trust me.” Joel says to me as he smiles. Everyone waves goodbye and Sasha turns to go.

“See you at school, girl! Love ya!” She says as she blows me a kiss.

“Love you too!” I said as I grabbed her kiss from the air and blew her one in return. I watch everyone depart as I sit with Gabriel on the curb. The air remains silent for two moments until he breaks it.

“So, I just got to ask. I see the way you and Joel look at each other. Are you guys more than friends?” Gabriel pondered curiously. “Is there something going on between you two?”

The question shocked me. Nobody has ever asked me or even noticed I have feelings for Joel before now. Has Joel said something to Gabriel? Now I’m curious. I try to keep my voice from sounding too high pitched with shock.

“What? Wh-yy, would you say that?” I asked as I tried to keep my body from shaking. The feeling of possibly being caught having me all shook up.

“Like I said. I see the way you guys look at each other.” Gabriel replied as he watched me closely. “It’s like there’s something there.”

“Oh? Well, I honestly do not understand what you’re talking about because we are just friends.” I said as I can’t look him in the eyes. Looking off into the distance as if the subject doesn’t interest me one bit.

“Honestly?” Gabriel asked.

“Yep!” I said. Totally lying. Even though I don’t want to. It would be nice to talk with someone about my feelings, but I think better of it.

Now that that just happened, it makes me wonder how many people can see. Do they see my actual feelings for Joel? Even though I thought for sure I had them hidden, or is Joel feeling the same way?

To Be Continued...

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