Her Ace of Spades

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Ace has to make drastic decisions to keep his family safe and his new born baby. The gang is back for blood, and the Ace of Spades, is not going down without a fight. They want a peaceful life for their baby, and a happily ever after... but at what cost? *This is book #2 of (His Cupcake). Make sure to read (His Cupcake) before reading this book!*

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(1) Long coat guy

*Hey everyone! If you need a recap of what happened last in (His cupcake) book, read the last few chapters before continuing. Enjoy!*

1 Month later:

“Cupcake, I love you, but if you fart in my face I won’t buy you any more chocolate.” I hear Ace say as I’m drifting asleep, then I wake back up, and look around. I laugh as I realize I fell asleep with my butt to his face.

“Sorry, it’s just... Pregnancy has got me sleeping in weird positions. I just can’t find a comfortable one.”

I sit up and face him. The sun is glowing through the window over his handsome face, and he smirks.

“I can think of a few comfortable positions that don’t involve sleeping Cupcake.”

“Ummm, please. I could use a mindblowing orgasm right now Ace.” I bite my lip and he grabs me and pulls me on top of him. His gaze is hot and hungry.

“I can’t let my wife, go any longer without a mind-blowing orgasm then, can I?”

I shake my head.

“You better not,” I say as I pull my nightgown over my head and toss behind me. He groans as he holds my hips and presses his hardness against me beneath his boxers.

I moan out his name and grind over him. Pregnancy makes me so frisky, and Ace and I have been having more sex than a normal couple would be having.

“Don’t tease me Ace, I need you,” I tell him as he tweaks my nipples, chuckles.

“Oh, my love... Did you forget who your dom is?” He whispers against my neck before biting it. We have always felt comfortable with our kinks, and I love it when he dominates me in bed.

“No sir,” I say licking my lips, and he winks at me before laying me gently on the bed, and handcuffing my wrist to the headboard.

“Then you won’t mind if I use this on you?”

He asks as he reaches into his drawer and pulls out a riding-whip, also known as a flogger. It’s painless but leaves a subtle sting, that drives me into bliss.

“Please do.”

He bites his lips before spinning me around and spanking my butt with it.

“Is my Cupcake ready for me?”

He sticks his finger inside of me and I whimper as I wiggle towards his hand. As he pulls his hand away, I hear him as he sucks his finger. Tasting me.

“I’d say you are.” He says before entering me a slow delicious stroke.

“Umm, Ace. Faster.”

And he obliges, sliding into me fast and hard, then he slows down, then he goes fast again, driving me insane. Soon I’m coming in a tsunami of pleasure, squeezing his member tightly, and he follows suit.


“That’s it Cupcake.”

He unlocks the cuffs as we both try to even out our heavy breathing.

“Ace? Can we go out for some icecream? That just made me crave cookie dough ice cream.”

He chuckles.

“You say that while I’m still inside you? fine. you had me at cookie dough. Get dressed.” He spanks my butt as he slides out of me. He hops off the bed and walks into his huge closet.


I lick my icecream happily as Ace and I walk hand in hand in central park. We people watch and sneak sweet kisses here and there, then Ace’s phone rings. He pulls it out and answers it.

“Hansel Holmes speaking... Oh Mr. Cornell, of course, I haven’t forgotten. I will see you in a few hours. Bye now.” He hangs up and gives me an apologetic smile.

“We’ll have to cut this date short Cupcake. That was my business advisor, wanting to have a meeting with me soon. I’ll make it up to you.”

I smile warmly at him as I place a lingering kiss to his lips.

“You’ve already made it up with Ice cream. I’m a happy woman.” I say as I lick the last bit of ice cream off the spoon.

“And so is our little Shortcake.” I pat my tummy and he can’t contain his happiness as he leans over and places a kiss on my growing belly.

“Alright then, let’s get you two home.” He says as he walks me back to one of his many cars.


Ace gets ready for his meeting and he is dressed in an elegant suit that I can’t wait to take it off of him when he gets home. He kisses the top of my head as he grabs his keys.

“Stay Sweet my love, I’ll be back later.”

“Muah.” I blow him a kiss and he catches it. Gosh we are that couple people make gagging noises at, but we would just smile, ignoring it.

I walk to the fridge and realize that we’re running low on a few things. I make a shopping list, and fold it up. Ace says that I could just call his driver to buy me anything I want without me having to leave the house, but that just feels weird.

I’m not used to that kind of thing, and even ace hates it, but he thinks because I’m pregnant I can’t move around as much. It’s silly but sweet that he’s so caring.

I take the apartment keys, and my purse off the counter, and make my way out. The supermarket is so close that taking a car would be unnecessary.

I ride the elevator down and walk towards the supermarket. Whenever I walk in New York City, I make sure to be at least 4 feet away from strangers. I walk past a man in a long black coat smoking a cigar while leaning against a wall.

Who the heck wears a coat that thick and heavy in fall? People are strange.

The doorbells of the little supermarket ring as I walk in.

“Aye Heather, how’s pregnancy treating you?” Noah, the owner of the store greets me with a smile.

“Pretty great Noah. How is your wife doing with her pregnancy?”

“Eh, ya know... she’s always complaining that there’s no cheese in the house, but other than that, she’s healthy and the baby is healthy.”

I giggle.

“That’s great. Your baby is going to grow up addicted to cheese.” I joke and he laughs.

“Hey, better than addicted to drugs.”

“Right. Tell Arial I said hello.”

He nods.

“Will do.”

I look over my list and scan through the isles, looking for bagels. Then I see the coat guy. The same one I walked past, also shopping.

He walks to the opposite side of me to grab some bread, and the overbearing smell of cigarettes overwhelms me.

I walk away, with my raisin bagels, and look for some pasta bows.

Then the coat guy apparently has the same idea, except he reaches for the angel hair pasta instead.

Something tells me that something is not right about this guy. But then again, going through a trauma like the one I went through when I was kidnapped, makes you really paranoid.

It’s probably just in my head.

I quickly finish my shopping and go to Noah to check out. I look around anxiously.

“Hey Heather, you look like you’ve seen a ghost. Something wrong?” He asks concerned.

“No, nothing’s wrong,” I say almost questionably.

“Alright then your total is 23.40.”

I swipe my card, and he bags my items.

“Are you sure you can carry this?” He asks as he hands me the bags.

“Yeah it’s not too heavy. Take care Noah.”

I smile as I leave the mini-market. He’s nice and all, but I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

As I’m walking home I get a strange feeling I’m being followed. I keep looking back and finding no one suspicious.

Calm down, Heather. What the heck.

I get to the apartment building and make a beeline towards the elevator. I read memes to past time since Ace and I live on the very top floor, and the rides were just a bit too long.

As soon as I get into the house I stand behind the shades, and peek out the window with some binoculars Ace leaves around. When I don’t see anything I check the other window then I see him. Horror goes right through me.

The long coat guy is standing by our building talking on the phone. It looks like he is having a heated discussion. Oh, God.



I yell as Ace talk’s behind me.

“Oh... you scared the crap out of me Ace.”

He gives me a confused look, and place his hands on either side of my face.

“I was just going to tell you that the meeting went well... Why are you so jumpy?”

I shake my head. I don’t want to worry him. Especially when all of this could just be coincidental.

“I just... I don’t know. I need a nap.” As I walk past him he grabs me and pulls me back.

“What happened Cupcake?”

I sigh.

“I thought I was being followed, come here.” I pull towards the window to see the guy but he’s no longer there.

“What am I looking at?”

“Never mind the guy is gone. But on my walk to the mini-market, I saw a guy with a long black coat. I didn’t think anything of it until he started simultaneously shopping as well, and we keep finding each other in the same isles, and not too long ago he was standing right down there with a phone.”

I look to Ace who has completely tensed up with furrowed eyebrows.

“I need more information, what did he look like Heather?”

“Um... middle-aged, gray beard, I couldn’t see his eyes, because he had some aviators on, but he was tan, and smelt like cigarettes.”

He rubs his head frustrated.

“But I don’t want you to worry Ace, it was probably a coincidence.”

He shakes his head.

“I don’t believe in any of that, and neither should you. We have to be extra careful now, especially since you are also carrying our child Heather.”

I rub my belly, and I realize he’s right.

“Don’t go out alone anymore, either call me or my driver.”

I nod.

“I hope to God the gang hasn’t found us.” He says with a clenched fist.

“Why would the gang want you anyways?” I ask him and he lets out a deep breath.

“Because of my money and the fact that they feel like they still own my life. The gang leader is a greedy mother fucker, with a large team of dogs that follow his every command.”

I hold his clenched hand and place a kiss on the back of it. He looks at me a bit more relaxed.

“I overreact a lot, and like I said its probably nothing. Let’s just call over Clara, and Cameron, and watch a movie.”

He sighs heavily.

“Okay, let’s do that.”

He agrees with me but I can tell his mind is thinking of negative things.

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