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As a demon with a devilish reputation and habit of tormenting poor mortal souls Zion has found himself utterly bored of the human realm. Humans have become predictable and with laws in place preventing him from having any real fun he's forced to live his eternal life in everlasting boredom. That is until he meets Lisandra, a mortal woman who has his body aching and heart pounding at every turn. But he can't have her without breaking her, what will he do when he falls in love with someone doomed to die? This book was inspired by another book, it has some similarities but all in all I decided to go in a different direction with this. But if you are looking for a great read check out illuminated by Farrah Khan Al-Mousawi on ikitt! 10 out of 10 you won't regret it!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Zion growled irritably as he sat with his friend Titus, both of them watching the girls in the strip Club. He was particularly agitated with all the ogling he received from the girls, they were all attracted to him and Titus, some things never changed. Though his more womanizing and angelic looking friend seemed to attract more.

He was a big guy, he knew that, not an ounce of fat on him and nothing but muscle with a hulking figure. His black hair was slicked back, curling at the nape of his neck and outlining the strong line of his jaw. He was covered in tattoos with a leather biker jacket over a plain white tank top and some cargo pants, his black biker boots planted firmly on the ground as he tried his best to ignore the girls.

His friend Titus however was lithe with broad shoulders, lean hips, and the face of an Angel. But of course all angels kept their striking good looks after the fall, how else would they lure in unsuspecting humans?

"Come on Zion. Cheer up. Just because your losing your libido doesn't mean you can cock block me." Titus hissed, giving a charming smile to one of the passing waitresses. He heard the humans heart skip a beat and rolled his eyes when the woman sent him a scalding look. Poor girl got stood up by him and still desired the demon.

"They're so predictable and cheap." He scowled, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at the women. "Not to mention disgusting." He grumbled. Titus turned his green gaze to him, a strand of the demons silver hair falling over his face.

"Just admit it. Your bored." He tensed at the suggestion, his gold eyes burning into his friends.

"So what if I am?" He hissed, his anger boiling up. He was known for his temper, but he had never unleashed it on his friend before.

"Why don't you take a couple centuries off then, think about shit. Do stuff that makes you feel good and hype up that crazy libido of yours." He said, his eyes trailing after a particularly good looking gal that gave him the come hither eyes. "They may be predictable but damn do they come in some pretty nice shapes."

Zion shook his head, downing the couple shots of vodka on the table including Titus'. Maybe he was bored. Times weren't like how they used to be where he could torment poor souls on a whim. Now he had to hide his existence from them and it pissed him off every time one of them thought they were better, he longed to crush them under his boot and see their blood run.

"I don't even know what I'd do with a vacation." He sighed and shook his head. Though it didn't sound unappealing, he wouldn't mind going to Hawaii for a while and get a tan, but other than that he'd just be as restless as he was now.

Titus shrugged, giving him a dirty look when he realized his shots were gone. He raised his hand and flagged down a waitress, the tall brunette sauntering over, her revealing outfit would do nothing against the cold Russian winter outside, but he supposed some women preferred that over reason. Titus raked his gaze over her, a disarming smile on his face as he watched her hips sway in a slight exaggeration.

"What can I get you two?" She asked in a sultry voice, fluttering her fake lashes at them. He nearly peeled his lip back in disgust when Titus kicked him under the table, giving him a look that said not to fuck it up for him.

"I'll take three shots of the strongest thing you got." Zion was barely able to pull off a charming smile without showing how irritated he was, hearing the woman's heart flutter. He had to keep himself from gagging on her perfume, ignoring how she pressed her breasts together suggestively while her skimpy outfit left little to the imagination.

"Why don't you get me some tequila darling." Titus said in a deceptively sweet tone that had her practically swooning.

"I'll get that right to you." She turned away from them, making a slow retreat to show off her goods no doubt, not that he was interested. It was then that he gagged, Titus kicked him again and showed his irritation, riling him up enough to bare his long canines.

"Would you at least try to pick up a chick tonight? It might do you some good and clean up that piss poor attitude of yours." Zion snorted and waved him off.

"Pass thank you. None of these humans are in the least bit appetizing for me." He leaned back in the booth and stretched out his long legs, watching the dancers on stage. Not a single damn twitch. Nothing. No reaction whatsoever. He hadn't gotten a rise out of his libido in months. Growling low in his throat he searched for that damn waitress and found her sauntering her way back over with their drinks.

As soon as she set them down he slung them back and stood up, towering over the woman. Her eyes widened as she realized just how big he was and took a hesitant step back, fear tinging the air.

"I'm going to go. Enjoy the rest of your night." He ignored Titus and his protests as he turned and left, stepping out into the cold. The snow fall hardly effected his demonic heat as he started the long walk back to his place. He had decided to forgo his bike and walk instead when he had come to the stupid strip club, now he was regretting it.

His wings itched to be set free under his skin, how he would love to fly, unfortunately the city was lit up like a damn beacon so he couldn't risk humans seeing him. He clenched his jaw and scowered the streets for anything that could give him at least a semblance of entertainment.

It wasn't until he came to a stop at the crosswalk that he froze up. There was something in the air, something tantalizingly sweet like lilacs, it was strong, closing his eyes he inhaled deeply finding his head swimming at the heady feeling it caused.

He looked around for the source and found a lone woman walking down the street away from him, she didn't look anything special, long curling bright orange and gold hair, wrapped up in a thick jacket with a bright blue scarf. Her heart shaped ass swayed with each step and he found himself staring. She was short, the top of her head probably came to the bottom of his pecks. He felt his cock twitch and choked back a laugh.

Halle-fucking-lujah! He thought with glee, finally something after endless nights of trying to get it up and being driven crazy. He had just found his prey for the night. Taking a step in her direction he noticed another had his eyes on the woman. Chuckling darkly he ran his tongue over his fangs, delight spreading through him. There was nothing like stealing prey from another.

Zion moved swiftly, closing in on his target before putting his arm around her shoulders. She yelped and made a move to run but he gripped her tightly, taken by surprise as she turned her face up to his. All the breath was knocked out of him as time seemed to slow down, his gaze clashing with hers.

She was absolutely beautiful, with a fair complexion, big doe eyes and full lips made for kissing, her eyes were most shocking, a mismatch of blue and green outlined with long dark lashes, they were like jewels sparking up at him. Her cheeks were flushed from the cold and gaze wide with fear, her body giving a slight tremble. He noticed then how small she was, how delicate and vulnerable she looked staring up at him as if he might just devour her right then and there. Which was tempting.

"Hello darling. I didn't expect to see you out tonight." He said, just loud enough for the guy hiding in the shadows to hear. She still looked like she was ready to bolt, her hands gripping a light brown satchel that had been slung over one shoulder.

I swear to the fiery pits of hell if she has pepper spray. He swore to himself, plastering a charming smile on his face.

"There's someone following you doll." He murmured quietly, not taking his eyes from her.

"I-I'm sorry?" Immediately he knew she wasn't from Russia, completely skewering the language as she spoke softly. "I-I don't speak Russian very well."

No shit. He could tell that she knew the bare minimum and that was it. But he contained his irritation and continued to act the part of a friendly biker.

"E-English?" She asked in a small voice, it was really pretty and gentle, not in the least bit aggravating like most humans were and a complete submissive. Just his type.

"I said there's a guy following you sweetheart." He said in perfect English. "Act like you know me." He tore his gaze away and pushed her forward with a hand on the small of her back. He heard her heart stutter and he seethed with pleasure on the inside, the scent of her fear hitting the air. She was afraid of him. Good, she should be for what he had planned for her.

"I-I'm just coming home from work!" She said a little louder in Russian like he had done, the slight tremble in her voice giving away her fright, but the way she spoke made him chuckle.

"You are terrible at Russian." He mused, her face flushing with embarrassment. "Where are you going?" He formed a plan in his head. Obviously the little morsel was too delectable to pass up, he could use his powers to put her under his control and have some fun. However as he was reaching out with them he found himself recoiling at the burning sensation touching her mind gave him.

Zion had caught a glimpse of light, beautiful, pure light that emanated from her like an inner sun. Clenching his jaw to keep it from dropping he nearly faltered in his step. He felt his heart leaping in his throat as excitement began to pound its way through him.

How the fuck did he get lucky enough to run into a child of light? They were extremely rare, immune to demon tricks and filled with nothing but innocence. It had been so long since he had turned one to the darkness. It had been the most fun he had ever had. Running a tongue over his fangs he suppressed the wicked grin growing on his lips.

He was definitely going to have fun with this one, though from the looks of her she was going to take some time to woo and seduce. It would be much worth the delicious torture he'd put himself through to get her, he'd get the biggest rush once he crushed that beautiful spirit of hers.

"I'm actually a bit lost." The small voice pulled him from his thoughts and he glanced down at the little thing beside him. He couldn't wait to get his greedy claws on her, throwing out his senses he cracked his neck and lifted his hold to her shoulder when he found the creep was still following them.

Something slithered jealously through him, something possessive that hissed at the idea of his new prey falling to that bastard. Of course he had stolen her first so that must have pissed them off, but if they were willing to go up against someone like him then they were pretty ballsy.

"Well where are you trying to get to sweetheart?" Zion asked, glancing down at her, that same shock jolting through him when her eyes met his. An address tumbled out of her pretty little mouth and he almost rolled his eyes, swearing inwardly. "That's on the other side of town."

She looked around nervously, shifting a bit closer to him to his great surprise, he was accustomed to women throwing themselves at him, but never had a woman come to him for protection, it was an odd feeling. Grimacing he reached into his inside pocket for his cigarettes and pulled one out before realizing he didn't have a lighter. Normally he'd just light it with his demon fire but with the human with him...

"Do you not have a lighter?" She asked, causing him to glance at her, forcing a fake, sheepish smile.

"I guess I forgot it at home." She stopped and lowered her head, her hair falling about her face as she opened up her bag. He watched as she dug around and pulled out a sparkling pink lighter, holding it up for him so he could light it. Of course she would like girly things like glitter and sparkles, what girl didn't.

"You smoke doll?" He asked, watching her blush and look away all shy, it was getting him all riled up and wanting. He couldn't resist the timid ones, it brought out the predator in him in all the best ways.

"No. But I keep a survival kit on me at all times." She gave him a warm smile and his heart stopped. He had seen some things in his life, but her smile was by far the most beautiful he had ever seen.

"Cautious much?" He mused, taking a deep drag on his cigarette and blowing it out his nose. The little thing tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, looking away.

"If only. You wouldn't believe the things that happen to me." He choked back a snort, of course. She had to be one of those children of the light. There were a special few that had the worst luck, always getting into the worst situations or getting hurt. He wondered how some of them even survived the shit they went through.

"Let me guess, magnet for trouble?" She gave him another smile and nodded, he put his hand on her back and pushed her as gently as he could, walking with her.

"Is he still following?" She asked timidly, causing his jaw to clench, using his superior senses he ground his teeth together in irritation. Did this fucker not know how to back off?

"Yes." Was all he said, once again surprised when she hesitantly took hold of his leather sleeve. He had to keep from snapping at her when she did that, it was his favorite leather jacket she was grabbing. But he supposed a little fold in the leather would be worth the sacrifice.

"Is this ok?" She asked quietly.

"Having a petty girl hanging on me? Of course it is." He gave her the most dazzling smile he had, pleased when he heard her heart flutter in her chest. He could come up with a plan later, right now he just needed a way in and with her being the shy type he figured kindness and charm was it.

The rest of the walk was quiet, neither of them speaking, and to his utter annoyance the bastard kept tailing them. When they finally reached her home he felt the presence of others, two humans inside. As soon as they stepped up the porch light lit up and he heard the voices start inside.

"Thank you." She said, turning to him and giving him a warm smile. "I probably would have frozen to death or worse if you hadn't come to my rescue." He took the cigarette out of his mouth and put on his best face, his anger simmering just below the surface. He wouldn't let anything happen to her unless it was his doing, and with that guy hanging about still he was sure he'd be beating someone by the end of this night.

"Anything for a damsel in distress." He murmured, flicking the ash onto the snow and sniffing the cigarette out on the stone railing. She opened her mouth to say something but the door was roughly jerked open. A tall slender man stepped out, wrapping his arms around the little thing and causing him to stiffen in anger.

Something black and ugly crawled up his spine as he watched them embrace, his inner voice hissing that she was his prey. It took him a moment to take in the fact they had a similar scent, meaning that they were related thank the fiery pits.

"Lisandra where have you been!" He put himself between him and his prey speaking perfect Russian and pissing him off greatly. "Kat and I have been worried sick!" His human gave a poorly spoken apology and motioned to Zion when he let go.

"Some guy was following me Alex, he walked me home." She said in English, her brother turned a sharp, piercing gaze to him, his dark brown eyes calculating. It put him on edge, surely he couldn't see through the glamour he put over himself to make his eyes more human. The man stuck out his hand and clenched his jaw as if he didn't quite trust him, and he shouldn't for good reason. But he didn't need to know that.

"Thank you for bringing her home safely." Zion had the insane urge to crush this human who continued to eye him with daggers. Continuing the act of friendliness however he took his hand and shook it firmly, winking at Lisandra behind him just to irritate the bastard.

"Who could resist coming to the aid of such a beautiful woman." He let go of his hand and turned his attention back to her brother.

"My sister means the world to me. If there's anything you need don't be afraid to ask." This had him grinning from ear to ear like a cat that just caught the canary, of course he hid it well behind a gentle smile.

"Perhaps a certain ladies number might suffice?" He slid a dazzling grin her way and saw her lips turn up, her lashes lowering to hide her pretty mismatched eyes from his seeking gaze. Her brother however stepped in front of her to block his view of the tasty looking mortal.

"Lisandra why don't you go inside and I'll give him your number, I'm sure you must be freezing." He said roughly in English. "Kat will make some hot Coco for you."

"Alright." The small human stepped out from behind him and opened the door to inside, glancing at him nervously and biting her lip. He had to choke back his groan at how enticing it made her look, he hadn't been this interested in a human in centuries.

"Thank you again... I never did catch your name." She tilted her head slightly and tucked her hair behind her ear, her lips parted just the tiniest.

"Zion. But you can call me anything you'd like, Lisandra." Her eyes widened a little and she gave him the sweetest smile that had him adjusting his stance so neither of them could see what she was causing in his body.

"Goodnight Zion." Lisandra said softly, closing the door behind her and leaving him with her brother. Turning his burning gaze on the man in question his friendly smile disappeared as soon as he saw the death glare the human held.

"Be gone spawn of hell." He spat, instantly putting him on high alert. There was no way he could see through the glamour! He wasn't a child of light like his sister, but his eyes held a spark of fire that said he could see everything. Forcing his body to not react he put on a disgruntled and confused face.

"I'm sorry?" The human took up a defensive stance in front of the door as if he was going to break it down and snatch up his sister and whoever else was in there. Not that the idea wasn't appealing, one for a snack and the other to toy with, though with her being a child of light he'd probably have to force her and he wasn't into that. He always wanted them begging for him.

"Don't bother playing. I could feel your evil presence a mile away." Alex hissed, peeling his lip back in disgust. He felt his claws lengthen and his fangs tingled, wanting so badly to tear into the human that dared speak to him in such a way, but that would ruin his plans for little Lisandra.

"I'm honestly hurt, I had nothing but good intentions bringing her home." He put a hand to his chest, furrowing his brow and doing his best to play the role of a simple human. The brothers eyes darted to his claws and he grinned, shaking out his hand and forcing them away. "Alright. Maybe I did not have the best intentions in mind." His voice dropped an octave and he showed his true colors, the winter air chilling further into an unforgiving bite and the darkness gathering about him.

Alex glared and started speaking gibberish, however the words slid over his skin and burned like hell, making him take a step back, his grin dropping. Gritting his teeth he spat curses under his breath and turned away, only admitting defeat because murdering the boy would ruin his plans.

"The bastard followed us all the way here. I'd keep an eye on her if I were you." He spat, throwing a seething look his way. He needed to get out of there and regroup, get his bearings and form a plan that would get him in with his little prize before her brother could stop him.

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