Her Escorted Flame

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Just being her Escort is not enough. I vow to protect Aria even if I have to lie my way in, no haunted castle, ghosts, or her own father will separate her from me. Being his boss was not enough, even though I'm going blind, he vows to protect me even though a dark secret haunts us. I don't care because he Flames up in me something that I never felt before.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1: Escort

AN: My grammar isn't great, so please be warned.

This is Book 3 of Chronicles of Fidem

(Book 1: Her Midnight Miracle)

(Book 2: Touching Him Softly)


Early April of 1957

I needed an escort, little did I knew, I got more than just that. When I hired him out of a lie he told, it was the best mistake I ever made.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am.”

“I never heard of you.”

“I just take rare cases.”

“You do?”

“Yes little dove, I do.” I heard him say as he sits right in front of me. His voice is soft to the touch but deep, very deep voice that I can hear it vibrate against my ear.

“D...Dove?” I questioned not getting why he called me like that, but I didn't question him.

“Is that so?”

“Of course. You think I’m lying?”

“Of course not, it just I never heard of you. I thought Foster will be the one taking me. Never thought he’ll find a replacement.”

“Ah, he’s not young as he used to.”

“But he’s forty and in great shape.” There was an awkward silence between both of us before he clears his throat.

“I must have heard wrong, the connection wasn’t great when he called me.” yet he sounded as though he made it up in the spot. I arched a brow.

I place my hand on the round table, I squint my eyes trying to get a better look at the man in front of me. From what I can make out, he has a beard and a mustache, not thick though. Dark brown hairbrush to the side, with thick sideburns, but it’s very light. Small lips, but plump and a normal looking nose.

If I wasn't for sure, he could look very handsome.

That’s all I can make out from him.

“Look little Dove, do you need an escort or not? I’m cheap at that, I’m sure you won’t find anyone like me and I know the outskirts of the road back mountains like the back of my hand. I guarantee you that.” He tells me. I adjust my big thick black eyeglasses and look down at my lap.

“I.. I need an escort to take me to meet my fiancé Abraham and my father. They told me that they found a doctor that can help me see clearly again so when I get married next month, I want to able to see it.” I told him.

“I didn’t ask you for your life story, I just want to know if you are willing to hire me.” He said in a monotone.

“Aren’t you a bit rude? I.. I’m trying to explain to you why I need to go. No need to be rude.” I told him as I lift my gaze causing him to raise a brow.

“Because I need the money, I like to be direct little Dove.” He said to me.

“Me too, are you sure Foster sent you? I mean I haven’t even placed it in the ads.”

“If you want you can ask him.” He tells me as I watch him take something out of his brown vest pocket and slips me a card. I look down, but I couldn’t’ read what it said. It’s so dim.

“What’s this?”

“The phone number for Foster.” He said to me. I bite my lower lip not sure how to receive this as. I stood up and grabbed my cane, after getting the card, of course.

I walk around the table using the cane as my guide to passing through some few people that were in the way.

After getting the only phone on top of the restaurant table, I wave to the waiter that was wiping something in the front of him. Yet, I felt a warm big hand drape over mine, taking the receiver right out and causes me to look up at the man. He’s taller than me, I can tell I reach to his chin.

“I’ll call,” he whispers against me causing me to clear my throat as a slightly strange shiver ran down my spine.

I watch him call the number.

I continued to stare at him trying to see if I can get a better view of his face. Too bad I couldn’t make out his feature well.

“Foster, Miss Aria wants to speak to you.” The young man said as he hands me the phone. I stretch my hand and he hands it over.

“Thanks,” I said as I place the receiver up to my ear.

“Hi Foster, I wanted to know if..”

“He’s trustworthy, he’s my best friend nephew. I’m sorry I couldn’t escort you since something came up. He’s a good worker and cheap at that. I promise you he won't do anything to you. Trust me when I say that.” I heard. I arched a brow confused by this. His tone felt off as though he was forcing it or something.

“Foster, is something wrong with your throat? It sounds scratchy.” I asked concerned.

“Cold, a bad cold.” He began to cough. My eyes widen now getting why.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Please stay and rest a lot. I’ll send you a hot tea lemon. I’m sorry to hear this, may God help you.”

“Thanks, Miss Aria.” With that, he hung up. Upon returning back to our desk, I sat right back down and pounder on this.

I trust Foster, he's my father right-hand man,m he never let me down. Alright. If God sent me this man then I will take it.

“Still doubting? If I’m lying, may God send his lightning to strike me now.” He said, not noticing the strange look he gave after he said.

I adjust my glasses and snorted bucking my teeth out, to be honest, many people told me when I laugh I sound like a pig.

“You’re funny. God won’t strike anyone unless you did something bad. I was just thinking is all.” I said to him. The man in front of me stares at me but shook his head.

“Then it’s a deal? I’ll escort you and you just pay me Four hundred.” He asks. I nodded as I stood up and extend my hand out.

“Yes, it's a deal you'll be my escort. What’s your name I forgot to ask.” A glint past his eyes as he kept staring at me. Somehow his stare alone causes me to feel weird. I'm not sure why, but I think he's undressing my soul or something, but it doesn't feel as though perverted at all. I can't explain it myself, but it felt more than just that.

With Abe, I never experience this.

“Meyer,” he introduces himself to me as he takes my hand after he stood up, for some odd reason his hand felt warm against mine.

"Meyer?" I repeated, feeling as though I heard this name before. I'm not sure when, but if I'm not wrong, my father mentioned this name through a phone conversation. He was so mad that he threw the phone and scared me as he basically threw me out of his office.

It can't be him, Foster will never go against my father. Well, there are lots of men that have the same name. Right.

Yet his handshake felt very warm, unlike Abraham, his hands are always cold.

I smiled gently at Meyer and nodded.

“Then you’re hired. I’m Aria Fawn.” He kept holding my hand and somehow I didn't' even try to remove it.

“Your last name suits you.” He said to me. I tilted my head confused by his words.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“When are you leaving?” he asks changing the subject. To be honest, I like his voice, it sounds very soothing to me. Unlike Abraham, he has a rougher voice and colder.

“Well, tomorrow morning. So please get ready and get everything ready. I will have everything pack for a week's worth of travel.”

“Make it more than a week,” Meyer suggested.

“Huh?” he threw me off guard.

“You never know sometimes hicking travels extend more than the normal and especially where we going its quite dangerous.” He explains to me. I nodded at him.

“Good idea. So you’ll escort me and wait until I get my surgery done when I'm ready you'll take me back, I’ll pay you the first half tomorrow and the rest when we come back. Abraham told me through the phone that he’ll will accompany us back since we have to get our wedding ready.” I said getting excited by this.

“Must love each other lots?” he said, but his tone sounded as though he wasn’t pleased by this.

Is it me? He sounds irritated by the question he just asked me. I may not be good at seeing, but I’m pretty good at picking up people’s emotions through their voices.

“Well, he’s the first man to court me and he’s very sweet. Last month, he kissed my hand after he proposed to me.” I blushed hard.

“Must have been a thrilling kiss?” He said with a dry joke. I nodded feeling happy about that.

“I never had anyone kiss me before. So it was so thrilling. I wish I could have seen his reaction.” I mumbled not sure why I’m telling him this.

“Just the hand and he rocks your world, must be on hell of a bad boy,” Meyer said once more, not sure if he was joking or not.

I snorted a giggle covering my mouth.

"Now, I don't put it like that. He's sweet, you sure like to joke a lot." I said to him. He arched a brow.

"I wasn't' joking." He murmurs under his breath. I wiggle my ears and my giggle drops.

Oh, I thought he was. Aria, you're normally good at these things, whats' wrong with you? He's making me lose concentration.

I look at him and then I realized that we were still holding hands all through this conversation.

I cleared my throat and remove my hand from his placing it behind my waist.

“Well, see you tomorrow morning. You know where I live right?”

“Yes. Foster gave me the address.” He said to me. I nodded as I turn to grab my cane.

“If you don’t mind me asking, are you that blind?” Meyer asks me.

I walked around the table and somehow ended up getting closer to him, since he remained standing. In doing so, I got a better view of his eyes, they are soft looking and piercing, as his color eyes almost look like midnight. I never have seen anyone with such darkness of color in their eyes before, normally they just plain brown.

“You can say that.” I snorted again as I shook my matted hair.

"Then why do you laugh about it?" he asks taking notice his eyes soften a bit, trying to understand my reaction.

"Because I'm a freak." I plainly told him.

"Freak? Nice way to label yourself."

"Isn't it?" I said a bit sourly, what does he know?

He doesn't' know anything about me. Not even Abe. It's my secret.

“Congrats.” He suddenly said changing the subject yet again.

“For what?” I asked him a bit surprised by this.

“Forgetting hitched, next time I'm sure he’ll be kissing your other hand, he surely razzes your berries.” He said a bit bitter.

I arched a brow when he leans down and presses his soft lips on my right cheek. My heart began to pound hard against my ribs as I blinked, feeling him smirk. I tighten my hand on my cane.

“Now, that’s more appropriate to do with your fiancé.” He winks and turns around to grab his brown jacket from behind his chair and goes around the other side to leave.

I cup my cheek not sure how to react to his. Yet my heart won't slow down at all.

Did he just kiss me? Oh no, I wanted Abraham to be the first man to kiss my face. Oh no, did I cheated? Forgive me, Abraham, I didn't let him.

I kept watching his broad back as he finally left my view. Now I lower my gaze.

Aria did I do good? I have never been alone with a man before for so long and this man just kissed me, why did he do that? Abraham normally takes his secretary Wanda when we go on a date. He said it was normal and to not let anyone know. He's so sweet to me and he makes me smile a lot. I know I love him, right? That’s how love supposes to be, making me smile. No one has ever done that before, plus loving someone like me is rare.

It's hard, even though I'm not completely blind, I have partial blindness and even though its hard, I think is a blessing.

“Are you sure about this Aria? I mean he’s a stranger and I’m sure Foster would have let us know ahead of time.” My nana, Rosalinda, a fifty-year-old woman tells me. I can make somewhat of her features. She has dark brown hair, round and short. She’s been my nana for two years. I know it sounds strange, but I had a big accident about two years ago, so I needed a caretaker after I awoke, not only did it affect my eyes, I have Post-traumatic syndrome since the accident. To be honest I don’t remember much of my past. I have bits and pieces. When I get my episodes, while it is rare, I get them in my dreams.

“I’m sure, I may not be a good judge of character, plus I spoke to Foster, and he’s ill,” I said to her while I heard some noises behind me.

“Really? Strange, last time I spoke to him which was yesterday night, he sounded just fine, this sounds sketchy.” She tells me.

“Let’s continue to have faith in humanity shall we Nana? If not I would have stopped believing long ago.” I murmured the last part.

“You’re too gullible Aria for this world, to pure-hearted, just be careful you’re too inexperienced in this world. Your father shelters you too much.” Nana shook her head.

I know what others think of me. I heard them before. Calling me names and it's scary. Abe isn't like that, he's very sweet to me.

“Everything is packed and ready to go. It’s only five in the afternoon, do you want to take your bath or..”

“Thank you for helping me, but I’m fine for now. Oh, I have a question, Nana.” I asked.


“Just something I saw for a moment. A young man kissing a young woman's cheek. What does that mean, they just strangers though.” I asked her. She did a double-take, confused by the question.

“Why? did someone did that to you?" she asks. I shook my head.

"No nana, I told you something I manage to capture earlier it's all." I lied not liking to lie at all. Nana furrowed her brows together thinking of it before answering me.

"Either he’s a pervert or he has feelings for that girl.” She said,

“Feelings? but they just met and he didn't look like a pervert.” I asked getting nervous by this. Nana shrugs at me as she pats my hand.

“Then it means he’s a pervert, remember faces we see hearts we don't know, that is why we have to meet and get to know people. Miss. Aria, be careful and not get yourself involved in those type of men, they just want to devour pure young pure girls like yourself.”

I pounder on what my nana told me all night that I barely had a wink. I kept touching my cheek where he kissed me, yet it felt so warm and my heart can’t stop beating wildly.

Not even when Abe kissed me felt this strange.

“They're all packed, ready to go little Dove,” Meyer said as he slams the trunk. Meyer came thirty minutes ago, but he doesn't have an auto, he has a motorcycle. So we are using my father's auto. I felt better by that.

"Thank you," I said as I glance over him. From what I can tell, he's wearing a baggy shirt and pants. I couldn't' make out the colors, but he has boots and a paperboy hat on.

I held my cane closer to me while my nana went up to him.

“I don’t like this at all.” She said bluntly. I turned to look at her.


“How old are you boy?” she ignores me and asks Meyer.


“You’re only a year older than Miss Aria. Then are you married boy?” she asks placing her hands on her hips like a mother hen protecting her chicks.

I snorted out covering my mouth.

“I have someone.” He said as he takes out his keys from his dark pants pockets.

“If you’re worried, don’t be, my mother taught me to respect woman and I don’t take taken woman.” He said to her.

“Hmm. I hope you keep your word or not I'll put your head in the wanted post.” She threatens. He wraps his hand around his neck and widens his expression as he gasps dramatically.

"How can you do that? I still need my head to live," he said seriously. I don't' know why, but I snorted out a burst of laughter causing Nana's face to turn red in embarrassment.

Meyer lifts his gaze and stares at me while I continued to laugh. A smirk places in his lips as he turns to open the door of the auto.

"He so funny, I don't know why." I murmured.

"Boy, you know what I meant," she said as I continued to laugh. Nana came back to me and rolled her eyes.

"Cool it, Miss. Aria. It wasn't that funny." she said to me while grabbing my hand.

"Oh, it was funny. I never met anyone that would make me laugh like that." I gasped out looking back at Nana. I can tell she has a worried look.

“I’ll keep you in my prayers. Go with God and call me when you make it next week. I’ll be waiting.” She said to me. I hugged her and rub her small back.

“I will, I can't' wait to see daddy and Abe,” I whispered and with that, we let go of each other.

"Send them my regards," she said. I nodded as I headed for the auto.

Meyer helps me get into the auto and turns to head back to the driver's seat. I nervously rubbed the top of my leg as he began to drive. I brought enough clothes, but mostly pants. I feel safer with them.

“Relax, I won’t eat you.” He said as he kept his eyes on the road. I place on my dark glasses since today is a very sunny day so the rays bother me.

I hope I don't get a mine grain, I packed my medicine, right? I opened my blue bag and searched for the bottle, only to hear it raddle and felt the glass. I sigh in relief as I turned to look at Meyer.

“Would you?” I asked him. Meyer tightens his grip on his steering wheel as he leans back on the seat.

“If you allow me to.” He said seriously. I went still for a second and felt my self swallow a bit heavily.

What in the world is wrong with this guy?

“Don’t touch me unless I give you permission. I have a fiancé and I want to respect him.” I told him honestly. He nods.

“Good to know about your values.” He said but something in his tone felt off by that.

“Isn’t it normal to be faithful to the one you love?” I asked.

“Of course it is, I value that the most. But is only valid if the other party loves you and respects you the same way. Now if he doesn't just dump his ass and move on. Don't cheat on him to get him back though.” He said to me. Again that tone he uses. For some odd reason, it pains me.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because you deserve to be loved not lowering yourself to some scum bag." He said. I stare at him not believing what he just said. Yet my heartfelt touched by his words.

Why did that touch me?

“So I’m not the only one who thinks that. I’m not good with relationships, but I know that I must respect and keep my distance from other men. You should do the same for that woman you have. I wouldn't cheat even if I discover that Abe is. I value myself too much. I think personally that I should respect myself enough even if he doesn't respect me.” He suddenly chuckles as he presses the gas on his auto, making it goes faster. My heart jumps in fear as I held tightly to my cane.

“Well, little Dove you don't look that dense, have some brains in the pretty head of yours. And for your information I do. I do respect and honor her. I only belong to one woman and one woman alone. That I guarantee you that.”

Pretty head? Does he think I'm pretty? Abe never told me that before. Enough Aria, you're just thinking too much.

“Sure you do, then why did you kiss me? I’m upset, I wanted Abraham to kiss me first. You're the first man that kissed my cheek, not even my father did.” I pout causing him to glance at me for a brief second then return back to the road.

“To show you what a real man would do for his woman.”

Yet, something warm seems to seep out of his words. Something deep which cause my inside to stir strongly.

Why does it feel like there’s more to his words that he’s letting on? Meyer, are you really playing around with me, or there's more to you what meets the eye? If you keep this up, you going to have me curious and I just met you.

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