Eternal Blitz

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Blitz Stone isn't your average girl. Her outspoken and expressive personality sets her aside from other girls along with her unmatched love for the male species. It's her take no shit attitude and confidence in her sex appeal that draws men in. Blaze Ryder is quiet and the complete opposite of every guy he's ever met and any guy he's ever known. His shy demeanor is what draws one in, but it's catching his attention that's unlikely. He's not like the others and for that very reason only makes him an easy target. People always want what they can't have, but Blitz knows what she can easily get isn't what's always needed. So what happens when these two polar opposites meet? Do opposites really attract or combust? Will secrets shatter them or repair the brokenness that lives deep inside?

Romance / Drama
Kai Miracle
4.7 3 reviews
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Chapter 1 - The Prowl


My mind wanders as I sit in class waiting for my lecture to end. I hate myself for willingly choosing to take a six o’clock class on a Friday.

My best friends Rhea and Isabel somehow convinced me to go out tonight, so today the regret of this class hangs looming over me like a cloud. I only agreed because I just recently broke it off with Jace. He is what I would describe as a friend with benefits. Sad to see him go but if I’m being honest, he only cared about himself so nothing of worth was lost.

“So, what’s up with Jace today?” I turn to Gale as he speaks and if there is one person who can see through me it’s him. Especially since Jace is his cousin. He’s the one who originally introduced us and from there it blossomed into the relationship we used to have.

Gale is what I would consider a big brother type. Minus the relation by blood, he is the personification of a brother. His overprotectiveness and need to always tease me is what I love most about him. It only makes it better that he’s dating my best friend Rhea. With his golden blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and sun-kissed skin it wasn’t hard for him to have his pick, and thankfully he chose Rhea.

“I ended it after I found out he was knocking boots with Talia.” I beamed unphased already done with the topic of Jace.

“Tiny Talia?” Gale questions perking up in his seat.

I nod my head hating that nickname. She only got it because of her height, believe me when I say there is nothing tiny about her except that. With her surgery enhanced chest and jet-black hair, she is the epitome of every guy’s dreams or at least every walking soul on our campus.

We used to be friends until she fucked Rhea’s ex-boyfriend and I beat the shit out of her when I caught them in one of the bathrooms on campus. I broke her nose and she pressed charges; my parents weren’t too proud of that moment, but I didn’t care.

If I had the chance to go back I would do it again. I love my girls and if they are hurting so am I.

“Yes, Gale that Talia. Bitch just can’t seem to keep her hands to herself. I swear she needs a fucking leash.” I say gritting my teeth at just the thought of her.

“Look if it makes it any better, she’s a shit fuck.”

“And how would you know?” I question crossing my arms.

His eyes widen at my suggestion and he shakes his head quickly. “Tony told me a few days ago. He got tested after their session because as soon as they were done, she told him she was...itching. Awkward as hell but he’s clean.”

“Gross. TMI Gale.” My face scrunches at the mere thought of Talia and Tony. “Is it bad that I feel sorry for the girl but also want to beat her ass again?”

Gale laughs shaking he head at me. “Just means you have a heart. I would with as many things that go around the school about her.”

“So, you excited about tonight?” He adds as he begins packing his bag.

I laugh at his transition of conversation. I stand as the professor signals the end of lecture and walk out to the car with Gale.

“Definitely. I’m on the hunt.” My words come out needier than I imagined. It’s been too long since I had my last fix.

“Damn. You haven’t been on the hunt since before Jace.”

Thinking about it he’s right. I haven’t needed to since Jace has been enough to satisfy me and now that he’s gone, I need someone new.

“Well, my fingers can only take so much. It gets tiring pleasuring myself.” I wiggle my fingers in front of me and he slaps them away cringing.

“Alright, that’s where I draw the line. You’re like my sister Blitz, and hearing about you pleasuring yourself is not my ideal conversation.”

I roll my eyes and laugh at him. He’s so dramatic at times.

“Oh please, I have to hear you and Rhea most nights so me talking about this is nothing compared to the words that come through those walls.” I cringe slightly forcing myself to forget about the plenty sleepless nights due to those two.

“You got me there but still, it’s a little weird and uncomfortable to even think about.” He states gagging as he talks.

“How do you think I feel when I hear her moaning your name at three in the morning?”

“Touché.” He whispers slipping into the car.

I smile hopping in the passenger seat of the car. I turn my head to the window as Gale increases the volume of the music. I watch as the trees pass falling into a comfortable silence. I follow the grass paths as they drag my eyes, but I can never seem to keep up.

I love nature. It’s calming and there is so much undiscovered beauty just waiting to be unveiled. I smile to myself as my brain floats back to my sister.

I used to wake her up most mornings just so we could see the sunrise before school. We did that every day for five years. I miss it. I miss her.

It was weird getting into a new routine after she was gone and even now it still takes some getting used to. Some mornings I wake up at five only to realize she’s not there.

I sigh closing my eyes and forgetting about the pain. I don’t think it will get any easier, in time I’ll just be better at hiding at how I feel.

“Hey, you coming?”

My head snaps to Gale and I nod stepping out of the car. I grab my bag and walk to the door smiling as I’m greeted by my fluffy companion.

“Hi, Benji. Hey boy.” I use my baby voice as I scratch his ears. He jumps knocking me down and I welcome his slobbery kisses.

This is the last piece of my sister I have left. She gave him to me to take care of a few days before she left, and I’ve had him ever since.

I keep her picture in my room and I can see Benji looking at it some days. It’s been almost a year since we lost her, and I can tell her misses her just as much as I do.

“Finally, why couldn’t you just skip class or something?” Rhea whines as she holds out her hand helping me from the floor.

“Because unlike you Rhea, I don’t have money coming out of my ass and can’t afford to fail a class because I missed a day.”

“Same excuse, different day. We both know that if you did, I would help you pay for it. I’d miss you too much if you weren’t here.” Rhea states matter-of-factly flicking her dirty blonde hair over her shoulder. Her hazel eyes gleam as she smiles at me kicking her foot out in front of her.

There is no one more playful than Rhea. Always upbeat and you never want to miss a beat with her. She can come off bitchy at times, but her honesty is what I love most about her. She’s a free bird never able to stay in one place too long but Gale was her dynamite.

I laugh at her and walk to the backyard with Benji following leaving Gale and Rhea to greet each other properly.

“Hey, babes, what’s up?”

I take a seat on the step beside Isabel as she greets me, and I smile responding back. “Nothing much.” I stop before finishing my sentence. “Did you get the call?”

She nods her head and peaks over at me. “Yeah, you going?”

As much as my brain is screaming at me to say no somewhere deep inside, I know no matter how much I wish to I can’t. I fold my fingers digging them into my palms as I let out an exasperated breath before speaking. “Don’t really have a choice. They are my parents and no matter how I feel about them I love my sister.”

She grabs my hand connecting our fingers and wraps her arm around my shoulder kissing the top of my head.

Isabel was my sister’s girlfriend. After she left Rhea and I took her in. It was hard on everyone but with my sister being the linking piece it brought us together. They are my best friends and I honestly don’t know how I could live without them.

Isabel is the quiet one of the bunch. Tends to keep to herself and has been that way since my sister died. The brightness that once filled her caramel brown eyes has dimmed to a trickle. Where her hair used to be blonde has now been dyed a chestnut brown. She needed change and the best way for her was changing herself. Less reminder of who she used to be and what the old her lost.

“Well tonight is about having fun so let’s not let this get us down.” Isabel eyes me and continues. “Now, you go start getting ready and I will bring Benji in.

I smile and kiss her cheek. “Thanks, Isa.”

I take one last look at Benji before walking into the house and up to my room.

It’s been a while since I’ve been hunting and I’m looking forward to tonight. When Jace and I were together we went out, but he was never one for dancing or just wanted to make out with me the entire time. I’m all for being intimate but I also want to have fun.

I look through my closet until I come across a white bodycon dress with a deep v neck and slip it on. A slit runs up my leg on the right side and I slide my panties off not wanting them to show under the dress. I slip on my black leather jacket and do one last run in the mirror.

I stand there for a while just examining how I look and nitpicking every little thing about myself. The few pieces of hair that won’t stay down, the light bags under my eyes that I choose not to cover with makeup. My thoughts come to a stop as I turn away and apply a subtle layer of mascara and chapstick before doing a once over.

“You are on the prowl tonight.” Rhea giggles as she walks behind me and steps into the mirror. “If I wasn’t straight, I would definitely be bent right now.”

I spin around and flick my hair over my shoulder posing, “Well thank you. You look good enough to eat and we both know Gale will be doing just that tonight.” I pull her hand walking to the door.

“You’re damn right I will.”

We laugh running to the living room as Gale yells through the walls.

“We ready?” Isabel asks as she stands by the door in her dress. “I’m hungry and we don’t have anything here.”

I look down at my phone and open it. “It’s barely even nine.” I say, “We still have time to get there and get your food.”

Isabel grunts and I follow behind as she walks out of the door. We load into the car and head to Heat Wave. We’ve never been there before surprisingly but Gale’s dad knows the owner, so he was able to get us on the list.

Tonight, I let loose and have fun. I let my family problems be that of the past and worry about it come Sunday. I will have fun with my girls and Gale and hopefully by the end of the night be thoroughly satisfied in more way than one.

“So, what are you hunting for tonight?”

“I’m not really sure actually. Whatever calls to me I guess.” I think over Isabel’s question and currently, I don’t know. One thing I do know is that whoever is lucky enough to leave with me tonight will be in for a sweet surprise. My libido is on high and I don’t plan on stopping until I can’t move by the morning.

“That’s a first.” Rhea spins around in her seat and looks to me. “You always have a vision and somehow always find it before the night is over.”

“Oh, maybe our girl is finally deciding to settle down.” Isabel teases. “Ms. Fucks-a-lot just needs to find a man to satisfy her cravings.” She wiggles her fingers at me, and I swat them away as we erupt in a plight of giggles.

“I am not that bad, and I did settle.” I point out raising my brow at her. “Jace was the only person I was with while we were...together.”

“Yeah well, he sure as hell didn’t follow that rule.” Gale grows from the front of the car.

I glare at him and he raises his hands backing down. I know he wasn’t only with me, but a girl can hope. I didn’t like him as more than just a routing fuck, but it would have been nice to know I could trust him.

Taking time out of my day to go and get tested because my fuck buddy doesn’t know how to wrap it isn’t my ideal day.

“I’m sorry but we all know you can do better than my asshole cousin. I love the dude but if his dick isn’t wet, he’s working on finding a source.” Gale’s voice is sincere, and this is just one of the many times he’s told me this only this time I agree.

“Well, hopefully, I can find my own source tonight.” I whisper under my breath as I climb from the car and head straight for the entrance.

We flash the badge and he gets our name raising the velvet rope and we walk in.

The beat courses through my veins and my blood begins pumping in excitement. I can already feel the heat building on my skin as we walk through the crowd of people dancing and standing around.

I pause in the middle of the floor and allow my eyes to sweep over the crows searching for something, anything that appeases to me but finding nothing.

“We’re going to dance are you okay?” Rhea breaks me out of my thoughts stepping in front of me.

I nod my head and watch as she pulls Gale to the floor with a flurried intensity. They run off into the sea of people grinding and doing god knows what else. I push Isa to the bar with me and take a seat tugging at my rising dress.

“You don’t have to sit with me you know.” Her voice trails as she turns to me with a strict gaze. “I know you want to go find someone so go do that.”

Isabel still doesn’t date, and I would never push her, she holds onto my sister tight and I can’t say much because I do too. I support her in every way possible and if one day she is ready to move on I’ll be there to cheer her on.

I shake my head at her and cross my legs leaning on the bar. “I can find someone from here Isa. Now, what are we having?” I tap the bar sitting up straight.

“Double Scotch, neat. What about you ladies?”

Chills sweep my body alleviating the fire that was currently there. The voice is deep as it rattles my body and I can’t help but turn my head as curiosity gets the best of me. My eyes lay upon the hand that sits in front of me. His muscular hands perfectly sculpted and those few prominent veins are an instant panty dropper. If only I were wearing any.

My eyes follow the veins up the arm and my eyes meet the most gorgeous specimen I have ever laid eyes on. The lights sculpt his face in an almost god-like way and I can’t help but stare in infatuation at the man in front of me. His chiseled jaw clenches and he sends a warm smile my way.

At this moment something inside of me flutters almost like butterflies making a home inside of me. This feeling completely unknown to me and nothing prepared me for this. I’m enthralled and nothing can capture my attention as he captivates my every sense sending each into overdrive one after the other. I’ve never been this affected by someone in such a short amount of time yet one look at the man in front of me has me completely out of sorts. No words leave my mouth except for the low moan that escapes when he leans on the bar next to me. His muscles peek out of the tight shirt as his body moves positions.

I know in an instant my hunt is over, but something tells me I wasn’t the only one hunting tonight and, in the end, I’m no predator...I’m the prey.

I smile seductively and maneuver my arms out in front of me. “I’ll take the same.”

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