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Written Across Time- Wolves pride, Revolves around the young, stubborn and strong female that lives to her reputation as a half-breed wolf. A wolf that was sentenced to death when she was conceived illegally, has begun to break the chains that bind her soul, and her fellow half-breed comrades. She continues to break the misconceptions that purebred wolves have of her type of breeding. The highs council has no time to worry about executing the half- breed that escaped their clutches, not when something darker and more sinister has been stirring and leading to grizzly murders. Not when people have begun to go missing. Things are changing- and this may not just be bad for the wolves species, but for every single super naturals that walks the earth, in the shadows- in the day, sky, land and sea. And the council isn’t sure they are ready for what’s coming, nor is anybody else.

Romance / Action
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Chapter one

Chapter one-

The defiance

I ran across the fields, judging by the moons angle, it was quarter past midnight. My blood rushed through the veins beneath my tanned skin as I pushed the tall grass from my path. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears as I broke through the tall grass and swiftly slipped into the Forrest, nearing the unidentified pack's territory. I felt the crashing acknowledgment of someone's territorial boundary line hit my mind. Every nerve in my body screamed to go another direction. My instincts whispering in my head wanting me, I clenched my teeth, pushed all that to the back of my head and fastened my pace. The faster I get out of here the better. I didn't want the pack patrollers to spot me, or worse the alpha to sense my presence. just with me being a half breed alone, I'd end up a rotting corpse before meeting the end boundary point of this territory. I ran blindly in the dark without a single breath between my sprints. Slowing ones breathing, was a simple technique one uses to stealthily travel without the enemy hearing. Although this wouldn't work on an alpha, or high ranking wolf, depending on their genetics. But on lowly pack members it would work just fine, perhaps if I was lucky even the patrollers.

My hair was frizzy, and bounced continuously on my shoulders and back. You couldn't even tell I was a brunette with all the dirt, leaves and mud that clotted in my hair. My vibrant blue eyes were something so unnatural that they looked almost like the sapphire jewels, strange how it was my mothers favorite characteristic from my father. My Face wasn't any better, I had scratches and bruises on my cheeks from encounters with rogues and other life threatening situations. I was hungry and thirsty to the point that my stomach was continuing to grumble and groan, while my throat burned and felt dry.

My head had been aching Ever since lake brosery, now more than 165 miles out, here I was contemplating banging my head into a tree so I could take out all feeling there. On top of all that I was exhausted. Despite all this stress, and exhaustion that crept up on me, I wasn't naive enough to relax in enemy territory. another pack resides next to this territory, however there was a gap in between both these territories, and this gap was a river with of course a river bank. If i was able to slip through this one, i could easily take a rest, and then begin my travels again without the packs warning the other. I didn't even keep count or collect info on who's territory I crossed. I've only heard rumors of the owners and packs that resided there. usually something along the lines, if they were dangerous or not, or well known for their strict and bloody rule. The packs that were more strict and with a harsh rule were the ones with the tightest security and made it harder to pass through.

My bare feet were making padding sounds as I ran passed trees and over large bushes. Not even five minutes passed before A loud howl cracked through the dark Forrest, disturbing the silence of the night, before slowly drawing off. The first warning. undoubtedly it sounded like the beta or high ranked warrior, demanding for the trespasser to turn back. But that was not an option for me. So instead of heeding the warning I continued my sprint through the territory heading west directly for the end of the territory.

Another howl pierced through the dark silence of the night as I leapt over a small log. But this one was a lot bolder, and held authority. The beta. It was definitely the beta, the other one was mostly likely the top ranked warrior. The beta was always head of patrol on the borders. They usually instructed, ordered and organized all borderline securities. His howl meant i was to be brought before their alpha. The sound had caught me by surprise simply because I didn't expect it to be a mere five minutes before the call for my capture were issued. Usually it was three warnings, this was merely one. This only meant a disadvantage for me. This was a harshly ruled pack, meaning tighter security, I've only encountered one, which was a pack called claw tooth. This caused me to glance to the right, nearly hitting my head on a branch. Luckily I ducked at the last minute. Damn it! Why couldn't they have noticed me a few minutes later, I'm not even close to the middle of the territory!? I turned and picked up my pace pushing my legs harder and felt my muscles contract. I'd have to change my angle, instead of running dead through, i would have to run along the edge of the border. The next pack could possibly feel my presence at the edge of their border but it was a risk I'd have to take. Based on the direction the howl had just came, they weren't far from my previous location. What was worse was it took them a mere two minutes to reach it. They were incredibly fast which meant perfectly trained warriors. escaping them would be hard, and I certainly couldn't go into combat with any one of them. I could feel their dominant presence getting closer. Going head on with any one of them would mean my capture or execution right where I stood. I couldn't possibly die here. My Instincts told me I had to get to my destination, even though I didn't know where that exactly was, I'd been running on sheer instinct and the whispers in my head. I'd only listened to those voices because I didn't know what I was doing and it was my last desperate attempt in a new safe zone for me until I could head back home. The voice beckoning me in soft whispers in the back of my head were nothing but that and weren't reliable what so ever. After fleeing my home for the safety of my adoptive family, I heard that whispering voice and followed it until now. I had fled the farm because the rogues were foraging too close to the farm, and it was my scent that led them there, I was more wolf than human, but still not a pure bred. I led them away from the others on the farm since I was endangering them.

I felt the slash of pain on my back before I could even hear the wolves closing in. My heart leapt in my chest with panic. leaping over a fallen tree, I took the briefest glance back. Wolves. Huge male wolves racing behind me, their fur keeping them well hidden, from the moons bright rays. All I could see were pearly white canines bared at me, and glinting black eyes that glinted in the night. I ran as fast as I could despite my increasing exhaustion. Unlike pure breds, I needed food just like any normal human. I need nutrients and vitamins, and such to keep my body healthy, where as they were born with them, and only needed meat to keep from starvation. That's mostly why wolves never fell ill. Being a half breed also meant I was to be sent to the council for the death penalty. Which is why these wolves here, were so motivated to capture me. If the council were to find out about me passing through, they undoubtably would have chased me to a cliff and death. They wouldn't stop hunting me until my death was proven to them. Meaning my head offered in a bag to them.

According to council law, I'm guilty of being born, the mating of human and wolf was forbidden, and rightly so for reasons. Being a half breed meant many things, more physically than mentally. most others like myself, who were still alive, are limited to only their body reflexes, instincts, and frankly i think this is just me, but the voice in my head. I've started to think maybe it meant I'd begun losing my sanity. I mean for The sake of the moon goddess I was following where it was telling me to go. I mean that's what most humans believe dont they? They hear voices in their head so they believe they needed mental help?

Another thing would be, I can't shift into my wolf. I don't have one to be more clear. No half breed has ever been known to have one. None have been documented either in the natural archives in the royal capitols and with the courts or councils. You see in different continents are different birthplaces of super naturals. In these the birth places were known as "home land" where their capitol was stationed. Whenever one of their own race has committed a crime they were to be sent directly to their capitol or empire for their punishment. However if one had committed a specific crime, it sometimes can be in another races jurisdiction to punish or execute the individual. For example should a individual assassinate a high ranked individual amongst a race that isn't their own, their punishment for their crime would be in the deceased individuals races jurisdiction. My wolf race would send all she wolves, he wolves and half breeds over to the untied states. Our birth place, or home land. Unfortunately vampires and wolves had some sort of a understanding. Ever since an ancient war we'd been allies. Many of us disliked it but it couldn't be helped. During a short time their were "vampire hunters" that killed them. Vampires being the deceitful little beings they are, involved the wolf race, and ended up revealing us, drawing the hunters to hunt us as well. After a war had waged between us, we created an agreement that as long as the hunters existed we needed to aid each other. It was bile down their throats but it had to be done. So the capitol was split into branches. It had branches in the west, east, south and north of the unties states. But also in Europe, but that branch or "counsel" was with a diversity of vampires and wolves. Even rumors spread that many other races had been seated in wolves place for the first time in two hundred years.

Most wolves shift when they turn sixteen, its just a age that it usually happens like puberty for humans. but most likely they turn before the age of eighteen. Those wolves who turn later than eighteen, are already predicted to be omega's.

My brown hair was nearly trapped in a wolf's jaws as I began to get side tract. My bright blue eyes flashed as I leapt up into a tree, grabbing branch after branch, and hoisting myself higher and higher. I don't like to think negatively about what I inherited from my parents, I praise them instead. I can go against wolves even if i dont have all their abilities, because in their wolf state they can't do much in their wolf form against a wolf in human form. Like if i jumped up a large tree, they wouldn't be able to reach me because wolves can't exactly climb trees, now can they? It's quite hilarious to see them jumping in attempt to reach me. Not to mention it never really crossed their minds to jump into the trees. I stood up and stared down at the wolves who leapt up and snapped, but far below me. I was about to dart to another branch, when someone leapt up tackling me. okay, I hadn't expected that, but most warriors didnt climb trees in my defense. They were trained to be fighting machines, and nothing more.

I let out a scream, as I fought his grip. We plummeted Down the tree. his arms wrapped around my abdomen in a iron grip. His face was set in hard lines and darkly shadowed. his dark black eyes gleamed down at me with disgust. I was thrown to the ground harshly by him as he landed swiftly with not a single sound. I attempted to scramble away, but before i could even move a foot, a foot stomped on my back. The impact Pushing all the air from my lungs. my wrists were then bound by Chains, silver chains to be exact. Not that silver affected me, a perk of being only half wolf. I didn't inherit these pure breds weaknesses, however these chains were almost eight inches thick, completely impossible to break. My bottom lip bled from a cut, while my knees and palms were scraped up from the fall. I kept my composure as a spear was aimed at my neck, and the many faces of warriors and wolves that surrounded me from above stared down at me with narrowed eyes. " you are to come with us, half breed" *******(timelapse)***

A tall castle. Big and black bricks on the outer edge , cloaked in shadows, where gleaming eyes stared at me, watching me. Constructed of stone. black marble and cement mostly, the bright moon flooded in over the tall walls, revealing the lit rooms of the castle towers and such. Warriors that lined on the wall, jumped down with ease, their feet barely making audiable sounds. They all lit torches along the wall while men who remained on top the walls lit the larger torches on top. Male wolves in their wolf forms were crouched down ready to attack should I become hostile or attack. My kind were killed for a reason, it's been known that we aren't capable of restraint. Our strength and speed are based on our emotions a lot. So being angry... Didn't help our case with humans around, an angry pure bred wolf could massacre a large city within two hours. A angered or agitated half breed could do the same in less that time. The difference was pure breeds had control of their bodies and restraint, Since we had no restraint our wolf instincts could take over and we'd butcher towns. Ever since that discovery we've been hunted and killed because the council claimed we were a threat to the races, not just wolves.

The Warriors snapped and snarled at my ankles and stomach. Some stood on pillars,walls and on the towers, all holding spears. All their black eyes were trained on me, following my every move. Frankly, I was afraid that if I so much as twitched, they would yell bloody murder and attack blindly. The hostility was so thick in the air that it made my insides tremble, but I wasn't about to let them know that. I was led into a throne room, a grand one with black and red tapestries hanging along side the walls and long drapes over tall windows. the tapestries had a black coloring, and written in red design was the pack insignia. The sides were lined with warriors, as well as Guards at every door. The floor was a pearly white and black marble mixed together. The windows were long and high up and even up their were warriors watching me intensely. The room was practically empty besides the big occupied throne up front.

All warriors protecting the man sitting in the big throne in front of me. A cold and Arrogant gaze set on me, from the moment I stepped inside. Glancing at him for a split moment I scanned him. His hair was a mess of dark blond curls, his hair was lightly blond but had a few dark highlights, and eyes that were so dark that they almost looked black. but I could see the slightest tint of red just visible from the blackness. His eyes with the bloody tint to them, looked somewhat like a beautiful scarlet. His jaw was set hard and sharply angled, cleanly shaven apparently. He looked to have a lean body, but anyone could figure out, that he was incredibly strong. The feeling of power that surrounded him, that oozed from every pore on his body, proved as much. He wore a black vest as well as a white collar-shirt beneath it. The vest tight enough to show a powerful chest beneath. He wore long baggy jeans all with a black big drench coat on. A gold chain hung loosely on his jeans loops. A back cord was around his neck loosely like a necklace. His eyebrows had a single gold ring piercing. But multiple in his ear. I swallowed before diverting my gaze downward, he was the ideal look of a harsh, arrogant and demanding ruler. Beside him was a man of equal or lesser power emitting from his body. His hair was a dark brownish red, and his eyes a dark hazel. He had to be his beta- the beta is never far from the alpha when an unknown individual is on their territory- it was custom as he’s the shield for the alphas back whilst he’s the sword. The beta is to always have the alphas back and guard him from deception and back stabbing. Many betas take pride in that. “She was found in the western province of the territory” his beta whispered quietly beside him.

"alpha... This is the trespasser." The man who caught me, informed the 'alpha', bowing his head slightly in respect. ”thank you delta” his voice was quiet and rough- deep and filled with malice. The man up front stared at me with his eyes boring into my head. I refused to stare into his eyes, I kept my eyes trained on the steps in front of him. My face, I was hoping was impassive. " why does it reek?" His deep voice came again, with a disgusted tone, still staring. My eyes narrowed. I had been traveling, not to mention alone, hiding from society to survive. what was He expecting from a half breed surviving in the woods? A cleanly groomed she wolf? A person of my caliber wouldn't dare step into wolf territory, all with the exception of me of course. No that gets people like me killed! My jaw clenched at the conflicting thoughts roaring in my head, raging to be let out.

" we don't know maybe it had done something earlier, before entering your territory" a guard beside her spoke up, with a quizzical glance my way. "State your Name mongrel" his deep voice cut through the silence, and I stared up at him blankly. My name? Why was that important. " alpha it's a mongrel, is it necessary to know her name?..." The man in front of her reminded his alpha, with an uneasy gaze. He probably wanted me out of their territory faster than one could say "gone". I wouldn't blame him, if the council felt they were harboring me they'd be punished. His eyes narrowed on the he-wolf, with a cold gaze. Ah, the slander. Mongrel was their way of degrading us. It meant dirty blood. Uncivilized. Disgusting. I remember seeing others like myself on the streets. The pure bloods laughed and degraded them by labeling them the worst rank that was below the omega.

My throat tightened at the horrible memories of how my kind were treated. I swallowed the growl that protested to be released and steeled myself . I remember how they beat them in the streets in the night. Threw food at them when they begged for it to give to their starving families. My fists clenched tightly but I remained standing in silence." I know what she is, Carl Do you take me as incompetent?” the alphas deep voice struck through again in a low growl. My breath hitched at the sight in front of me. His canines began to lengthen and his eyes flashed a scarlet red. The man beside me holding my chains faltered, before completely falling into silence.

I immediately twisted my wrists, grabbed the chains and pulled hard with the strength I could summon. I pulled it from his grip effortlessly and watched him stagger back three steps, holding his hand to his chest where the silver burnt through the first layer of skin. I clutched the chains backing away from any guards that challenged to step closer. Already they began to circle me waiting for an opening in my defensive posturing. " protect the king" the warrior who tackled me, snarled alerting to his comrades. my blood began to boil in anger at the accusation. my teeth clenched tightly. " You know most would say innocent until proven guilty” I growled, mockery in my blue eyes.

A man lunged from the backside. I used my chains and swung it swiftly around me like a ribbon... A long chain of links. I swung it around elegantly cutting off any who got to close for my comfort. On warrior attempted to lunge, so I swung the chain in his direction, his scream filled the throne room as his skin sizzled. The chain wrapped around his chest and I pulled hard. Jerking with all my might, I swung him over my body and let him fall to the ground on top of two other warriors who tried getting closer to my blind spot. I continued to swing the chains around keeping all wolves at bay, their fear of the silver causing them to stay back. Leaping up I spun and dropped the chains hard to the granite floor. The force of the chains hitting the ground caused it to dig into the ground causing the floor to crack and splinter around. A small dust cloud erupted around me, and forced them backwards. They all backed away from me wary of getting knocked down by my chains, well weapon now.

" enough.." A low voice growled from so closely behind me. before I could turn around, a hand clasped around my wrists pulling them behind me. I struggled to get free even if I would have dislocated my shoulders. I glanced back and growled in anger when I spotted the blond curls and dark red eyes that flashed from behind me in an arrogant triumph. Their alpha stood behind me with a winning smirk plastered on his face, however anyone could see the storm brewing in his eyes. My eyes glared daggers at him and his sheer cockiness. "You are all pathetic! being beaten by a mere mongrel" he glowered at them, his voice deep and guttural. I clenched my teeth with anger and continued my struggle. I let out a snarl of frustration when I didn't even manage to make the alpha move a single inch.

I squirmed and fought against his grip, thrashing my body around hoping to make him lose his footing. It only made him laugh in satisfaction at my useless struggle. " now I believe I asked for your name mongrel" his voice came in a husky hushed tone beside my ear. I growled internally my lips tightly together. I turned to glare at him from the corner of my eye. " Elena" I spat at him in a short growl. His charm and power would never make me submit to him. " beg for your life and I might be merciful enough to spare yours" he growled threateningly, his grip on my wrists tightening. I let out a snarky laugh before all emotion dropped from my face.

" drop dead" I snapped back equally as threatening. His chest was pushed against my back as it rumbled with another growl. I choked on my own saliva at the feel of his body plastered behind mine. His body was pulsing loudly as if proclaiming his dominance. My eyes widened in complete comprehension at what the loud pulsing was. It wasn't his body or wolf. it was my heart. My heart thudded in my chest, and my body began to turn hot and heat up. I glances back to his face, my eyes now wide. a grim look covered his face.

" kneel down and beg" he threatened turning me around to face him head on. He'd moved to grab my chains without me being able to flee. The silver burned his skin but he hadn't even flinched. The chains held my wrists back, leaving our chest to brush each other. I glared into his eyes with hatred. " you might as well get the council" I snarled at him with a daring tone. I saw a muscle jerk in his strong chiseled jaw. His eyes stared into mine with scorn and disgust.

" acting tough won't save you," he said sarcastically, his dark scarlet eyes narrowed down at me. I leaned closer to him, a smirk playing on my lips just to rile him up. " I'd like to die knowing I've never bowed to anyone, especially a pure breed" I countered easily, with my smirk growing into a grin, at his growing anger. I saw something flash through his dark bloody eyes. His eyes were flashing, his wolf wanted to be released and show his dominance. I tilted my head as a challenge for him to do what his wolf wanted, and what he undoubtedly wanted as well. I'd bluntly challenged this authority, and disrespected him, as well as his pedigree. I was asking for a death sentence sooner than later. And I didn't give a damn.

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