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An erotic science fiction romance set in the distant future. This book is set after the third world war which was caused by a viral epidemic. There is only one ruler in the world now and he is known as the king of the world. Every one loves the King and every one fears him, but the king loves and fears only one person. His Queen. She is his life and he would do anything to save her and to have her as his. But There is only one problem; Gloria doesn't want to be saved.

Romance / Erotica
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In the year 2100, the world was in shambles. A terrible viral epidemic struck the world, killing almost half of the population. This led to a bloody war between the five world powers, further plunging the world into chaos.

Fathers left their homes, mothers smothered their children as an act of mercy to save them from the agony of the virus.

There was no more country, no state. No nationality. People found themselves everywhere and nowhere. Some lost their minds, as it was the closest thing to sanity at that time.

The scientist (Vladimir Vladivostok) the inventor of the virus was heavily protected by the last surviving world power, Russia (for reasons best known to them). However, he took his own life on a cold dark night, with a parting gift, “There is no cure and death is sure for all.”

David was born on the tenth of May 2095 and by 2105, he lost his parents while still searching for the cure for the viral epidemic.

Born in the suburbs of northern Britain, raised in the western part of Africa (Nigeria) where people still lived by their colonial upbringing of worshipping the white man, he was able to put together a small lab.

In 2114, David discovered a vaccine, a cure for the virus; saving the lives of over 800 million infected people. This lead to his gain in popularity. He was named the messiah.

Some people loved him, some people adored him, some worshipped him, but in the end all peoples declared him king of the world or what was left of it anyway.

During his rule, all the countries of the world were merged as one state and the only power house was the capital in Africa. There was only one ruler, David. However, a house of assembly was appointed by him and elected by the people.

In the end a total of 1000 assemblymen took the oath. It was a perfect mix of five hundred men and five hundred women. They all had one thing in common, the peoples trust, affluence and an assumed generous heart. These assemblymen were in charge of almost everything, but nothing could be approved without Davids seal.

David later declared that a census be carried out on the second of July 2115: result of which showed that only a billion people were left in the world.

On 2116 to the surprise of many, David declared that he was leaving the throne to build an empire/lab which would be the centre of the capital. Hence he called for an immediate election for president. But the people rejected it.

There was a riot and over two million people gathered around in the outstretch of the palace, holding placards that read. “David our only king.” King of the world.” We trust only David. “We shall not vote.”

David ignored them.

He was determined not to rule again. He wanted a life, he wanted to find the woman that plagued his dreams, and most of all he thought that they were all empty threats.

“They would vote,” he told one of his electoral officials.

The riot lasted for seven days and on the eight, which was the day declared for election, not a single soul was found outside.

All voting units were empty and even electoral officials refused to grace the polls. The world was as still as a morgue.

David was vexed, but now he took the people seriously and agreed to a compromise. There will be a president but he will maintain his influence. He will still be king. The president would be head of government and himself head of state. On the seventh of August 2123, an election was carried out. The election was peaceful and a president was chosen.

He was Davids friend and a member of the house of assembly. The virus had forced all peoples to speak in one voice; there was a great amount of unity and love. As everyone was still afraid another terrible virus would ensure that the world is completely wiped out.

After two years Davids empire grew beyond limit and the world returned to stability. Amongst the things he built was a university for all. It was there that he fully studied medicine and where he first saw Gloria, the woman of his dreams. The woman that had helped him overcome all.

The only woman he desired. She was just as he dreamt her to be. Except when he saw her, she was broken and he was too late. Three years later they both graduated, with David obviously being the man of the moment. He was the topic of every magazine and blog.

King Davids hospital became the biggest of his empire and everyone wanted to work in it including Gloria. When Gloria stepped into his hospital in search of employment as another would-be lawyer in his establishment, the recruitment firm charged with employment declared her unfit, but he knew she was anything but that(he wouldn't let her slip) . So he interfered on her behalf and she got the job. That was the beginning of his further obsession with her.

He watched her for months, he knew it was wrong. Damn it! He himself made laws to prohibit it, but he couldn't help himself anyway. Power, money, fame, none of this meant anything to him.

He had been searching for the cure for his parents but unluckily for him, they had died. The only other person who kept him going was Gloria, the woman he kept seeing in his dream. He continued his research so when he sees her she would be alive. So she would live.

David got his heart broken over and over again while he stayed in the corners watching her.

Gloria was in a relationship, and not just any one, but in a relationship with a beast. It hurt him that he couldn't save her and she was just as scared of him as he was scared of her. Worst of all, he couldn't divulge his feelings for her. He could not tell her what he felt neither could he protect her.

On the fourteenth of January 2127, David decided that he had had enough. He was going to save her from her lover and also herself if need be, so he followed her home. And that's where it all began.

But, while their love story proceeded evil was brewing in another part of the world. This evil willed to dip the world in blood and fire. He was a mad scientist who wanted to be called god.

How far would David go to save the world with Gloria by his side?

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