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Coco Mills has a common unrealistic celebrity on famous actor Noah Gapman, and she somehow got him to notice the song she wrote for his TV show. And on top of that, Noah starts talking to her and they seem to be getting on great, which is everyone’s dream....correct? nO. When Noah is not who Coco assumed him to be *as shown on tv*, and with a Broadway that Coco has joined, she even starts questioning her sexuality, *AM I EVEN STRAIGHT?*. Hopefully she can figure things all out. Maybe?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Elle sat on the floor where all our sleeping bags were placed, with her phone screen brightly illuminating her face. The rainbow fairy lights hung around the room set the perfect mood. We put the snacks in the middle and we made a ‘friendship tag’ circle around it.

Elle, the organizer of the whole thing, gave us a delighted beam. My friends, Millie, Ally, Casee and looked at her in anticipation.

“Okay, um, damn, this question is pretty straight up, but, arrange us from gayest to straightest.”

We exchanged glances and then immediately started arranging each other on our figurative gay spectrum.

Casee, whom was literally wearing rainbow PJs with the worlds ‘I AM GAAAAAY’ written in huge print in the front, and was crushing on that one girl from Twilight, was chucked onto the gayer end if the spectrum.

Elle was suspected to be bi, so we placed her not to far from Casee, which only got her to raise an eyebrow.

It was only fair to exclude Millie out of this question, having recently come out as Ace, but that is a WHOLE ’nother story.

I was yeeted on thw straightish side, next to Ally, who was definitely certain that she was straight.

“Bruh, we are missing someone!” Ally pointed out, and a second later her phone rung.

“Oh, it is Heath!” Casee said.

I clicked answer.

“Hai Heaaaaath!” We all answered in sing song voices.

He raised an eyebrow and smirked. “How is yall’s girls-only-party-even-if-I-am-part-of-the-friendship-group going?”

“Great, actually, men are the reason why this planet is plummeting to its inevitable doom, and plus, I doubt you want to know about our crushes and all.” Elle said.

“You know, quite surprisingly, I do.” Heath replied.

“Shut up Heath.” Ally retorted, but she smirked.

Heath did a lil pouty face and held up his fluffy black Westie Snowy in front of the camera.

“Aw Snowy!” I loved that wittle fluffball.

Heath moved Snowy away from the camera and frowned.

“Oh stop it Heath, you are almost as cute as Snowy.” I said, but the girls froze and gave me a ‘look’ of camera.


“Yea, okay bye Heathcliff.” Elle hit ‘End Call’ and the girls jus stared at me with this unreadable expression.

“AAAAAAAA OMG....” They screamed, voices all mixing together to form one sentence,

“You like Heath*cliff*!”

“What? nO, hell nO, god, definitely not. I like someone else....” Crap. The girls stopped screaming about Heath and started going all crazy.

“Oh look, who would have guessed? Next question, WHO IS THIS GUY?”

“Okay, fine. Um, Ally, remember the guy in that show we watched at my house? What was it called, Wild Gals, or something, and the main character, whom is ironically a guy, Noah Gapman, is super cute!”

*More screaming*

“Yep, and we all know the best way to get a Netflix actors attention, social media.”

I whipped out my phone and showed the girls my fanpage, sweetnoah.

“God, cringe.” Millie said.

“nO, CUTE!” Elle exclaimed.

“Coco, In case you did not know, it is incredibly hard to get an actors attention from Instagram, he will never know you exist.

I glared at her. “I....I will find a way. I will jus post pics and stuff and tag him.”

“That will not work either,” Casee added, “You have to do something special, and different from all his millions of fan pages.”

I shrugged. “I will figure something out. And we should probs sleep.”

“Yea, goodnight everyone.”


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