Hero Syndrome

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"They say life is fragile, and we're not all guaranteed tomorrows." My name is Phoenix, and despite my name being a bird that rises from the ashes, I can barely rise from my bed on a good day. I was born to be fearless, but I am in fact, a fearful wimpy girl who can't keep her emotions in check. I'm convinced God is a sadist. My life is okay-ish. I mean if you consider a suicide attempt, a coward father, my overbearing family, my brother's vengeful ex-girlfriend, my amazing best friend and her asshole of brother, okay. Then yes, I live a comfortable life. Or so I thought, until Jace Stone happened.

Romance / Other
R.E Bell
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They say life is fragile, and we’re not all guaranteed tomorrow’s.

“She’s coming back. Heart rate has picked up, prepare for another round.” A man commanded. He was a man with authority, you could sense it. In the way people look and talk and even the way they touch. You just know that this person is in command- a leader.

“It’s okay sweetie. I promise when you wake up you’ll be fine. I know it, you look like a fighter.” A soft voice whispered in my ear. She was a nurturer, the gentleness you want to capture. She was the reassurance that even the most broken souls needed.

My chest constricted painfully. It was unbearable and I wanted to scream. My body however was paralyzed with my own damage.

I had done this to myself, and I had failed to end it... again.

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