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“So beautifully sinful.”

Romance / Erotica
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This book will be touching in sensitive subjects and I would hate for it to be triggering for anyone reading this, I’ve decided that I will be putting trigger warnings on the chapters that will be having these sensitive subjects.

This book will include:

Mentions of sex trafficking

Sexual Assault

Abuse Verbal/Physical

Drug Use


Suicidal thoughts

These are the ones I know I will be touching on for now and if they are triggering for you or cause you to go to dark places in your mind I’d suggest you don’t read any further.

The first chapter after this will be the first chapter that will include the following things that may or may not be triggering for people:

Sex trafficking

Sexual content

Once again I’d hope even with both of these brief but meaningful warnings I’d hope that if any of these will be triggering for you I suggest you stop reading the book now.

Thank you for taking the time to read my book, there will most likely be run on sentences, a few spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, etc;

There will be somewhat slow updates about once a week there probably won’t be a scheduled day because I have assignments, chores, and other things to catch up on but there will be updates even if they are slow.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this note and even acknowledge my book, check out my other books in the meantime, have a nice day/evening/night, just hope it goes well for you!

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