The New Girl (ON HOLD)

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"Are you sure you want this?" "mhmn" "I need to hear you say it" Yes, I want you." "Are you sure?" "Yes" Alicia is new to this school. She has good grades, but she has a feisty attitude. She runs into the three bad boys and thinks she couldn't fall for them. They all fall for her. Will she? Who will she choose? Read on to find out. Mature only, Cursing, sexual content I know that did not sound good, but please give it a chance. It will get better. Oh, yeah, and did I mention she's abused?

Romance / Fantasy
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First Day

Ok, so I just realized that the names of her are different one time it said Lea, and the other it said Skylar, lol. Sorry guys, but I fixed it. Her new name is Alicia though and you'll find out why I changed it when my new book comes out. Enjoy!

Have you ever had that feeling that someone was watching you? I have, all the time actually.

Hi, I’m Alicia and I’m 16 years old. I used to live in L.A., but we just moved to California. I am having to go to a new school. Today is my first day. I normally get good great grades, but I was not a nerd or good girl at my old school. In fact, I’m still not!

I just got up. I am wearing a dark purple crop top, with black ripped high waisted jean shorts and black wedges. I put on some blush, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. I brush out my long wavy dark brown hair that goes to my waist and decide to leave it down today. I then go downstairs to see my parents already gone(like usual) and my brother scarfing down cereal.

My brother is 17, but is in the same grade as me. We are 5 months apart, and he turned 17 last week. I grab some toast and eat it. Then I brush my teeth real quick and start to leave. I am 10 minutes early because I need to find my way to the office. I start walking out the door when my brother says, “Hey sis!” “What?” “Don’t forget, we don’t know each other and have never seen each other.” “Fine by me. Like I want people to know I have an asshole as a brother.” “Hey!” “What it’s true!” Then, I get in my car and start driving to school.

I get to school and everyone starts staring. This is my first day though so no wonder they are staring, they’ve never seen me. Then, this girl who is medium height, green eyes, blond hair, a short black mini skirt that practically shows her butt, and a dark green crop top. She is looking right at me and walking towards me. I wonder why.....(note the sarcasm in my voice.) As she is walking toward me with a squad of girls behind her I start walking away to the office. She is still following me though.

I then think about making a mad dash for it, but run into someone. I almost fall but they catch me and say, “Watch where you're going” while looking at their phone. I say, “Sorry, it’s not like I planned to run into a total dick.” Yeah, I know, I’m a handful of badass. He says, “Excuse me, were talking to me because NOBODY talks to me like that!” By now some people have gathered around me. I just say, “Whatever dickhead, why don’t you just move so I can go to the office as I was trying earlier!” The guys behind him just stare at me in disbelief.

The guy in the front has dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, jeans, and a black shirt. The one to his right looks like this, blond hair, green eyes, a green shirt, and also jeans. The one to his left has blue eyes, brown hair, a red shirt, and, you guessed it, jeans. The guy on the right finally speaks up and says, “Your joking, right?” “Nope,” I say, popping the ‘p’. Then, he says, “Nobody talks to Jason like that” while apparently Jason says, “Who do you think you're talking to?” I say, “Apparently a whole lot of dumb asses!“, while everybody else gasps. Then, of course, the girl that was following me walks up to us and says, “Look, I don’t know who the hell you are, but you had better back off because nobody talks to Jason like that!” Then I have enough of her and say, “No shit you don’t know me, I ain’t never been here before! And by the way, if your gonna threaten me, 1. I can beat your ass like hell, and 2. I don’t feel like fighting with a total bitch today.” With that, I push through the guys while everybody watches me.

I walk into the office and tell them my name and get my schedule. The lady at the desk says, “We have picked out someone to show you around school who has most of your classes.” “ok,” I say. Then she says into a speaker, “Cameron and Jace please come down to the office.” We went ahead and got two boys to show you around. One will be in most of your classes and the other in your other classes.”

Then walk in the two guys who were right behind Jason. Jason is waiting right behind the door when he sees me. He glares at me and I glare right back until he gets annoyed with me not backing down and goes to turn away and I just smirk. “Alicia, this is Cameron and Jace. Jace, Cameron, this is Alicia, the girl I told you guys about who would be transferring here and would like to show around.” “Okay,” says Cameron, the guy who was on the left. “K”, says Jace, the guy who was on the right. “Go on now, before you guys are late, and have a great day!” We walk out and Jason stands and gets in front of the guys and I walk kind of beside them when Jason asks, “Why the hell are you following us?” So I say, “Apparently I have to walk with your minions because they are supposed to show me around, but if I knew you’d be here too, then I would have asked for different people.”

I walk into first period, and they made me late fighting over where to show me to. The teacher looks at us and says, “Take a seat, and why are you four late?” Jason says, “We were trying to show her around the school.” “Why?” Then I just say, “’ Cuz I’m new and didn’t know where to go and his two ‘minions’ were supposed to show me so he just had to be there.” People just start snickering because I just made fun of them. “Ah, you must be Lea, I thought I hadn’t seen you before.” “Yep,” I say, and pop the ‘p’

“Why don’t you come to the front and tell us some things about you.” “okay” I walk up to the front of the room and people are staring at me, so I say, “I am 1, almost 17, I have one brother and 1 sister. My sister is going to college, and my brother goes here. My brother is just 5 months older, we were supposed to be twins but something happened. My favorite color is teal and try not to get in my way or you will get smackdown because my dad has been teaching me to fight since I was 3.” Then I sit in the back row in an empty seat which happens to be beside Cameron and the teacher says, “Well, okay, thank you for that Lea.” “No prob.” Then I wink.

“Ewwww,” someone in the back says. I look at them and say, “What?” They say, “You were flirting with the teacher!” “No, I wasn’t” “Yes, you were.” “No, I wasn’t. I wink almost every time that I don’t mean something so stop trying to make me look bad you jealous bitch.” Then everybody says ooooooooooo. Then we get to work. The teacher keeps looking at me funnily and won’t stop. The boys are cracking annoying jokes and laughing like hyenas.

It is lunchtime and I’ve made 10 friends in half of a day. Emma, my friend that has blond hair, hazel eyes, magenta tank top, and white high waisted shorts. They aren’t nerds or weirdos, but they aren’t the popular group either. They are like the second popular group, the one after the most popular.

So, I found out that I messed with the popular Bad Boys and everybody is talking about it. I am now known as the girl who told off the Bad Boys. I would prefer Bad Girl, but I guess I’ll have to re-earn that title. Jace comes walking up to us as we are sitting at our table and V or Veronica, who has dark brown hair that goes to her shoulders, hazel eyes, a black belly shirt and a black skirt with a pink belt, and pink heels says, “What do you want?” They dated for seven months and he ended it randomly and got with another girl.“I came to tell our little friend here, Lea, that she won’t get away with telling us and Jason off like that.” I roll my eyes. I say, “One, I am NOT NOR NEVER gonna be your friend, and two, bring it.”

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