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The New Girl (ON HOLD)

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The Fight

Haha, I finally updated this! Lol sorry for taking so long guys I’m working on an update schedule and I’ll let you all know later. Enjoy!

He growls at me and reaches out to smack me. I easily dodge it and get up angry. Wait- did I just say growl? Why would someone growl? That’s kinda weird is he like a dog or something. I can’t help the small giggle the escapes my mouth. He growls, yes growls at me again and says, “What’s so funny little bitch?!?!!”

Everyone gasps and I turn to him angry and I smirk saying, “You need to calm down before I beat your ass you mutt.”

His eyes widen and he growls again, “You’re dead.”

I just laugh and shrug my shoulders, “What? Are you gonna fight me?”

He lunges at me and I just barely dodge it. That was too close. HE looks at me confused, probably wondering how I got out of his reach. I just smirk and raise me eyebrow, “Problem puppy?” I taunt him.

He punches my in the face and the force of it leaves me on the floor as people start to giggle. I smack him. hard. HE growls at me again and I knee him in the nuts yelling, “Don’t fucking touch me you asshole!!!”

He growls at me and I roll my eyes as he says, “Just go cry to your mommy and older brother. You can’t do shit for yourself and you know it. Stop trying to act so scary you just act rebellious for attention. Next time I’ll really hurt you.”

I can’t help the tears that come to my eyes as I think about my mum and dad who are never home and Jay who raised me. I look at him and say, “You have no idea what you’re talking about...” I stand up and walk away no longer hungry but now wanting not only revenge but to see Jace’s dead body in the ground.

I know this was a short chapter guys so sorry but I’m trying to get all new chapters in in a day so I’m so sorry I might make another chapter if I finish early to make it up to you guys. Have a fantastic day!

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