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10| princess movie night

Quick note, I just wanted to go ahead and apologize ahead of time for any spelling or Grammer errors. I am writing on my mobile at the moment so I'm sure there will be at least a few and I will be going back through and fixing them later on. — thanks for reading you may continue :)


"Come on daddy, let's goooo.," Gracie says, pulling at my shirt. "Gracie, honey give me a second and then we'll go, it's not even nine 'o clock yet."

"Duh, daddy. We're supposed to pick her up at nine!"

"Are you sassing me, young lady?" I question, turning to look at her, arching a brow. "Umm, no?" She mumbles. "Is that supposed to be a question or..?" She sighs, "Daddy, please can we go?! I wanna see Neveah."

I smile.

"Okay, let me tell your mom we're leaving."

"I will," Gracie says, before screaming, "Mom! Me and daddy leaving! Bye!" Turning to me she grins. "Now can we go?"

"Yes. We can go."

The whole thirty-minute ride my daughter chatters on about princess movie night. I cannot believe my girls- I mean my daughter and Neveah talked me into this. It's going to be torture, I tell ya, torture. Hours of Disney princess movies, of prince's rescuing princesses... Of fairy tales.

Lord help me.

Even though it's going to be torture I can't stop feeling excited. I can't wait to have Neveah near me, in my arms, hear her melodious voice. See her smile.. Watch her and my daughter laugh and talk.

"Daddy we're here!" Gracie hollers, loudly. "I know honey, I am driving," I tell her, smiling. As Neveah walks toward the car my gaze travels over her. She's dressed in a pair of black loose shorts with gray stripes on both sides, and a black tank top with gray going down the sides as well. On her feet are a pair of black and brown sandals, her long wavy brown hair is thrown in a high ponytail. "Hey, guys." she greets smiling, as she gets in the passenger seat.

"Neveah!" my daughter squeals, "I can't wait till princess movie night! It's going to be sooo awesome." Neveah chuckles and nods her head while buckling up. "Yeah, it is going to be awesome Gracie."

"Finally, movie time." sighs Gracie as she plops down onto her pink and purple bean-bag chair. I chuckle and shake my head at my daughter's dramatic flair.

"So, what movie are we watching first?" Neveah asks, plopping down onto the couch beside me a smile on her lips.

My daughter looks up and over at Neveah, a huge smile on her face. One that's been there all day.

"Cinderella. And after that I was thinking Sleeping Beauty then The Little Mermaid then part two of the Little Mermaid then Rapunzel, then Tangled, then-"

"You will not last through even two of those movies Grace," I say interrupting her and earning a glare from her.

"Yes, I will daddy. We have to watch all of them and there is over fifteen."

I can't help but chuckle making her pout.

"Well if we don't finish them all tonight then we'll just have to do it another night," Neveah says making Gracie smile again and sticks her tongue out at me.

I sigh in surrender and get comfortable on the couch, wrapping an arm around Neveah and pulling her close into my side.

Three hours later and light snores are leaving Gracie's opened mouth. I smile at the sight before switching my gaze to a sleepy-eyed Neveah, her head laying on my shoulder.

"I knew she wouldn't last through two movies. I know her."

Neveah chuckles lightly, "Well you got to give it to her, she lasted through one whole movie and half of another."

I nodded and agreed. "Yeah, you're right."

Before I realized what I was doing, I was leaning down and placing my lips on hers, my hand rising to cup her soft cheek. A low moan leaves her lips and I pull her around and onto my lap, so she's straddling me. Her green eyes are dark with lust, her eyelids halfway closed from desire, her cheeks flushed. I continue to kiss her as my hands roam from her back to her sides and underneath her thin top.

Goosebumps trail over her body, where ever my fingers touch.

"Drew. . ." her voice is breathy.

I trail my lips down to the crook of her neck, where I gently nip and kiss.

Her hands tangled in my hair, pulling me closer. Her cherry vanilla fragrance filling my scenes.

The sound of my daughter mumbling pulls us apart. We glance over to see her laying in a very uncomfortable position. "You might want to go ahead and take her to bed. It seems she's out of it." Neveah murmurs moving from my lap and standing.

I stand as well and move to pick up my daughter, I start toward the stairs only to stop and turn around when I realize Neveah wasn't coming. "You coming, love?" I ask, staring at her.

She nods, and moves forward and follows me up the stairs and into Gracie's room.

As soon as I place Gracie in bed her eyes open and she sleepily mumbled, "Daddy, what you doing? We're supposed to watch tv."

"Honey, I think it's time for bed. It's way past your bedtime."

It was three hours past her at nine o'clock bedtime.

"But I'm not sleepy." a yawn escaped her and I arch a brow. "Not sleepy huh?"

"Go to sleep sweetie, we can always watch tv later on."

Neveah remarked moving into my daughters' view.


"I promise." after placing a kiss on her forehead Neveah moves toward the door and waits on me.

"Goodnight sweetheart, I love you."

"Night daddy, love you too."

I show Neveah to the guest room next to Gracie's room and three doors from mine.

We stand in awkward silence.

Just staring at each other.

"Thank you," I say breaking the silence. "for doing this for Gracie. She's never had as much fun as she did tonight. She loves having you around."

Neveah smiles that smile that makes her eyes light up. "Don't thank me. I enjoyed tonight, Gracie is a sweetheart."

I nod and am soon lost in my thoughts.

I can't help but wonder why Gretchen couldn't be like Neveah.

Gretchen sees spending time with Gracie as a chore where Neveah sees it as an honor.

Gretchen doesn't have any kind of patience, hates spending time any kind with me or our daughter that is unless we're in the bedroom and that's when I feel like it's a chore.

Don't get me wrong I love Gretchen I'm just not in love with her. Maybe at one time, I was but that was a long time ago before she changed. Or maybe she was always like she is?

I don't know but I do know that this whatever this is that's going between me and Neveah. . . What I'm feeling for her isn't right.

It's wrong.

She's my stepbrothers' daughter.

My niece.

And underage.

Plus I'm a married man for goodness sakes.

Even if I'm in the process of a divorce. I shouldn't be chasing after a teenager. I should be trying to work on my marriage. Trying to save it.

But I'm not.

Because I don't want to save it.

There's no reason trying. Because to save a marriage you have to have both parties wanting to save it.

I'm brought from my pondering when I feel hands cupping my scruffy cheeks. "Drew, are you okay?"

I look down into Neveah's worried eyes and get lost in them.

She's so innocent.



"Fine, I'm fine love."

She nods and looks away a small yawn escaping her.

"I think someone is sleepy."

Neveah giggles. "A little."

I nod and move back from her. "I'll be right back love." I go to my room and grab one of my shirts for her to wear and walk back to the guest room to find her laying on the bed, her eyes closed.

I can't help but stare at her.

Her brown hair lays around her like a Halo, her small plump Rose-colored lips slightly parted as she breathes in and out. The dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks standing out on her pale skin.

She's perfect.

Moving toward her I gently shake her. "Love, wake up. Let's get this shirt on you then you can go to sleep." she drowsily sits up and I chuckle. After helping her out of her shoes and clothes I slip my shirt over her, it swallows her small frame, stopping a few inches from her knees.

I pull the comforter back and help her into the bed before turning to leave.


Her sweet voice makes me pause.

"Yes, love?"

"Lay with me, please."

I know I shouldn't but...

"Of course love."

I slip out of my shoes and pants along with my shirt. Leaving me in my boxers. I then get in bed and under the comforter with her after switching the lights out. She rolls over so she's facing me and cuddles into me, placing her face into the crook of my neck.

"Night drew."

She whispers.

"Goodnight love," I reply back pulling her closer to me.

Her breathing has already evened out, and I soon after close my eyes and sleep takes me.

I'm awoken sometime later from the sound of my wife screeching.

"What the hell is going on here?"

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