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11| someone else


"Gretchen lower your damn voice before you wake her and our daughter up." I hissed gripping Gretchen by the arm and pulling her from the guest room and into the master bedroom.

"Lower my voice? Lower my voice! I just caught my husband in bed with another woman!" Gretchen hysterical shouts, "and you want me to lower my damn voice?! Who the hell is she Drew and what is she doing in our home?"

I sigh. "Calm down and I'll explain."

"Fine." she crossed her arms and glares at me. "explain."

So I do. I tell her about how the girl I was in bed with is my niece, how my brother practically forced her to move down here for the summer, how Gracie and she came up with this Princess movie night and finally how we ended up in bed together.

"That is still no reason to undress and get in bed with another woman or should I say, girl. An underaged one at that."

I roll my eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me, Drew Micheal Jacobsen. You're my husband! How would you feel if you caught me lying in bed with another man whether he's my nephew or not."

I bark out a laugh. "I think you're forgetting something honey. I have caught you in bed with another man or should I say, men."

Her face flushes and she stutters.

"I.. you- that happened a long time ago!"

I shrugged. "Still happened."

Tears gather in her hazel eyes and I sigh. "Gretchen. . ."

"We're not even together anymore. We are getting divorced. . . So why are you making such a big deal out of this?"

I asked, not understanding.

Sniffling she looks at the black carpeted floor and whispers out. "Because I still love you, and I want to try and work on us."

I shake my head and begin to pace. "No Gretchen, you don't get to do this to me again. I'm not going to fall for it. We both know me and you.. us are never going to work out. We've spent years trying to work but we haven't. I've tried Gretchen, I've tried so fucking hard to keep you me and Gracie together but you, you keep pulling away every time. . . I'm so tired of it. I love you but I'm not in love with you anymore. And. . ."

Neveah's beautiful face flashes through my mind. The way she gets so excited over the smallest of things. The way she always finds something to smile about. The way she bites her bottom lip and casts her eyes down when she's trying to hold back tears. The way she. . . moves, speaks, carries herself... Everything about her flits through my mind.

I'm falling for her.

And I can't stop.

I don't want to stop.

"and I've met someone else." I finish looking at Gretchen.

The sadness that was on her face is replaced by anger and before I know it her hands are balled into fists and she's beating my chest while screaming. "You bastard! I hate you! How could you do this to me!!"

She screams and cries and continued to hit me for a while before I grip her shoulders and push her away. "Stop Gretchen!" my tone is low and calm but commanding.

She's breathing hard. Her face smeared with make-up. Her blond hair has fallen from its bun and fans around her shoulders, pieces sticking to her face.

"Who?" she whispers.

"who is this someone else?"

I shrugged, "None of your concern Gretchen."

She glares up at me through raccoon eyes, "is she prettier than me? Smarter? Can she please you in bed? Does she know your married and have a daughter? Huh, does she? Does she know you-"

"Enough!" I snap, "she knows everything Gretchen, and she's the most beautiful girl I've ever met, she's so sweet and kind. Funny, amazing, sassy but also soft-spoken. . . And I haven't slept with her. I'm not worried about how she is in bed, but I'm sure when I do get her underneath me she'll please me just fine because just a glance from her makes me feel like I won the lottery."

By the time I'm done speaking a smile is on my face and my eyes are shining with adoration.

"Wow.." Gretchen murmurs, "you've never spoken about me like that... Not ever."


I sneak back into bed with Neveah and pull her into my chest. She cuddles up to me, "everything okay?" her sleepy voice asks, I hum. "Everything's fine, love," I tell her placing a kiss on the top of her head.

She yawns out an "ok" before laying an arm across my abdomen, and laying her head on my chest, one leg thrown over mine.

Soon soft even breaths leave her parted lips and I relax back into the bed enjoying her soft body cuddled into mine.


Tears stream down my cheeks as I pound my fists on the steering wheel of my car.

He's moved on already and we're not even divorced!

I stare up at the house me, Gracie and Drew used to live in so happily together until I messed everything up.

He's right.

Every time he tried to hold us together I'd pull.

I'm the reason my family is shattered.

Where did everything go so wrong?

I know.

Four years ago when I cheated on him, not once but five times.

He forgave me.

But nothing was ever the same again.

I bang my head on the steering wheel and curse myself.

Who's the girl he's seeing now?

I can't help but wonder.

Is she really all he said she is?

Why was it when he spoke about her his eyes lit up with adoration and dare I say, love? Why'd a huge smile spread on his face?

Who is this girl that's taken my husband completely from me?

And why the fuck was he in bed with his supposed niece?

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