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13| laughs, fun and thoughts


“Hey, bubba! ”

I smile when I hear my sister's sweet voice.

“Hey, beautiful girl.” I greet walking over to her and bending down to place a kiss on her forehead. “how have you been? ” I ask her as I take her in. Her black hair is in a fishtail braid, she's dressed in a pale blue dress and a pair of ankle socks are on her feet. Her dark blue eyes are filled with happiness.

“Good. Mama Jade and I went to the mall yesterday and spent a daughter and mother's day together. ”

I smile but it's forced. Jade Harveston adopted Draya when our parents passed away eight years ago. I was just 20, and I went through a tough time. I didn't want my sister to be adopted out but I wasn't in the right place at the time to care for her. She was just eight years old. And needed care twenty-four seven.

Draya was born with a spine disease.

She can't walk.

She also suffers from seizures.

She has well used to have about seventy seizures a day.

“Where is Gracie?”

I move over and sit on the edge of her bed. “She's with my niece.”

Draya frowns. “Niece?”

“Well, step-niece. Westly forced his daughter to come down here and spend the summer with him.”

Draya huffs and rolls her eyes. “Sounds like the prick.”

I chuckle. “Yeah.”

“So how old is she? I mean she has to be young if she didn't have a choice to come down here with him.”

I sigh. “She's seventeen. A year older than you.”

Draya giggles “Awesome! I wanna meet her!”

“Okay, then you'll meet her beautiful girl. I think you and her will get along great. She's funny, smart, sweet as can be.. beautiful, caring..-” a sinful vixen who I want to claim as mine.

I can still feel her hot mouth around me, see the way she looked up at me from her knees as she pleasured me.

I can still hear her sweet moans and taste her sweet nectar.

I feel Drew junior twitch and hurriedly think of something else.

“Sounds like you really like her.” my sister muses out. “Course I do. She's a sweet girl. Gracie adores her.”

Draya smirks. “So do you.”

I narrow my eyes at her. “Just what are you getting at missy?”

She smiles innocently. “oh, nothing. Nothing at all bubba.”

“So how's Gretchen the witch doing?”

She asks changing the subject but a smile still playing at her lips and her eyes glinting mischievously.

I shrug my shoulders. “Fine, I reckon barely see her anymore.”

Draya nods.

“Draya honey, you have an appointment in thirty minutes!” Jade calls out.

I stand. “I need to go. I have to stop by the tattoo shop before going to get Gracie. But I'll see you soon. Okay?”

“ok, bubba. Make sure to bring Neveah to meet me soon.”

I hug her. “I will. Love you beautiful girl. Call me if you need me or anything.”

“I will. Oh and Happy early father's day bubba.”



Gracie's giggles fill the kitchen.

I shoot her a playful glare. “You think this is funny missy?” I say pointing at the chocolate cake mix that's splattered on my face, neck, and t-shirt.

“Y..yes!” she giggled out. I smirk and stick my fingers in the bowl getting a good amount before walking over to the giggling girl and rubbing it in her cheeks and nose.

“Ahhh, Neveah!” she whined out and I laugh.

“Payback darling, payback.”

Next thing I know it's a food fight.

Flour, eggs, sprinkles, cherries anything we get our hands on is thrown at the other. That's how Drew finds us.

“What the world..?”

Gracie and I look at each other and grin. Before turning toward Drew.

His eyes widen.

“Don't you two dare-” but it's too late. Chocolate syrup is squirted on him.

“Oh, it's on!”

Our laughs fill the kitchen.



I groan as I continue to scrub my hair trying to get all the syrup, flour, cake mix, and god knows what else out.

I hear a chuckle and I peek out of the glass shower door to find an amused, shirtless Drew. “What are you laughing at?” I ask glaring. Trying to keep my gaze from his toned abs.

“Need help, love?”

Yes, yes, YES!

“uh...um, Gracie..?”

“Gracie is asleep in the guest room next to your room.”

I lick my lips nervously. “Okay.”

He smirks and moves his hands to the waistband of the shorts he has on. I quickly move back into the shower completely but still see his blurry image through the door. Soon he slides it open and moves into the shower with me. I feel my neck and cheeks flush as he takes a good look at my naked body.

My eyes roam over him as well.

God, he's so freaking hot...

He groans. “Keep looking at me like that love and I'm going to fuck you.”

I gasp and wetness pools between my thighs.

He smirks and moves closer till we're flush against each other, “Do you want that love? You want your step-uncle to fuck you, hmm?”

His fingers lightly skim from my neck and down around my breast down to my waist. Where he grips me and turns me around pushing me flush against the shower wall, he grips my both my wrist in one hand and raises them above my head. He takes his free hand and uses two fingers to feel my slit, making me whimper.

“Goodness love, you're so fucking wet.” he groans out. “does the thought of my cock claiming this tight little pussy make you this wet..?”

I moan “Please..”

He lets go of my wrists and holds them behind my back, my face now pressing against the wall. He continues to rub my clit in a slow, circular motion. I whimper.

“God baby, you're so hot to tease,” he whispers in my ear, then places a gentle kiss on my neck. I wiggle my butt, trying to press against him.

I need him.

“Please, Drew.. fuck me,” I beg.

I'm swiftly turned around and his mouth lands on mine. His hands grip my thighs, squeezing and I know what he wants. I wrap my legs around his waist and moan as his hardness pressed against me. “Drew...”

He lights himself up with me “You sure?”

His voice is deep, his eyes dark.

“Fuck me!”

He slams into me, I hiss from pleasure and pain.

He's huge. It feels as if he's tearing me open.

“Damn. You are so freaking tight.”

I grip his shoulders as he pounds into me, hard.

“Ahh-oh god!”

He bends his head and takes one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking on it suddenly he bites down on it making m scream out in pain and pleasure, he continues his torture on my breast, switching between the two all the while his constant thrust never stops.

“Ahhhh-oh- I'm cl-close!”

I scream out digging my nails into his shoulders. Suddenly I feel one of his hands move in between us and press against my clit. He rolls the bud between his thumb and pointer finger bringing me closer and closer to my release.

He moves his hip a tad and pulls out of me almost all the way before slamming back into my channel hitting my g-spot. He does this a few more times before I moan/scream out “I'm going to cum!”

“Do it baby, cum for me. Cum all over your step uncle's long hard cock.”

His dirty talk and slight command has me reaching my high. I throw my head back and tighten around him as my release blows through me.

“Ah, fuck.” he moans out. “I'm fixing to-”

“Cum inside me. Fill me up with your cum!” I say making him grip my ass with both hands and roughly pound in me three more times before releasing his warm sticky white substance inside me, coating my walls.

After re-washing we got out and dressed in silence.

“I, uh should probably go check on Gracie,” he mutters before leaving my bedroom. I sigh and plop down onto my bed wincing slightly.

I was sore as hell.

But in a good way.

It'd been two years since I had sex.

I had just turned sixteen and me and the triplets went to this party, we all got hammered and I and Alex ended up having sex.

The next morning we both regretted it and decided to pretend it never happened.

Now.. I had sex with my step-uncle.

And I'm not ashamed to say I want to continue having sex with him. But that's not all... I want to be with him.

I want him to be mine and me to be his. I want him to claim me as his, I want to bear his children, I want-

“Stop it!” I hiss to myself. “stop thinking like that, it will never happen.”

Besides... I think he thinks what we did was a mistake.

Why would a successful, handsome grown man want to be with a barely legal women? Who is just out of high school?

Tears fall unnoticed down my cheeks as I feel a pain swell inside me.

God, I think I'm falling in love with my step-uncle.

It wrong.

It's incest-ish.

He's married, still.

And he doesn't feel the same way as I.

Does he?

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