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14| happy father's/birthday


“Daddy, daddy wake up!”

Gracie's voice wakes me from my sleep and I groan as I open my eyes. I slept like shit. After leaving Neveah's room to check on Gracie I went to Westley's office and fixed me two shots of scotch as I cursed at myself.

I fucked my step-niece.

And I enjoyed every minute of it.

I wanted so badly to claim her as mine. Images of her round with my baby filled my mind. Images of us being a family. I wanted her to be mine.

It is wrong.

She's under-fucking-age.

Not for long...

That voice reminds me.

She would be a woman soon.

But she'd still be my niece.

“Daddy, wake up!”

“I'm up, sweetie.”

She smiles and squeals out “He's up!” she jumps off the bed, rushing out if the room and I sit up frowning. What is going on?

Soon Gracie re-enters followed by Neveah.

Gracie's has three balloons that say happy father's day, I love you, you're the best gripped in one hand and in the other she's holding a present. While Neveah is holding a tray filled with pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage links and a glass of orange juice and coffee.

“HAPPY FATHERS DAY, DADDY!” Gracie sings out grinning widely. She moves to the bed and I hug her tightly. “Thank you baby girl.” she kisses my cheek and hands me the present. “Open it, daddy.”

I open the gift and find a shirt with ‘Worlds GREATEST dad’ written in bold black letters. And a Rolex watch.

“Do you like me? I and Neveah picked them out. Well, I picked the shirt and she picked the watch..” my daughter talks away, as my blue eyes lock on a pair of beautiful green ones. That is filled with pain, worry, confusion... Neveah walks over to me and places the tray down on the bed-side table. “After you eat and shower me and Gracie has plans for you,” she says before turning and walking out of the room.

I sigh and force a smile for my daughter as she giggles and talks her little heart away.

Laughter floats throughout the car making my smile grow even bigger than it was. It was now going on three in the afternoon, almost dinner time and I was heading back to Westley's house.

“Oh, daddy I can't wait until you see your surprise for father's day!!” Gracie says happily. Confusion crossed my face and I glance over at Neveah, arching a brow. She just giggles along with my daughter. “You didn't think going out into the town and browsing shops and going to the beach was your surprise did you?” she asks giving me a smirk.

I just nod. “Uh, um.. well yes. Yes, I did.”

She tsk' es and shakes her head.

“Your surprise should be ready by the time we arrive back to Westley's.”

As soon as we arrive at the mansion my daughter hops out of the car heading up to the house, leaving me and Neveah by ourselves.

Neveah stares out the passenger window, watching for my daughter to give her the sign that means my ‘surprise’ is ready.


She glances over at me.

“About last night-” I start only to be shushed by her shaking her head. “There's nothing we need to speak about that happened last night. I'm pretty sure we both agree; it was a mistake and shouldn't have happened.”

I frown. “What?! I don't think last night was a mistake!” I exclaim.

A cute frown mars her face. “but- I thought... I mean you-” she shakes her head and gives me a lost and confused look.

I sigh and reach over, grabbing one of her small hands. “I know I left suddenly last night but it wasn't because I regretted what happened or thought it was a mistake... it's just your young, beautiful, smart. You have your whole life ahead of you Neveah and last night..” I shake my head and huff. “I want you in a way I shouldn't Neveah, I don't just want sex. I want to claim you. I want you to be mine. And only mine... but that can't happen because your not just my stepbrothers' daughter, you're also underage-”

She opens her mouth to speak but I place a finger over her lips.

“I know you'll be eighteen soon love, but that doesn't change anything. You will be going to college soon, you'll follow your dream to become a writer. You'll also fall in love on the way-”

“But I'm already falling in love. ” she says grabbing my hand and moving it from her face. “with you Drew. ”

Happiness spreads through me.

My heart swells.

I cup her cheeks in both my hands and lean over placing my lips on hers. I kiss her deeply.

“I'm falling for you too, love.” I murmur breaking apart from her sweet, cotton candy tasting lips.

She smiles a breathtaking smile at me.

“We'll talk more later Drew, right now it's time for your surprise.”


I get out of the car and walk around meeting Neveah on the other side, she grabs my hand and pulls me toward the house. My daughter stands in the doorway, shifting from foot to foot, a huge smile on her sweet face.

She grabs my other hand and both of my girls pull me into the house but not before asking me, well commanding me to close my eyes.

I do as told and they lead me to their destination.

“Okay, you can open your eyes now daddy.”

I open my eyes and shock fills me.

The living room has been transformed. There's a huge blue banner with a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY / BIRTHDAY! Written on it, along with blue and red balloons, there's a long plastic folding table covered in blue cloth with tons of food laid out on it and a huge, triple-layered chocolate cake in the middle.

There's a smaller table with a few wrapped gifts.

There's some soft music playing in the background and-


My sister comes rolling in from the kitchen with a smile plastered on her face. Shortly followed by Jade and her husband, followed by Garrett my best friend and his pregnant wife Helen along with their three girls and little boy.

Shock fills me and I turn to face Neveah and my daughter. I didn't tell Neveah when my birthday was. And my daughter didn't even seem to remember... “What?- how-..?”

Neveah smiles. “Figured since it wasn't only father's day but also your birthday we'd go all out- by the way I'm upset with you for not telling me it was your birthday but thanks to this sweet girl here I found out.” she gives Gracie a grin. Gracie looks up at her with love shining in her eyes, it melts my heart.

“Do you like the surprise daddy?”

Gracie switches her gaze to me.

I pull her and Neveah into my arms and hug them tightly. “I love it!”


“So.,” Draya says looking at me.

“So, what? Draya. ” I ask.

She smirks and glances over at Neveah who is holding a sleepy Gracie in her lap while she talks with Jade and Helen before glancing back at me.

“she is all those things you said bubba.”

I nod. “Yeah, she is.”

My eyes automatically move back to her and my daughter. Love for both of them fills my heart.

When I told Neveah I was falling for her I didn't lie but I didn't completely tell the truth. I wasn't falling for her, I had already fallen in the short amount of time I've known her.


I stare at bubba as he watched Neveah and his daughter. A soft smile graces his lips, his eyes full of happiness, love, and adoration.

He thinks I don't see it. But I do.

He's in love with Neveah.

I knew the moment he told me about her, the way he spoke about her and the way his eyes would soften and fill with adoration gave him away.

I'd never seen my bubba as happy as he was when speaking of her or when he's around her. Not since Gracie was born.

And Neveah.. she feels the same way.

When I spoke with her, she got all google eyed and love spilled from her tone as she spoke. She was in love with him as well. Not just him but also Gracie.

In my opinion, I think they'd make a great couple. Who cares if she's eleven years younger. Who cares if she's his step-niece. They're not kin by blood because Westley isn't my brothers or my biological brother he's just our stepbrother.

And my bubba deserves to be happy.

I know how tough life's been on him.

And Gretchen... I wish she'd just quit trying to ruin his life and just divorce him already. Quit dragging it out. They'd already be divorced if it wasn't for her dragging it out, refusing to sign.

“You love her,” I state.

He pulls his gaze from them and looks at me pretending to not know what I'm talking about. “What? Who?”

I give him a look. “I'm not dumb bubba, I know you and I know you love her and not in a nice kind of way. You're in love with her.”

He sighs. “You know me so well don't you beautiful girl?” he laughs softly. “and you're right. I do love her. But we would never work, she's young, she had a whole new world ahead of her. I can't, I won't be what holds her back from living her life. I'm twenty-nine years old, I have a seven-year-old daughter, I'm still trying to get a divorce... I come with a lot of baggage Draya.” sadness coats his voice and fills his eyes, his shoulders droop and he looks over at her. “I won't be what holds her back.”

“What about her Drew? What does she want?”

He frowns and shakes his head.

“Look Bubba, don't go making decisions for her. You let her make her own. It's her choice, her decision about whether she wants you and all your baggage which I can tell you now. She does. She loves not only you but Gracie too. Deeply.”

“When did you get so smart?”

I smirk. “When you got old.”

He shoots me a playful glare. “I'm not an old beautiful girl!”

I giggle. “I love you bubba.”

“I love you too.”

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