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15| i love you


It's been two days since father's day and since Drew's twenty-ninth birthday. Tonight Drew is supposed to come over, he told me we needed to talk about something important.

I can't lie and say I'm not worried. Because I am. I'm terrified.

I already have a clue about what it is we need to talk about.


Our relationship.

The reasons we will never work out.

The reasons we can't be together.

The reasons-

The sound of the ringing doorbell startles me from my thoughts and I nervously stand from the couch to go and open the door. Rosa isn't here, I sent her home earlier today when I found out Drew was going to be coming over for our 'important talk'.

I didn't want any interruptions or eavesdropping. Because as much as I liked Rosa, I didn't trust her a hundred percent not to tell West what she heard.

I open the door and my mouth goes dry as I take him in. He's in a thin white t-shirt that showed off his abs with a pair of cargo shorts and a pair of sandals - today had been extremely hot - hotter then lately which would explain why he'd decided to wear something other than his normal clothing.

His tattooed muscles were on show, his hair messy, his extremely bright blue orbs staring at me, a smirk on his plump lips.

“You know if you take a picture, it lasts longer love.” I feel my cheeks heat up and I shoot my gaze away from him and step back out of the doorway; letting him enter. He does and pulls me into his arms, hugging me to him tightly and burying his face into my neck. “God I've missed you these past two days love.” I hug him back. “I've missed you too,” I mumble against his chest his cologne filling my scenes, comforting me.

As much as I love being in his arms, nerves were making my hand's sweat and me to be jittery. I pull back and he frowns but I give him a small smile “Do you want anything to drink?” I ask turning to head to the kitchen only to be grasped by my waist before being turned around and lifted up. My legs automatically wrap themselves around his waist, my arms hugging his neck tightly. “What-”

“Hush.” I frown and squint my eyes at him. Pouting slightly. “Don't pout love, ” he rolls his eyes and starts walking. “we need to talk before you get yourself worked up.”

“What do you mean?” I scoff out. “I'm not getting worked up over anything!”

He breathes out a laugh before placing me down on ... the kitchen counter?

“Uhm, Drew why are we in the kitchen? I thought you said you didn't want anything to drink?”

He chuckles. “I don't love, but we need to talk.”

“Oh-okay? But why in the kitchen? And not the living room? You know where most people go to talk.”

A sigh leaves his plump pink lips and he rubs the back of his neck. A nervous gesture of his. “I don't know love. I- I'm..” he lets out a nervous laugh. “Fuck I'm nervous as hell,” he mutters underneath his breath.

I move off the counter and walk up to him, placing a hand on his forearm. “What is it, Drew?” worry laces my voice.

He breathes deeply before gazing into my eyes, his callused hand raising to cup my cheeks. “I know you are young and still have your whole life ahead of you. That you still have college and dreams to follow. And I would never want to stop you from experiencing all of that. From experiencing life but someone told me I shouldn't make choices for you and that I should tell you-” he pauses.

“Drew, you're rambling. Just tell me.”

He nods. “I love you Neveah. I'm in love with you. I know it's not been long. At all but I can't help it. The heart wants what it wants and mine wants you.”

Tears fill my eyes, some escaping and slipping down my cheeks. Worry clouds his and he goes to speak but I shush him by placing a hand over his mouth. “I love you too Drew. I'm in love with you.” relief flashes across his face and his shoulders slump in relief. “and I know I'm young,” I can't help but roll my eyes at this “and I know I still have a lot to experience but I want to experience that with you and Gracie by my side. Because I can't imagine a life without either of you in it.”

I move my hand.

Drew smiles, big. “God, I love you so much.” his lips meet mine and we kiss passionately. All of our love for one another pouring into this one kiss.

When we break apart, our breathing is ragged.

We stare deeply into one another's eyes. Love shining in them, making them sparkle. Huge grins on our face.

I know our love isn't going to be easy.

It'll be tough.

We will be judged most likely.

But. . . In the end, if our love is strong enough it will be worth it.

Every tear we will shed, every hurtful thing that will be said to us, every disgusted look that will be given, everything would be worth it. All in the end.

... I hope.

Because I love Drew, wholeheartedly, one-hundred-percent. As well as Gracie.

And I pray, our age difference, our family status whether step or not won't come in between us.

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