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16| time with Gracie


"Oo-oh, can we watch Beauty and the Beast first?" Gracie pleads.

I giggle lightly. "Of course we can, Grace. I happen to love Beauty and the Beast." a grin breaks across her face, her bright blue eyes shining; sparkling in happiness.

"I'm delighted we get to have a movie night together, just you and I."

My heart swells and I smile big. "Me too, Gracie. Me too."

"As much as I love watching your father suffer through Disney Princess movies I really am pleased to be just spending time with you."

Gracie stands up from my bed and moves toward me; I am crouched down in front of the blue-ray player - and throws herself into my arms, hugging me tightly. "I love you Neveah!"

She mumbles into my neck.

I wrap my arms around her small body. "I love you too, Gracie." I place a kiss on top of her head, her sweet bubble gum scent filling my nostrils.

Four hours and three movies later and we were famished! Popcorn did not fill us up, even though we ate a whole bunch. Glancing at my phone I saw it was going on three in the afternoon. We have been watching television for around twelve.

"Hey, Grace what do you say about us going out to eat at the pizza place?"

Gracie looks over at me and bobs her head up and down enthusiastically. "Yes! I'm starving!" I chuckle and stand from the bed, stretching. "alright then, slip your sandals on and we will leave." I tell her softly all the while slipping on my flip flops.

"Can we get ice cream afterward?"

Asks Gracie whose face is covered in pizza sauce. "Sure, we can," I reply grabbing a napkin and reaching over to wipe her face. She gives me a thankful smile and giggles before grabbing her third slice of bbq pizza.

This girl can eat, I tell you.

"So after ice cream what else do you wanna do? We can head back to the house and watch some more television or we can go to the mall and get our hair done, or-"

"Ooh! I know let's get our hair done and get matching outfits!" her blue eyes sparkle. "then we can stop daddy's tattoo shop and surprise daddy!"

I nod my head, "sounds like a plan sweetheart."

So after getting ice cream and a walk in the park we head to the salon in the mall and get our hair done; I get mine trimmed a few inches so now it hands just below my shoulders and Gracie gets hers cut so it's now shoulder-length instead of waist length.

Gosh, I hope Drew doesn't mind.

We then head to the clothing center where we find matching summer dresses; they end a few inches above the knees, mine is white at the top with two blue butterflies on the left top side and it's black and white from the waist down with blue butterflies Gracie's is the exact same but with pink butterflies instead of blue. We also get white sandals with butterfly designs.

"Wow! We look so so pretty!" Gracie's awes out looking in the mirror in the mall restrooms. She turns to my eyes shining with a sheen of tears.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" I question. She gives me a sad smile. "It's just my mama never ever does anything like this, with me. Or anything at all. She doesn't like spending time with me. . . even before she and daddy started having trouble. Her work and friends always came before me. . ." a tear slips down her cheek shortly followed by another one. "Oh sweetie, " I pull her into my embrace hugging her tightly. She wraps her arms around me, squeezing. I hold her till her sobs quieten before pulling back and cupping her cheeks in my hands, my thumbs wiping away the stray tears that linger.

"I'm sure your mama-"

She interrupts me. "It's fine, I'm just glad I have you now. I love spending time with you. And so does daddy. When we all three are together I feel like we're a family. I wish we were."

My heart swells and my eyes turn glassy. "I feel the same way sweetheart."

She gives me a smile. "let's go surprise daddy!"

We stop by McDonald's to grab Drew a big mac meal before heading to his shop.

I'd never been here before so I was surprised to see how fancy it was. We entered the building and I am awed by the inside, it's absolutely gorgeous the theme color is black and crimson red. "Um, can I help you two?" a woman asks from behind the counter on the right side of the room, a scowl on her face. She's got blonde and pink hair that ends at her shoulders, her arms are covered in tattoos, she has five piercings in her left ear and three in her right, her nose, and lip along with her right eyebrow is pierced as well. And her tank top is so low you can practically see all of her cleavage.

Gracie moves closer to me, gripping my hand tightly. "Yes, we're looking for Drew," I tell her as I rub Gracie's back soothingly.

The woman rolls her blue eyes. "He's busy."

"Well tell him that his daughter is here to see him and I'm sure he will un-busy himself." I snap not liking her attitude.

Her eyes widen before narrowing as she inspects me and Gracie.

"Really. . . Drew doesn't have a daughter or I would know. So why don't you take your brat and leave?"

I bite my lip to stop myself from cursing her out and pull my phone from my purse, dialing Drew.

"Hey, beautiful." his deep voice greets.

"Drew me and Grace are in your tattoo shop."

I hear shuffling from the other side. "Oh? I'm not there right now love, I'm down the street but I'll be there in five minutes' top."

"Okay, see you then."

I walk over and take a seat on one of the leather chairs, Gracie placing herself on my lap. "I don't like that lady," she mumbles to me making me laugh lowly. "Me neither sweetheart. But daddy said he'll be here in a few minutes."

My eyes meet the woman's glaring blue one's and I roll my eyes. It seems as if Drew has an admirer.

I feel a tinch of jealousy at this thought. Has Drew slept with her?

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