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17| love it when you're jealous


After hanging up with Neveah I head back inside the small café. “Is everything ok bubba?” Draya asks me as I reach our table in the corner of the crowded place.

I give my sister an apologetic look “Actually Neveah and Gracie are at the tattoo shop. .and, um...—” I trail of feeling guilt hit me. I had promised Draya we could hang out today since Gracie and Neveah was having a girls day and since the shop wasn't busy.

Draya grins. “It's fine bubba, go.”

I frown and shake my head. “No, let me call Neveah back and let her know I'm busy—”

“Bubba go! I'm fine, we can hang out later. Perhaps Gracie, Neveah, you and I can go to the beach this weekend?” Draya suggests.

I nod, “Of course we can, beautiful girl.” I agree and after placing a kiss on her forehead and making sure she will be fine I leave and make my way down the slightly crowded side-walk. Making it to Inks and Life my tattoo shop a couple of minutes later than I had told Neveah.

I enter the shop, the bell above the door ringing letting it be known someone has entered. The first thing that catches my eyes is the way Gracie is seated in Neveah's lap, head on her shoulder as they talk lowly.

The second thing I notice is that they are both dressed identical and that my daughter's long waist-length hair now reaches her shoulders.

The third thing that catches my attention is the glare Faye, one of my employees is shooting toward my girls, a scowl on her face.

Gracie looks up and grins widely. “Daddy!” she moves off Neveah's lap and rushes over to me I lift her up in my arms and kiss her cheek, greeting her. “Hey princess.” before placing her back on her feet.

Neveah stands and gives me a small grin but her beautiful eyes are swirling with emotions.

“Drew.” Faye's sultry voice sounds out as she moves from behind the counter. “I didn't realize you had a daughter.”

I see Neveah roll her eyes from the corner of my eye. What's wrong with her? I can't help but wonder. “Yeah, well you don't know a lot about me, Faye, I don't pay you to get to know me. I pay you to work.” my voice is calm but a little harsh as well. Faye is a great tattoo artist and great help but she's also a flirt and has tried getting into my pants since she started working for me a few months ago.

She licks her lips and looks at me through her lashes trying to be seductive. “But I do know you, Drew honey...” her tone and words suggest that she knows me better than she does.

She moves forward and places a hand on my forearm, her bright pink sharp nails digging in my skin slightly.

I hear a scoff from beside me and turn to see Neveah glaring between Faye and I, her pale skin flushed red. “Come on Gracie, tell daddy bye. It seems he's busy.” She says to Grace before remarking “busy flirting.” under her breath, it's low but I still hear and that's when I realize;

She's jealous.

Moving Faye's hand from me I step back. “Why don't you head on out early Faye? I'm fixing to close up since it's a slow day.”


I cut her off. “And we will be having a talk tomorrow.” with that I dismiss her and turning to Gracie I hand her my phone and tell her to go have a seat and play a game that I need to speak with Neveah in private.

I grip Neveah by her wrist gently and pull her into the back, and push her up against the wall, caging her in by placing my arms on either side of her body. She glares up at me, eyes filled with fire.

“What are you doing? What do you want?” she snarls.

I chuckle and lean in “No reason to be jealous little one.” my breath fans against her ear and she shivers.

“I don't know what you're talking about.” she denies “I'm not jealous.”

I place my face in the crook of her neck and place feather-light kisses, one of my hands moving to cup her ass, a low moan slips from her lips.

“Do not lie, love, I know you're jealous and you have no reason to be. I don't want her. What I want is right here, in front of me.” with that I claim her lips in a kiss. I kiss her deeply, passionately. Both my hands now gripping her butt, her legs wrapped around my waist, her heat pressing into my hard, aching shaft.

“Fuck.” I groan pulling away from her sweet lips. “I need to be inside you.” I breathe out.

Her lust-filled eyes stare hungrily at me.

It takes everything in me not to take her here and now. I need her. I crave her. I want her to know she's all I want. But I can't, my daughter is just in the other room, a curtain the only thing blocking us from view if she comes back here. I place her on her unsteady legs, holding her up by her arms. “Tonight.” I promise, “tonight you are mine.”


Minor smut ahead>>

I love feeling her thighs quiver when I fuck her. Her back is pressed against mine as I keep her legs parted with my knees. I can tell she is close to climaxing from the way mews spill from her parted, swollen red lips, from her flushed face, head thrown back eyes closed. So I quicken my pace and tease her clit with my fingers. “You wanna cum, baby girl?” I groan in her ear when her walls squeeze against my cock at my question. “Cum all over my cock. I want to fuck all your juices back into your tight little hole, baby.”

Her walls squeeze my cock tightly as her climax breaks through, she brings one of her hands up to her mouth and bites her knuckles, muffling her screams of bliss.


After hours of love-making, I and Neveah lay on the king-sized bed in my bedroom, sweat coating both of our bodies, our breathing ragged.

Her jealousy forgotten. . . or so I thought.

“Drew, can I ask you something?” Neveah says, propping up on her elbow beside me, her messy I ‘just got ravished’ hair falling in her beautiful face, hiding her stunning eyes.

Moving her hair behind her ear I reply back with an “Of course love, anything.”

She sighs “Have you fucked her?” she asks, biting her bottom lip afterward.

As I open my mouth to reply she shakes her head. “Never mind, it's none of my business I don't want to know.” jealousy makes its way through her voice and her eyes flash to a brilliant emerald green.

Moving so I'm now in a sitting position, back against the headboard I pull her up and on me; so she's now straddling me the sheet falling from her glorious breast and pooling around her thighs. “I love it when you're jealous, ”

She glares at me. “I don't!” she bites out.

Running my hands up her back I tell her honestly “No, I've never fucked Faye. Not that she hasn't offered. She's not my type. Besides love, I never planned on getting in any kind of relationship even just one-night-stands. Because my focus was on taking care of my daughter, trying to get Gretchen to sign the divorce papers and taking care of my businesses. That is until you... ”

Her lips part as she breathes out a huge puff of air.

“I changed your mind huh?”

I smirk “Yep, and I'm awfully glad you did. Don't get me wrong my focus is still on all those things... I just have something else or rather someone else to add-in. You and our relationship. And. . . ” biting my bottom lip I roam my gaze over her creamy breast that are marked with love bites. “making sure you know you have no reason to be jealous because the only person I want is you.”

And just to prove that I make sweet, passionate and rough love to her all night long.

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