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18| Westley and Claire. . . and baby Lizzy


Today Westley and Claire will be coming back. I dread it. I was hoping they would stay away until I was eighteen so I could leave but nooo, of course not.

Drew dropped me off at my ‘temporary home’ for another four days a couple of hours earlier. Since then I've been laying in bed thinking of my life. Of how it's changed drastically in such a short time.

I never thought I would be glad that I was forced to come down here but I am. Because if I hadn't, I would never have met Drew, Gracie, or Draya.

Ringing sounds from my phone that's laid beside me, grabbing it up I answer without checking the caller id.


“Hello, beautiful.”

Alex's husky voice speaks up and a smile breaks out across my face.

“Alex! I've missed you! How are you? How's Amy and Andrew? How's May? How—” I'm interrupted by his laughter. “Whoa, babe! Slow down. I'm good just missing you beautiful. Same for Amy and Andrew. And May is doing well also.”

I sigh “That's good. . . I can't wait to see you all.”

“Me either. I miss you so freaking much Neveah.”

I can hear the pain in his voice. Guilt eats at me. I've been having so much fun that I had completely forgotten about missing him, Amy, Andrew...my parents... I'm a terrible friend and daughter. I have barely spoken to any of them since coming down here to California.

“I am terribly sorry for not calling or messaging y'all,” I say sincerely.

“It's fine babe. Are you doing okay? You haven't been too bored, have you? You've been treated right? If not I'll come down there and kick who's ever ass I have to for mistreating my girl.”

Thoughts of Drew fill my mind. His gorgeous blue pools, his plump pink lips, his smooth deep voice, his touch...

I shift uncomfortably, feeling wetness pooling between my legs.

“I've been doing great actually. I mainly hang out with Drew, his daughter Gracie and sister Draya.”

“Drew?” Alex asks.

“Yeah, my step-uncle.”

My boyfriend.


“Well, I'm glad he's treating you well?”

There's a question in his voice.

“He is. He's very... ” I trailed off trying to think of the best way to describe him. Finally, I just settle with “amazing.”

We talk for a few more minutes before Alex says he needs to go before hanging up. I stare at the phone brows knitted together in confusion as to why he suddenly had to ‘go’?

Before I can dwell on it there's a knock on my door. “Come in.”

Rosa enters. “The Mr and Mrs will be here shortly.” she lets me know before leaving.

I groan.

“I can hardly wait for our precious Lizzy to be born.” Claire squeals out, hands over Westley's that are placed on her huge belly.

I sigh quietly, sinking further down on the couch. It's been three hours, three freaking hours since they arrived back. Three hours of me having to sit in the living area with them so we can have ‘family time’ I scoff inside my head at this. All they have been going on about is baby Lizzy this and baby Lizzy that! I'm going nuts!

“Yeah, she's going to be a precious beauty.” West agrees, smiling. “It is going to be incredible when she's born.”

I feel an unwelcome pang of hurt hearing him speak so heartily about the baby.

I miss my mom and Quinn.

I drown their voices out as I get lost in my thoughts only to be yanked back by the sound of Claire screaming. “Aaaahhh!” she doubles over, water gushes onto the floor from between her legs. Westly jumps up frantically. “What? What's wrong?!”

Seeing as Claire is too busy screaming I speak up. “Her water just broke,” I state in a duh tone.

He shoots me a glare. “Watch your tone young lady, or i—”

“Damnit Westly! I need to go to the— Aaahhh, fuck! Hospital!” Claire yells out.

At ten o' six baby, Lizzy is born. Three days before my eighteenth birthday.

Not being able to stand another second of hearing Westly and Claire along with a bunch of other people I do not know gush about how adorable Lizzy is I sneakily make my way out of the crowded hospital room and into the hall, leaning against the wall I close my eyes and let out a massive sigh.

Shortly after I hear the door open and am soon pulled into a hard, yet welcoming chest. Wrapping my arms around his waist I bury my head into his chest, his scent relaxing me automatically. “You alright?” he inquiries. I nod and mumble out “Yeah, just...”

“Tired, overwhelmed?”

I chuckle “Yea.”

One of his hands tangle in my hair and gently yanks my head back, as I open my mouth to question him his lips land on mine, the taste of coffee and cigarettes transferring from him to me. I moan and move my arms up and around his neck, gripping him, pulling him closer.

“I love you,” he tells me as we break apart. “I love you too,” I reply back placing a small kiss on his lips.

His crystal blue eyes darken and his hands grip my hips, nails digging into the flesh through the thin top I'm wearing. Possessive-ness, love, desire, hunger... It's all there in that one look he gives me.


Minor smut >>

Drew's thick cock pounds in and out of my hole. The squelching sound from my juices and the rhythmic sound of his balls slapping against my pussy along with my muffled moans and his grunts fill the bathroom stall. The familiar feeling in my stomach approaches and I clench around Drew. “I-I'm gonna cum!” Drew begins fucking me deeper, faster, gripping my hips tightly. “Come on baby girl, cum all over my cock.”


“Where have you been?” Wesley asks me, a scowl on his face.

“I— Uhm, I—” I was in the restroom, getting fucked by my boyfriend also known as your brother. No, I can't say that!

“She was with me, we went for a small walk outside.” Drew answers, coming up beside me. Westly looks from him to me repeatedly “Hmm, guess that'll explain why your faces are flushed.”

“Anyways, Claire can't have any visitors and I'm going to be staying so...” he glances at Drew. “think you can drop her off at home?”

Drew nods “Sure.”

He places a hand on the small of my back and guides me out of the hospital after speaking with West for a couple of minutes a smirk appears on his face and his eyes glint. “Gracie is staying with Draya tonight, wanna go home with me?”

I bite my bottom lip, face flushing as I nod.

He grins and leans down kissing me “I'm going to make you scream for me all night long.” he promises against my lips.

I clench my thighs together and he chuckles as he opens the passenger door for me, slapping my ass before I get in making a gasp leave me.

“We are going to have so much fun,” he comments, before shutting my door and heading toward the driver's side.

And he keeps his promise.

I scream for him all night long...

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