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02| flashback



My mother was 17-years-old when she got pregnant with me and when she told Westley (my sperm donor) he said he didn't want a baby and that she was just a fun time, and that he had met someone that he loved so he was breaking up with her. After that, she went home and told her parents... My grandparents knew they wouldn't like it, and she was right. They told her “A baby out of wedlock would ruin their image to get rid of it (me) before someone noticed” she knew she would have to pretend she had done as they said until she could save up enough money to leave.

So she lied and said she did, she wore baggy clothes so no one would notice her growing belly, she hid the pregnancy for seven months until she slipped up and someone noticed and the rumor started,
“The president's daughter was pregnant out of wedlock.” this made her parents furious and to clear up their image they announced to everyone that they “did not know their precious daughter was pregnant and that since she wanted to be a wh*re she would live like one.”

Her parents had it fixed so no one would hire her to work. So she did the only thing she could do, she became what everyone accused her of being, a wh*re... A prostitute...
By the time I was 5 years old we finally had enough money for us to leave Washington for good. We left and went to New York where everything became better. My mom got a job at a fancy restaurant as a waitress, I finally went to school. Everything was going great until a group of men recognized who my mom was, when she refused to give them what they wanted, one of the three men held me and made me watch as the other two took turns raping my mother and calling her filthy names.

They were going to kill her when suddenly a man with blonde curly hair and kind, warm brown eyes stepped in, after knocking the two men who were hurting my mother and the one who had been holding me, who tried to run unconsciously he called the police. The police arrested the three men and the man who saved us... Quinn took us home with him until my mom could get better. Only they fell in love, my mom tried leaving send he deserve someone better, he told her “Yes, I could find someone who hasn't been through what you have, but that doesn't mean they would be better than you. We all have a past, some worse than others. But that doesn't make a person love anyone less and if it does then that person didn't deserve you... So don't tell me that I deserve better because all I want is you and that little girl.”

So when I was 8 they finally decided to make it final. They got married and we became a family. Only Quinn couldn't officially adopt me since my mom put Westley on my birth certificate. Don't ask why she did that because not even I know the reason... But that didn't make Quinn treat me any differently. Because I was still his little girl, last name or not.


Letting out a shaky sigh I stand from my bed and soaked pillow and make my way into my attached bathroom, looking into the mirror I see a tall - five-foot-eight -, chestnut brown haired girl with green eyes that can't decide whether they want to be a dark green or a light green, an oval-shaped face with a small upturned nose with a touch of freckles.

From my appearance and my mom's, you can guess who I look like and it ain't her.

I hate it, I hate that I look like Westley.

And I know it has to hurt my mom, seeing me, I have to remind her of him. Because the only thing I get from her is my face features and the freckles that dot my nose.

Looking away from my reflection I turn the faucet on the shower on to let the water warm before I strip out of my pajamas and get into the hot almost scalding hot water.

Just the way I like it.

After washing and rinsing I get out and dress in a pair of black yoga pants, oversized gray T-shirt and slip on a pair of gray ankle socks, run a brush through my still damp hair and throw it in a ponytail before heading downstairs to make breakfast for me and my parents.

I need normal. Or somewhat normal because in two days my life's definitely not going to be normal.

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