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20| trouble happens and secrets come out


As soon as we pull up to Jade's house to pick up Gracie Drew let's out some explosive curse words as he stared at the bright red camero that's parked in Jade's driveway. "What the hell is she doing here? "

My brows knit in confusion. "Who?" I question and he looks over at me "Gretchen."

Oh... My eyes widen.

He sighs and reaches for the door handle pausing to look over at me "Aren't you coming in love?" I shake my head "It would probably be best if I stay in here."

"Why? I won't let Gretchen do anything."

I roll my eyes "I'm not worried about your wife doing anything to me."

His eyes flash "Ex-wife." he growls out "and if not that then why-"

I cut him off by saying "Drew, Jade knows me as your girlfriend..." I trail off letting that sentence hang in the air. "I know that love but-" he stops as he realizes what I was telling him.

But after a moment he just smirks. "So what, let her find out. I'm tired of keeping our relationship a secret. I want the whole world to know you've taken. That you're mine."

I smile happiness filling me but "Drew you know this might start something..."

He shrugs his shoulders "So what? It's not like she can do anything about it. You're not my blood niece and you'll be eighteen in two days."

"Okay if you say so..." I get out and we meet in front of the car, he cups my cheeks and stares into my eyes "I love you Neveah and I want everyone to know that but if you're not ready for everyone to know... It's ok, I understand." his lips turn down into a frown and his eyes lose that sparkle of happiness. Placing my hands on his shoulder I lean up and say against his lips "I love you Drew and I don't wanna keep us a secret anymore." before pecking his lips and pulling back only for him to frown and say "Oh hell no." and he pulls smashes our lips together, kissing me deeply.

We get so lost in the kiss we forget where we are for a minute until we hear screeching "What the hell is going on here? Why the hell are you kissing your niece, Drew?!"

We break apart and face toward the house where a pretty blonde woman is stomping her way from the porch and toward us. This must be Gretchen... I muse silently.

Drew wraps an arm around my waist as Gretchen reaches us. "Gretchen I'd like you to meet my girlfriend."

Gretchen's hazel eyes flash over to me and disgust shadows her face. "Your girlfriend is your underaged niece?" she looks back at Drew before throwing her head back and laughing "Oh, this is perfect. Just perfect! You, Drew Micheal Jacobsen made me feel like complete shit and I was this close to signing those divorce papers," she holds her thumb and forefinger a couple of inches apart. "but first I wanted to meet the woman who stole my husband and daughter from me only to find out it's not a woman it's a teenage girl. Your niece at that!"

Hysterical laughter continues to spill from her bright bubblegum pink lips.

Before it suddenly stops and she glares at me "And you! You are the one who cut my little girls long beautiful hair!!"

"Actually I didn't cut her hair, a worker at the salon did it," I tell her making her take a step toward me her hand raising.

"Leave Neveah alone momma!" Gracie shouts running toward us and moving in front of me protectively. My heart melts.

"Gracie go get your things you are coming with me to my apartment until your father decides he wants to quit playing house with this little girl and wants his family back."

Drew fumes "You are not taking my daughter anywhere Gretchen." his teeth clenched tightly together and his eyes narrow on her. "I am tired of these games Gretchen. Quit being so dang childish! You're a grown woman for Christ's sake! And who I'm dating is none of your business, your only business is knowing that I'm taking care of our daughter. That I'm giving her what she needs. And so does Neveah. Neveah gives her love, attention... Everything you don't. So what if she's younger than me she's more mature then most people I know." he gives Gretchen a pointed look.

Gretchen screams loudly "This child is not replacing me, Drew!"

Gracie moves closer to me and wraps her arms around my waist pressing her face into my stomach. I wrap my arms around her and rub her back soothingly.

"She already has Gretchen!" he bellowed out angrily. Gracie whimpers and Drew snaps his attention to us.

"Why don't you and Gracie go visit with Draya for a little? And I'll come to get yall when I'm done here."

I nod "Okay, sounds good with me."

He places a kiss on my forehead and on Gracie's before me and her head toward the house.


"Drew... You can't do this to me." Gretchen whimpers out.

"Gretchen you have nobody but yourself to blame for this. You are the one who pushed not only me but our daughter away. You. Nobody else." I tell her, my voice calm but firm.

She sniffles "I- I know this Drew and I... You are right. What you told me earlier about me resenting you and Gracie. I did resent you two and a part of me still does. I'm not a wife nor mother material but... I will not have a teenage girl replace me. She's not old enough nor experienced enough to take care of a seven-year-old. And she probably isn't experienced enough to please you in bed."

"Not like me."

She moves forward, closer to me. I step back and shake my head. "Don't Gretchen. Neveah might be young but that girl is the smartest, most loving, most caring and nurturing person I know. And she knows far more about raising kids then you and I did when Gracie was born. I love her Gretchen and I don't care if she's not experienced in bed because I can teach her... But sex I can do without as long as I can be around her. When you love someone you don't just revolve your relationship over sex."

Gretchen stares at me. Hazel eyes filled with tears giving them a glassy look. "You've really moved on..." she whispers as a tear slips down her cheek. "and so has Gracie." more tears fall as she continues to speak. "I spoke with her you know? Gracie that is. I told her how sorry I was for everything I've done to her. For not being the mother she deserved. . . you want to know what she said?"

Sadness pours from her.

"She told me and I quote "I understand momma and I forgive you and love you... but it really hurt me the way you ignored me and pushed me away. Kids at school always spoke about having mother and daughter days out and I never knew that experience. It always made me sad but then I would remember even if I didn't have you I had a daddy." -" Gretchen sobs "What hurt me the most of all was when she told me "But I finally know how it feels momma. I always love you and you will always be my momma but I really really want Neveah to be my mommy too. She loves playing with me. She loves Disney movies! She loves spending time with me, momma. I now know what all those girls were talking about and why they were so happy."

By the time Gretchen is done, she's full-on crying. Sighing I pull her into my arms and she clings to me. "I'm sorry so so sorry Drew. I didn't know I was hurting her this badly." she whimpers through her cries. "My daughter. My seven-year-old daughter told me she wants another woman to be her mommy!" Gretchen pulls back a little "What hurts the most is a part of me was ecstatic hearing this it meant I could move on. She's happy and so are you."

I gently grab Gretchen's face bringing her watery pools to mine. "Then sign the papers Gretch, let all of us get what we want. Let us all finally be happy. Let me and Gracie get what we want most. A complete family. And give yourself what you've always wanted. Your freedom. Freedom to do as you please. To party all day and night without having to think about your family- the family you never wanted waiting back at the house worried whether you will be coming back or not. Whether or not you finally decided to up and leave for good."

Gretchen huffs "you just aren't going to stop until I sign those papers are you?"

"No." I say truthfully, "because I want to be able to move on completely."

She sighs, her shoulders slumping in defeat. "Fine. I'll sign the papers but I need you to promise me one thing."


"Always continue to treat our daughter right. Don't treat her like I did."

"Of course I will Gretchen. Why would you even say that?"

She shrugs her shoulders. "From the way you treat and speak about Neveah I can easily guess you plan on asking her to marry you later on and then y'all will have kids... You've always wanted a house full of children..."

"Gretchen just because I'll have more children in the future does not mean anything between me and Gracie will change. She's my baby girl and will always be."

She nods and tells me "Get the papers."

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