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21| what's your birthday wish, birthday girl?


Yes!! I'm finally eighteen! It is the first thought that runs through my mind as I wake up. I can finally be with Drew out in the open. Is the second thought that courses through my mind. A smile spreads across my face till I'm grinning ear from ear.

Happiness fills me.

I sit up in bed and grab my phone from the bedside table, “Seven-oh-one, ” I read the time aloud before realizing I have five messages.

From Mom & Dad: Happy 18th birthday sweetheart! We love you ❤️!!!

To Mom & Dad: Thanks! I love y'all too! Will call you later 😘

From Alex: Happy birthday beautiful girl 💕 love you, can't wait to see you.

To Alex: Aww, thank you for Alex-poo ;) I love you too. Can't wait to see you as well! 💌

From Amy: Happy birthday gurl! I hope you have a blast! 😉

To Amy: Awwww, thanks girly! 💋💕

From Andrew: I just wanted to say happy birthday, Sunshine.

To Andrew: Thanks my cute teddy-bear ;-)

From Drew😍❤: Happy birthday love. Be ready by nine, I have a surprise for you. Love you.

To Drew 😍❤: Thanks! Okay... Nine this morning? Or tonight? Love you too.

After messaging everyone back I place my phone back onto the table and get out of bed and head to the shower. Ten minutes later I walk out of the bathroom feeling relaxed and smelling fresh.

I get clothed in a set of white lace lingerie and throw on a white knee-length, sleeveless dress with a sweetheart neckline and lace around the neckline and bottom. I then slip on a pair of gladiator sandals and run a brush through my hair deciding to leave it down to air dry. I put some lip-gloss and eyeliner on before grabbing my phone up and heading downstairs.

I enter the living area in time to hear

“Ugh! Westley I can't get her to be quiet!” Claire whines out tears of frustration glossing her blue eyes. I chuckle on the inside as Lizzie gives Claire hell. Lizzie is screaming at the top of her lungs, her face beet red.

“Well, I don't know Claire. Give her a bottle or a pacifier.” West grumbles out, “I'm trying to watch the news.”

Claire sends him a death glare. “I have you, idiot! I can't get the brat to shut up! And you are no help!!” her voice rises and Lizzie begins to scream louder if that's even possible. I wince. She has a great set of lungs. Claire stands and plops Lizzie onto the couch before spitting out “I'm going out you take care of her for a while!” before grabbing her keys and purse and stomping out of the house. West looks at Lizzie and rolls his eyes, standing. “Get back here Claire! Right, this minute, she's your daughter!” he bellows running after her leaving not even a week old baby alone on the couch.

“immature idiots,” I grumble out walking over to the baby who is inches from rolling off the couch. I lift her up, her dress is soaked. I huff and make my way to the nursery where I lay her on the changing table. I change her soaked diaper and replace the soiled dress with a pink onesie. “There you go, pretty girl.” I murmur, her cries had turned to whimpers, her eyes barely staying open. I lift her back up and cradle her in my arms.

I hum softly as I sway back and forth. I remember my mom used to do this to me when I was having a bad day or nightmare. Even when I got too big for her to hold she'd still crawl in bed behind me and wrap her arms around me and she'd begin to sway and hum.

A smile plasters itself on my face as I stare down at Lizzie. She's a beautiful baby. She has blonde curls and green eyes, a button nose and small pouty lips. She looks nothing like green besides her eye color. She takes mostly after her mama.

I'm so focused on Lizzie I don't realize Westly had entered the nursery and was standing in the entryway staring at me in aw.

“You're amazing with her.”

His voice startles me and makes me jump, jostling Lizzie in the process but thankfully she stays asleep. I look up, my green eyes meeting his. I just nod and look back down at Lizzie.

He sighs and trudges out of the room not even wishing me a happy birthday. “Guess he forgot.” I chuckle under my breath. “I feel so sorry for you little one.” I murmur gently caressing her petal-soft cheek.

I place a kiss on her forehead before placing her in her crib. I look around for the baby monitor and can't help but curse Westley and Claire out in my mind. The baby monitors are still packed in the box they came in. I open it and place the batteries inside before turning them on and testing them out. Once I realize they work I sit one up beside the crib and vary the other one with me.

I make my way downstairs just as my phone rings. I grab it from its safe place (inside my bra) and see Drew's handsome face. “Hiya handsome.” I greet out in a sing-song voice. He chuckles “Hello love. How is your morning going?” I huff out and grumble making him laugh “Tell me what happened.” so I do and by the time I'm finished Drew is cursing like a sailor. “They are not fit to be parents!” he seethes out. And I nod before remembering he can't see me. “Yeah tell me bout it. I feel so sorry for her. I'm afraid their recklessness is going to end up with her being hurt.” I tell him voicing my worries.

“Don't worry love. We'll make sure nothing happens to her.”

I sigh but I won't be here. “yeah. . .”

“Love. . . be ready in thirty minutes me and Gracie are on our way to come get you.”


“Love you.”

“Love you too, see you soon.”

Thirty minutes later and Drew an Gracie arrives. I call out for Westley to let him know I will be leaving and to give him the monitor but he is nowhere to be found. “Of course,” I state when I notice his car missing.

Great! Wesley and Claire are gone. And Rosa is out of town with her kids.

The bell rings and I open the door. “Neveah! Happy birthday!” Gracie squeals out tackling me into a hug. I hug her back giggling. “Thanks, sweetie.”

I then look at Drew. He pulls me into his embrace and kisses me “Happy birthday love.”

My cheeks flush. “thanks...”

“You ready to go?”

“I can't go,” I tell him, “Nobody is here to watch Lizzie. Westley left I'm guessing seeing as he's not here and neither is his car.”

He frowns. “Wait, you're telling me Westley just up and left without asking you to watch the baby?”

I bob my head up and down. “Yep.”

“Okay... Well, I guess pack her a bag. She can come with us.”

“You sure?” I ask softly.

He grins. “I'm sure love. I'm not going to leave her here by herself just like I know you won't. . . who the fuck just ups and leaves their not even week old baby?”

“Immature, reckless idiots who don't need to be parents ” I state before trudging up the stairs and going into the nursery where I grab the empty brand new brown diaper back with pink hearts on it. I place three sets of clothes in it with diapers, baby wipes, baby ointment, a backup pacifier, a couple of toys, and a blanket before turning and running smack dab into Drew. “Sorry, ” I chuckle out. “No problem love.”

“Do you think you could fix her two bottles of milk and place a container of milk powder in the bag? While I get her in her car seat?”

He nods and grabs the diaper bag from my hand and places a kiss on my forehead before heading downstairs.

I pick Lizzie up and after making sure she's not wet I place her in her car seat carrier. After buckling her in I grab a blanket and throw it over before picking the car seat up making sure not to jostle her too much.


Giggles erupt from me as Drew continues to tickle my sides. “Please! Please... have mercy!”

He chuckles. “Not until you tell me.”

“N-never...!” I gasp out as tears flow down my cheeks.

He smirks. “Gracie!” my eyes widen.


“Yes, daddy?” Gracie asks smiling at him.

“Wanna help me?”

“Of course daddy.”


Drew smirks and so does Gracie.

“Tell us what your birthday wish is, birthday girl?!” they chorus out at the same time.

“Awe come on love don't pout.”

I cross my arms and glare at Drew. “Quit smirking.”

He continues to smirk and walks over to me, leaning down he whispers “your making me think you're ready for your birthday spankings.”

My eyes widen.

And my cheeks flush.

Drew laughs and moves back.

Gracie comes up to the porch where we are seated on two plastic chairs. Cake is smeared all over her face. “Daddy, can we give her the presents now?” she implores.

“Sure baby.”

They stand and head inside the house I lean back in my chair and smile. Today had been great. I've had lots of fun. “Waah...”

I open my eyes and look down beside me to see Lizzie wide awake, cries leaving her small body. I unbuckle her and place her on my lap before giving her her bottle.

She drinks greedily as her green eyes identical to mine and Westley's stare up at me in wonder.

I smile down at her and begin to hum her eyes begin to close. After she's done with the milk I wipe her face and place a burpee rag on my shoulder, before bringing her up and patting her back until she finally burps. Afterward, I cradle her in my arms and lean my head back, closing my eyes.

It's been six hours since drew came and got us and Westley nor Claire has tried getting in touch with us to ask where Lizzie is.

“We're back!” Gracie sings out before Drew shushes her. “Shh, Grace Lizzy is sleeping.”

Gracie nods, “Sorry.”

“It's fine sweetie,” I tell her.

Drew gently grabs Lizzy out of my arms and cradles her in his and Gracie crawls up into my lap and hands me a wrapped box. “This is from me.”

I smile down at her. “Wanna help me open it?” she nods eagerly and we both tear the wrapping paper off. I lift the lid off the box and inside is a picture album with To Neveah with love from Gracie imprinted on the front. I open and begin to flip through the pages. It's filled with pictures of Drew and me. Drew, Gracie, and I. Some of just Gracie and me. And some of us by ourselves.

Tears fill my vision and I hug her tightly. “I love it, sweetheart.”

She grins widely and kisses my cheek. “I love you Neveah.”

Tears trail down my cheeks and I squeeze her even tighter. “I love you too.” mine and Drew's eyes lock. His is filled with love and happiness.

Drew hands me a small jewelry box and I open it to find the most gorgeous necklace ever. It's a diamond cluster heart pendant, in... 14K white gold...

I glance up at Drew, my eyes wide. “I can't—”

He interrupts me by saying “Please love, take it.”

“But drew this must-have hosted you thousand—”

He gives me a look. “I have plenty of money love. Will you please just take it?”

I sigh and nod. “Thank you, I love it.”

He smiles before standing. “Come on lets head inside and we'll order a pizza and watch some tv.”

Gracie jumps out of my lap and runs inside the house. I start to follow only to stop when Drew grasps my wrist. I turn to fave him. “Are you staying the night?”

I nod “Yeah if you don't mind.” he grins and leans down “I don't mind. Not at all. Because I have plans for you tonight birthday girl...”

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