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22| pleasure filled night, birthday girl

Chapter contains smut but you do not have to read can skip till you get to (Smut ends here-)

Smut starts here>>

After putting Gracie and Lizzie to bed Drew carries me inside his bedroom with my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck, our lips connected in a passionate kiss. Drew fumbles with the lock on the door for a moment before it clicks in place before stumbling over to the bed where he placed me on the edge of it and broke the kiss only for a moment as he quickly removed his shirt. My fingers laced at his belt buckle but he grabs my hands away from that and bends down to peck my lips. He begins to remove my dress from me as he glances lustfully at my white lace, bra, and panties.

He gently lays me back and moves his hands down to his belt where he quickly took it off and lays it to the side. When he removes his cargo shorts, it reveals his stiff member and toned thighs. After removing my bra and panties he grabs his belt again and begins to tie it around my wrists. I struggle a little.

“W-what are—”

He leans down and kisses me, shushing me effectively. “Relax darling.” his husky voice soothes and relaxes me instantly.

He begins to rub himself against my wet slit. Moans leave my parted lips. He slowly grunts, his thick member begins to slip out of the briefs opening and we both laugh as he removes the briefs. His bare skin presses against me causing chills to go up and down my arms. His throbbing dick teases me at my wet entrance causing me to whimper his name but he isn't finished with me yet. His mouth devours me as if he's been craving me. His mouth travels over every inch of me before touching my wet, aching center. His moans vibrate at my swollen clit. All I can do is struggle and whimper. I want to touch him, more than ever.

There's no doubt about the fact that he is definitely making me feel good though. His warm tongue explores every gentile part of me teasingly. As his tongue circles and sucks at my clit, he inserts two fingers into me causing me to release a grunt mixed with a moan that causes my head to roll back. I call his name out over and over causing him to use his tongue faster.

“Get these restraints off of me Drew!! I need to touch you~ umfh~ Fuck!”

He completely ignores my request. I begin to get closer and closer to climaxing... Finally, I cum like I never have before. My whimper went to a high pitch as my muscles sparked. He licks up all my juices rather quickly. Finally, he reaches to my hands and unties them. As my free hands finally breathed, I crash into him, hugging him and still panting from everything. He smiles and pecks my lips then lays me back down. The head of his throbbing member rubs against my slit as he takes one of my hard nipples in his mouth and swirls his tongue around it until I was sensitive. My fingers get lost in his thick locks and I smile since I was now free from restraints now. And can touch as I please.

Without warning, he suddenly inserts himself fully inside me. It takes the air right out from my lungs and causes him to smirk. His hips meet mine, he's so deep.

“Ahhhhh~ fuck you're so right, love.”

Slowly he begins pumping in and out of me as his arms wrap around my back. Our bodies stick together like two melted gummy bears. They move together like ocean waves. He begins to suck on my neck to leave his territory marks as he grunts against my skin.

Suddenly he begins to pump faster and faster causing me to cry out his name happily. My nails skim across his back and he hisses with joy. He lifts me up and switches our positions, placing me in his lap where I then begin riding him. We both face each other while sitting and kissing each other deeply as I moan into his mouth causing him to melt into me more. His hand's grip at my butt and every now and then he slaps it a little causing me to yelp and moan into the kiss.

I can feel myself slipping into a climax but I don't want to. I want to keep going but I could tell Drew was about to cum too, I could feel it by the way he is throbbing inside me. Finally, I just let it all play out. The toe-curling, back-arching, loudest moan-cry coming from both of us, panting, release... It's perfect. I legitimately feel fireworks inside my tummy. We both lay there, naked and exposed with my head on his heavily panting chest. He holds my hand tightly.

“Happy Birthday.”

He laughs slightly.

“Best birthday gift ever...” I sound shocked, better yet amazed. As our bodies calm down my eyes begin to feel heavy, Drew kisses the top of my head.

“We should probably rest a little then get showers.”

I nod my head in agreement exhaustion taking over.

“I love you, Neveah Coleman.”

I faintly hear him say before sleep descends on me.


Hours later and I struggle to keep my body up on all fours as Drew pounds into me from behind. His cock is repeatedly hitting that perfect spot that's making me see stars, his rhythmic thrusts showing no signs of stopping soon. He smirks when he sees me clenching onto the pillow, mewling his name. “Baby. This is what you want huh? Want me to empty my load into you?” he asks as he traces the rim of my hole, watching his cock enter my tight cavern repeatedly. “Your hole was made to be filled with my cum.”

Smut ends here-

I wake up to the sound of cries and drag my tired, sore, thoroughly pleasured body out of bed. I slip on Drew's t-shirt and stumble my out out of his room and into the guest room I had stayed in thought we had princess movie night. Lizzie lays in the cot Drew had ran out to buy so she'd have somewhere to sleep seeing as Westley and Claire wouldn't pick up the phone. No matter how many times we called.

I change her nappy before carrying her with me to the kitchen where I fix her a bottle. I walk into the living room and sit in the recliner chair where I slowly start rocking and humming.



I wake up and reach for Neveah expecting her to still be asleep seeing as I kept her up most the night and up into the early hours of the morning. Only to frown when I grab at nothing but air. “Neveah, love?” I sit up and look around my eyes locking on the cracked bedroom door. I get out of bed and pull on a pair of shorts before making my way out. I check the guest room where Lizzie was sleeping and notice she's not in the cot.

So after checking on Gracie I make my way downstairs where humming reaches my ears. I, move into the living room and stop to stare at the sight before me. Neveah is seated in the recliner in nothing but my t-shirt a tired smile on her face as she hums down at the little girl curled up in her arms starting up at her with big innocent eyes.

Seeing Neveah with Lizzie makes my mind wander; me to picture her round with my baby.

She will be a wonderful mother.

These thoughts make me realize what if she is pregnant? I have never used protection with her. Is she on the pill? Part of me hopes she is pregnant but that's the selfish part of me. The other part of me doesn't want her to be. Not until I know she's ready.


“I love you.” I murmur against her lips as I pull her flush into my body not wanting to let her go. She smiles “and I love you.” her arms wrap around my neck fingers tangling in my hair as she presses our mouths closer together.

We break apart breathing heavily. She gives me a breathtaking smile and I state down at her in awe. Still amazed as to how I got so lucky.

“You're amazing.”

I breathe out getting lost in her beautiful eyes. She flushes and places her head on my chest. I hold her to me tightly the faint sound of my daughter playing in the other room sounding while Lizzie sleeps soundly in her nursery.

Our moment is broken by the sound of the house door being thrown open “What the fuck is going on here?!”

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